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Best Information Technology Internships for Students

Information Technology Internships are ideal if you are studying or are a graduate of ICT-related courses and see a future in the ICT industry. An internship is more crucial in no other industry than in technology, where hands-on experience is often a gold star for prospective hopefuls.

While many students and new graduates believe that Information Technology Internships should be at top-tier tech firms, the reality is that even unpaid internships provide essential experience. Moreover, IT Internships pay off for individuals who try to secure one, from networking to obtaining work and job-finding experience.

What kinds of technology internships are available? Which companies provide internships in technology? How does one apply for tech internships? This article has all the answers you need.

Overview Of Information Technology Internships

Internships in information technology are accessible for individuals interested in computer sciences, information communication technology, and STEM-related areas. It entails training and workshops in various operations related to the maintenance, repair, development, and installation of software, hardware, and systems.

In essence, Information Technology Internships allow applicants to gain personal experience in this global and rapidly evolving field. While some interns work for computer companies, others work in corporate and technology IT departments. Tasks interns perform may include:

  • Troubleshooting and debugging computers
  • Preparing computers for staff and customers
  • Building and managing websites
  • Researching new technologies

What Should one Consider Before applying for Information Technology Internships?

Without internship experience, technical education is incomplete. In addition, the experience assists students and recent graduates to actively involve themselves in the Information Technology sector and gain first-hand experience relevant to their careers. While some Information Technology Internships offer minimal tasks, some internships allow you to take on more challenging tech development projects.

Below are the three things you should consider while applying for Information Technology;

  • Companies offering Information Technology Internships.
  • The types of Information Technology Internships available.
  • The eligibility requirements.

Companies offering Information Technology Internships

There is a list from which you can choose from small and big companies to local and best international companies. But most critically, the question becomes, what company will you make the most out of during your internship?

In this case, you consider the company’s reach, the technology service or goods they offer, how often they take on challenging tasks, and opportunities for you. Do a little more background check on the company. Reach out to two or more company staff from different departments before considering your options.

If you are applying for an international company for your internship, you must have your passport and legal authorization to live and work in the region. In addition, it would be best to learn about the country’s culture and language to give you a pleasant internship experience.

Types of Information Technology Internships

Next, consider the type of Information Technology Internships that will give you the desired experience according to your specialty or passion.
Popular Information Technology Internship Specializations include the following!

  • Networking and Infrastructure Development
  • Data scientists
  • Mobile Application Architecture
  • Coding
  • Multimedia Development
  • Analyzing, managing, and troubleshooting information systems
  • Programming and Software Development
  • Cyber-Security
  • Website Design
  • Information Technology Analysts
  • Database Development
  • Data Analysts
  • Software Engineers and Developers
  • Information Security
  • Business Information and Intelligence Systems
  • Technical Support Experts
  • Automation
  • Co-Op In Information Technology
  • IT Data Analytics

Eligibility Requirements

Now you know about the companies that offer Information Technology Internships and the types of Information Technology Internship; you should also consider the eligibility requirements.

Accordingly, the eligibility requirements for IT Internships are exclusive to companies and internship positions. However, you must meet general eligibility criteria before seeking out requirements peculiar to a company or an internship role.

Here are some of the general eligibility requirements you should fulfill;

  • You must be a graduate or are pursuing a Bachelor’s, master’s, or Ph.D. degree in STEM-related disciplines, especially Computer Science, Research and Development, Engineering, Physical Computing, Statistics, Data Science, Analytics, or any equivalent course.
  • Similarly, you must be actively interested in emerging technologies and technological innovations.
  • Also, you must have at least a basic knowledge of data analytics tools and software: MS Excel, Python, MATLAB, etc.
  • Additionally, you should have experience in data visualization or BI tools: Tableau, D3, Qlik, and Power BI, to mention but a few.
  • You should also have good research skills and be able to work independently and as a team.
  • Furthermore, applicants must be able to query data, analyze data from large databases, and deliver accurately and promptly.

