Beijing normal university scholarships

Guide in Applying for Beijing Normal University Scholarships

Beijing Normal University (BNU) scholarships are merit-based scholarships featuring a few scholarships self-funded by the institution and some government-sponsored scholarships. They are generally financial aid and compensation for international students with excellent academic performance. The application procedures for BNU’s institutional scholarships are the same. On the contrary, the outside scholarships available to international students at BNU vary in application procedures.

Institutional Scholarships for International Students at Beijing Normal University

Beijing Normal University offers the scholarships listed below to subsidize tuition fees for its international students.

  • BNU’s New International Student Scholarship
  • The Belt and Road School Scholarship
  • BNU’s Silk Road Muduo Scholarship

Outside Scholarships Open to International Students at BNU

The following list contains various scholarships for international students at Beijing Normal University.

  • The Chinese Government Scholarship (Type A and Type B)
  • Beijing Government Scholarship
  • The International Chinese Language Teachers (Confucius Institute) Scholarship
  • Confucius China Studies Program

Who Sponsors Beijing Normal University Scholarships?

Beijing Normal University is the only sponsor of its New International Student Scholarship, the Belt & Road School Scholarship, and the Silk Road Muduo Scholarship for students who are non-citizens of China. However, the outside scholarships available to international students at BNU are typically government-sponsored financial aid.

Overview of Beijing Normal University

Founded in 1902, Beijing Normal University is a public higher education and research institution in Beijing, China’s capital city. It is also famous for being the world’s most populous capital city and China’s country’s power and development hub. Top sights in Beijing include the Great Wall of China, Yuanmingyuan Park, Summer Palace, the National Stadium, the National Museum of China, Jingshan Park, Beijing Zoo, Capital Museum, Beihai Park, Beijing Temple of Confucius, 798 Art Zone, Beijing Olympic Park, and the Palace Museum.

Moreover, Beijing Normal University is among China’s oldest and most reputable universities. Its campus of 738,779 square meters is home to over 24,700 undergraduate and postgraduate students. BNU’s Faculty of Education is well known as the best in China.

Scholarship Benefits

Here are some of the numerous benefits of the scholarships awarded at Beijing Normal University.

  • Provides financial assistance to international students no matter their country of origin, race, or ethnicity
  • Its a reward for students’ academic excellence
  • No restriction to any field of study

How Many Students Receive Beijing Normal University Scholarships?

Beijing Normal University awards scholarships to a small percentage of international students per academic session. Furthermore, these scholarships are not country-specific, making them open to all nationalities.

Duration of Beijing Normal University Scholarships

The scholarships awarded to international students at Beijing Normal University typically have a one-academic year duration. That means they cover each scholarship recipient for up to two semesters.

Applicable Courses

The institutional scholarships offered by Beijing Normal University are generally not specific to students enrolled in certain fields. However, they are open to domestic and international students majoring in several areas, as noted below.

  • Business Administration
  • Philosophy
  • International Economics and Trade
  • Dance
  • Communication
  • Sociology
  • Environmental Engineering and Science
  • Human Resource Management
  • Statistics
  • Law
  • Astronomy
  • Physics
  • History
  • Computer Science and Technology
  • Psychology
  • Education
  • Chemistry
  • Theatre, Film, and TV Literature
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Geographical Science
  • Natural Resources and Environmental Science
  • Digital Media Arts
  • Study of Calligraphy
  • Fine Arts
  • Musicology
  • Mathematics and Applied Mathematics
  • Physical Education

Can Undergraduate Students Apply for Beijing Normal University Scholarships?

Yes, non-Chinese undergraduate students can apply for some scholarships at Beijing Normal University, China. In addition, they can use several government-sponsored scholarships to fund their higher education at BNU.

Eligibility Criteria

Ensure you satisfy the following requirements to qualify for scholarships at Beijing Normal University, China.

  • Must be a non-Chinese citizen with academic excellence, i.e., an international student from outside the People’s Republic of China who have outstanding academic achievements
  • Enrollment at Beijing Normal University
  • Must possess a good attitude

Fees & Funding

Is Beijing Normal University good?

Yes, Beijing Normal University is a prestigious Japanese university renowned in numerous aspects, including its ranking and enrollment of international students. It is among the first schools in China to admit students who are non-Chinese citizens. Beijing Normal University campus currently has approximately 1,800 international students from more than 100 countries. In addition, the school is one of the top public institutions of higher learning in Beijing.

Does Beijing Normal University offer scholarships for international students?

Yes, Beijing Normal University offers three scholarships to help international students with their cost of studies. These include the New International Student Scholarship, the Belt & Road School Scholarship, and BNU’s Silk Road Muduo Scholarship.

Can you get denied a scholarship at Beijing Normal University?

Yes, Beijing Normal University denies granting scholarships to international students who fail to fulfill the eligibility criteria for the scholarship. Therefore, meeting the requirements for your preferred scholarship at BNU is essential to qualify to receive the scholarship.

What scholarships are open to students applying for non-degree programs at BNU?

Beijing Normal University students from outside the People’s Republic of China can apply for several scholarships while applying to enroll in a non-degree program. These include the Chinese Government Scholarship, Confucius China Studies Program, and International Chinese Language Teachers (Confucius Institute) Scholarship.

Can I apply for Beijing Normal University scholarships online?

Yes, you can complete the application procedures for all scholarships available to international students at BNU via the internet using a mobile device or computer.

Application Procedure

The application procedures for institutional scholarships as an international student enrolled at Beijing Normal University are straightforward and are as follows.

  • Download and fill out the application forms available on BNU’s Admission of International Students website
  • Afterward, upload the filled-out forms via the Beijing Normal University’s International Student Service System, accessible by clicking the Apply Now button below. Within two months of your enrollment at BNU, you will receive an email featuring information about your scholarship application status.

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