Benedictine university scholarships

Benedictine University Scholarships

Some of these undergraduate awards, however, are one-time offers. Others are renewable yearly until the program ends.  The Benedictine University Scholarships are fully and Partially funded undergraduate scholarships that the Benedictine University awards to its students.

Who sponsors Benedictine University Scholarships? 

The Benedictine University offers the Benedictine University Scholarships. The scholarship board includes it in the institution’s yearly student aid program. It aims to give financial assistance to students who are academically excellent but have financial needs.

Overview of Benedictine University

The Benedictine University is a Catholic private University established for undergraduate studies. The Benedictine University came into existence in 1887 and focuses on fostering discovery, empowering potential, and well-being. 

As an institution established by the Benedictine order, the university remains rooted in centuries-old Benedictine traditions.  The Benedictine University has campuses in Mesa, Arizona (the Phoenix area) and Lisle, Illinois (a Chicago suburb), respectively. It has a campus size of 108 acres and a total undergraduate enrollment of 2,185 students.

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List of Scholarships offered by Benedictine University

Benedictine University provides many scholarships that enable its students to gain a certain educational standard. However, below is a list of scholarships that you should try out from the university;

1. International Freshman Scholarships

Eligibility: All courses 

Worth of Award: Varies

Level of study: Freshman (international) Undergraduates

On securing admission to Benedictine University, an international freshman with outstanding performance are eligible for the Benedictine International Freshman Scholarships.  The International Freshman Scholarship is partially-funded. The amount granted differs according to individual GPA and ACT/SAT performance.

  • Students with GPA above 4.00, ACT score above 33, or SAT score above 1490 get awarded $17,000.
  • Students with GPAs between 3.60-3.99, ACT score between 29-32, and SAT score between 1350-1480 gets awarded $16,000
  • Students with GPAs between 3.20-3.59, ACT score between 25-28, and SAT score between 1200-1340 gets awarded $11,000
  • Students with GPAs between 2.80-3.19, ACT score between 21-24, and SAT score between 1060-1190 gets awarded $7,000
  • Students with GPAs between 2.50-2.79, ACT score between 19-20, and SAT score between 980-1050 gets awarded $6,000

2. Mesa Partnership Scholarship

  • Eligibility: All Courses
  • Worth of Award: $3000
  • Level of Study: Any level

The Mesa Partnership Scholarship is a Benedictine University Scholarship for new freshman and transfer students at the Mesa campus. This $3,000 annual scholarship is for dependents of employees at Mesa City.

The applicants can receive the Mesa Partnership Scholarship with the Benedictine Heritage and St. Benedictine Award scholarships.

3. Benedictine Academic Scholar Award

  • Eligibility: All Courses
  • Worth of Award: $10,000 – $16,000
  • Level of Study: incoming freshman 

High school students who achieve exceptional academic performance before admission into Benedictine University are eligible for the Benedictine Scholar Award. It is a merit-based scholarship hinged on cumulative GPA.

4. Scholars Program

  • Eligibility: College of Liberal Arts
  • Worth of Award: $22,400
  • Level of Study: Any level

The Benedictine Scholars Program Award is for freshman and transfer students of the university. Students who receive the Scholar Program Award are not eligible for the Benedictine Academic Scholar Award. The student who meets the eligibility criteria is interviewed and offered a position in the Scholars Program with the award amount.

5. Sallie Mae Completing the Dream Scholarship Program 

  • Eligibility: All Courses
  • Worth of Award: $2,500
  • Level of Study: Any level

The Sallie Mae Completing the Dream Scholarship Program is specifically for minority students facing financial problems.  However, the Sallie Mae Completing the Dream Scholarship offers a one-time award to recipients. In addition, only legal residents of the 50 States of the United States, Puerto Rico, and the District of Columbia are eligible for this scholarship.