Are you ready to go on with your application for the Information Technology Internships? Here are the documents you should provide;

  • Educational qualifications
  • Cumulative CGPA
  • Letter of Recommendation
  • CV
  • Cover Letter
  • Personal Statement
  • International Passport and work permit ( If you intend to intern outside of your country).

Best International Companies for Information Technology Internships

#1. Siemens

Siemens is the world’s leading provider of mobility solutions enabling efficient, safe, and environmentally friendly transport of people and goods. Information Technology Internships last about six to twelve months. Interns may work on business-critical projects to develop or deploy new experiences. The monthly salary for IT interns at Siemens is around $7,444 to $11,444.


NVIDIA is an American multinational software technology company. It designs graphics processing units (GPUs), application programming interfaces (APIs) for data science and high-performance computing, as well as system-on-a-chip units (SoCs) for the mobile computing and automotive market.

Information Technology Internships at Nvidia are for college students working toward a computer science, computer engineering, or electrical engineering degree. Interns receive a monthly salary of about $8,811 and assistance with transportation and living expenses.

#3. Exxon Mobil

ExxonMobil is the largest company publicly trading petroleum and petrochemical products globally. Its interns for IT offers interns the opportunity to learn hands-on experience while working with the team. The company pays its IT intern a monthly salary of about $6,291 to $7,808.

#4. Amazon

Amazon is an American technology company that focuses on services relating to e-commerce, cloud computing, online advertising, digital streaming, and artificial intelligence. While Information Technology Internships at Amazon are full-time, they last about six to twelve months. Amazon pays its IT interns about $9,137 monthly, alongside the maximum benefits they enjoy during their internship. Interns also work from Monday-Friday and up to 40 hours per week.

#5. Apple

The Apple Information Technology Internship is a 6-month program designed for applicants to develop hands-on technical experience. It is the company behind some of the tech industry’s biggest breakthroughs-macOS, Siri, Apple Maps, and iCloud. Interns at the company receive a monthly stipend of about $7,195. They also benefit from training and project-oriented, on-the-job work experience.

#6. Google

Google is a technology company that offers internet-related services and products, including online advertising technologies, search, cloud computing, software, and hardware. It is the world’s largest search engine and offers interns opportunities for personal and professional development and community-building. Information Technology Interns at Google earn about $4,875.68 per month.

#7. KPMG

KPMG, the Klynveld Peat Marwick Goerdeler, is one of the Big Four accounting organizations that offers a global professional services network. The IT interns at this company work on software development and other tech-related tasks. They will work with a team of senior developers responsible for building new and supporting existing software. Interns in this company earn about $2,210.19 in addition to other benefits.

#8. Aegis Technologies Group

Aegis Technologies interns research and develop new software modules and systems for in-house solutions. They also participate in data optimization and processing speed. They earn $800 to $1,500 in salary every month.

#9. Pearson

Pearson is the UK’s largest awarding organization, offering academic and vocational qualifications under the Edexcel, BTEC, EDI, and LCCI brands. In addition, IT interns participate in activities geared towards building the company. They earn $6,907 to 12,918 monthly. This stipend is in addition to other benefits attached to the internship position.

What time is the right time to apply for an Information Technology Internship?

There is no time deemed right to apply for an internship. Although many companies offer Information Technology Internships, internship deadlines vary between companies. However, several international companies prefer to hire interns in the fall, so staying up to date on fall virtual career fairs will help you land a job!

Also, each organization has various application dates. Therefore, knowing the opening and closing dates for the applications is preferable, and applying as soon as possible. Applicants should visit the company websites first before going ahead with the application.


Getting Information Technology Internships will be more accessible if you set out earlier on a search. And the best way to find a reputable internship is by putting all your resources to work.

The more you explore related options, the higher the chances of securing an internship and, at the same time, building your portfolio. If your target is to reach a higher career level within the shortest period, internships are the fastest routes to achieve it.

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