These students must satisfy all the following criteria;

  • Are currently enrolled in the final year of their undergraduate study at an approved two- or four-year academic course in a college, university, or vocational-technical school;
  • Are at risk of dropping out of school or not graduating due to a financial need or emergency financial aid crises despite their outstanding performances;
  • Have an outstanding school tuition balance of up to $2,500;
  • Currently have a cumulative GPA of 2.75 or above on a 4.0 scale;
  • Are from diverse communities including, but are not limited to gender; disability; race; ethnicity, and also from an underserved community;

6. Students with Disabilities Scholarships

  • Eligibility: All Courses
  • Worth of Award: varies
  • Level of Study: Any level

The university collaborates with other external organizations to create this scholarship for students with disabilities. Some of the scholarships under the Student with Disabilities Scholarships category include;

  • ABC Law Centers Cerebral Palsy Annual Scholarship
  • Allegra Ford Thomas Scholarship
  • Anders Tjellström Scholarship
  • Anne Ford Scholarship
  • Avonte Oquendo Memorial Scholarship for Autism
  • College Bound Scholarship
  • KFM Making a Difference Scholarship
  • Hydrocephalus Association Scholarship Program
  • INCIGHT Scholarship
  • National Federation of the Blind Scholarships
  • Organization for Autism Research Scholarships

Scholarship Benefits

Value of Scholarships

The Benedictine University Scholarships cater to the student’s tuition fees. It offers them a partially funded or a fully funded scholarship. It also allows students to hold more than one scholarship.

Number of Available Scholarships

The number of available scholarships is not limited to those mentioned in the article. There are more than six of them. However, the number of students eligible for the scholarships is not known.

Amount of Scholarships

The amount of Benedictine University Scholarships varies across different scholarship categories. However, the minimum amount that you can receive is $1,000.

Duration of Scholarships

Most Benedictine University Scholarships last throughout the recipient’s academic studies. However, it is subject to annual renewal. Only a few Benedictine University Scholarships like; Sallie Mae Completing the Dream Scholarship award; create a one-time offer.

Applicable Courses

The Benedictine University Scholarships are available for all courses offered by the university.

Some of the courses include;

Eligibility Criteria

The students that can get the Benedictine University Scholarships must satisfy these criteria;

  1. Currently enrolled in the Benedictine University or any of its campuses at Mesa or Lisle in any academic year. 
  2. Must be at risk of losing studentship or admission due to financial need or emergency financial crisis. 
  3. Have an excellent cumulative GPA score of at least 2.50 on a 4.0 GPA scale.
  4. Must be from a minority community (disability, gender, etc.) for scholarships targeted at minority groups.
  5. Demonstrates leadership abilities ( for leadership scholarships)
  6. Be at least 17 years old at the time of application a
  7. Have taken the SAT or ACT and emerged with a high score

There are also special requirements for special scholarships. You can visit the office Benedictine University Scholarships portal to read about them.

General Requirements 

  • A completed application form 
  • Benedictine University admission letter
  • Bank statement 
  • A curriculum vitae
  • Motivational letter;
  • Copies of previous institution transcripts.
  • Proof of English Proficiency (for international students).

Fees & Funding

How does Benedictine University determine Scholarship eligibility?

The Benedictine University determines scholarship eligibility through different measures;

  • Expected Family Contribution – EFC
  • Federal Formula Need
  • Federal Pell Grant
  • Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant – SEOG
  • State Grants
  • Institutional Grants

How does Benedictine University distribute financial aid?

Benedictine University awards financial aid every year. Furthermore, the distribution of scholarship funds comes in two installments.

Are students undertaking study abroad programs eligible for financial aid?

Financial aid is available to students participating in study abroad programs. However, it depends on the academic program. So, yes, they may be eligible for financial assistance, but not always.

Can I apply for Benedictine University Scholarship if I miss the academic deadline?

All Benedictine University Scholarships applicants are required to first apply for an undergraduate program. However, even if you applied for university admission late, you can still apply for a scholarship. You do not need to apply for Benedictine University Scholarships if you did not meet the university application deadline.

Application Procedure

Follow the steps below to apply for Benedictine University Scholarships

  • Obtain an Offer Letter
  • Fill out the scholarship application and recommendation forms online.
  • Submit all required application documents.


  • Office of Financial Aid

Goodwin Hall –2nd Floor

[email protected]


  • Academic Support Center

Goodwin Hall