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Are you planning to intern towards jumpstarting your career in the financial services and banking industry? If so, consider Barclays Summer Internship Programs, as they allow students to gain initial industry experience. This blog post will thoroughly review various internship programs provided by Barclays Bank and open to students of all nationalities during summer.

A Brief Description of Barclays Summer Internship Programs

Barclays Summer Internships consist of numerous internship programs lasting six to nine weeks for domestic and international undergraduate students with academic excellence. The bank has several positions for interns in the US, UK, Germany, Ireland, France, Singapore, and China. It pays its interns, as it regards them as part of its team.

Overview of Barclays Bank

Barclays is a multinational universal bank established in 1690 in London, England, UK. Its center of operations is in the same city, London. Barclays is widely known as the fifth-largest European bank by total assets. Besides, its initial registration name was Barclay and Company, Limited, registered in 1896. The bank has two divisions: Barclays UK and Barclays International.

Furthermore, Barclays has more than 83,000 employees in its numerous locations nationally and internationally. The bank also has interns from different world regions enrolled to gain insight into the industry and get on-the-ground experience while serving clients.

Benefits of Barclays Summer Internships

As indicated below, there are many benefits of interning at Barclays Bank during summer.

Summer Internships at Barclays Bank are financially rewarding.

  • Barclays Summer Internships provides financial compensation to each student participating in its internship programs.

Get an insight into the industry.

  • The summer internship programs by Barclays Bank give a deep understanding of the financial services and banking industry.

Facilitates the acquisition of professional skills

  • Barclays Summer Internship Programs positively impact students’ career growth, improving their skills and allowing them to become professionals. Of course, you would be amazed by your achievements in just one summer.

They also help to develop your knowledge about the industry.

  • Interning at Barclays also helps to build your experience in the banking and financial services industry as you assume responsibilities from your manager.

Opportunities to network with colleagues and have professional mentors

  • As you connect with colleagues across diverse teams during your internship at Barclays Bank, you will gain the opportunity to build your network and have a mentor in the industry. Undoubtedly, your mentor will support you even after you graduate, providing advice and encouragement.

2023 Barclays Summer Internship Positions

The following are some internship positions open in summer 2023 at Barclays Bank.

  • Human Resources Analyst – Explorer Summer Intern Programme – 2023
  • Compliance Analyst – Explorer Summer Intern Programme – 2023
  • Credit Research Analyst – Expert Summer Intern Programme – 2023
  • Banking Associate – Expert Summer Intern Programme – 2023
  • Technology Analyst โ€“ Explorer Summer Intern Programme โ€“ 2023
  • Retail Banking Analyst – Explorer Summer Intern Programme – 2023
  • Corporate Banking Analyst – Expert Summer Intern Programme – 2023
  • Macro Research Associate โ€“ Expert Summer Intern Programme โ€“ 2023
  • Finance Analyst – Explorer Summer Intern Programme – 2023
  • Corporate Analyst – Explorer Summer Intern Programme – 2022
  • Operations Analyst – Explorer Summer Intern Programme – 2023
  • Developer Analyst – Explorer Summer Intern Program – 2023
  • Risk Analyst – Explorer Summer Intern Program – 2023
  • Consumer Bank Analyst – Explorer Summer Intern Programme – 2023
  • Payments & Platforms Analyst – Explorer Summer Intern Programme – 2023
  • Internal Audit Analyst – Explorer Summer Intern Program – 2023

Eligibility Criteria of Barclays Summer Internship Programs

No matter the internship program you intend to participate in at Barclays Bank, you must satisfy the following requirements.

  • Must be an undergraduate student from any part of the world, enrolled in an accredited higher educational institution
  • Must have a GPA of at least 2.1
  • Must possess relevant educational or work experience
  • Must be able to prove your leadership potential
  • Must hold a valid UK Work Visa, meaning you must qualify to work in the United Kingdom.
  • Must be ready to leave your country for the UK and resume work, staying up to nine weeks during summer

How to Apply for Barclays Summer Internships

Once ready to apply for a summer internship position at Barclays Bank, you must take the following steps one after the other.

  • Fill out the online application form on Barclays Careers Website
  • You will have to undergo three short, interactive assessments using an internet-enabled mobile device or computer. The assessments will let the bank know your preferred work methods and how likely you’ll perform during your internship.
  • Afterward, you will receive an invitation to attend an assessment centre online or in-person, enabling you to demonstrate your relevant strengths, attitudes, or the technical skills essential for the internship position. The assessment involves up to three stages, comprising a motivational interview with a leadership team member. Discover how to prepare for an internship interview.

FAQs about Barclays Summer Internship Programs

Does Barclays hire interns?

Yes, Barclays Bank hires undergraduates as interns every year without placing restrictions on the students accepted into its internship programs based on their country of origin. Besides, the bank offers two types of internships: Summer and Off-Cycle Internships.

How hard is it to get an internship at Barclays?

Getting an internship opportunity at Barclays Bank is very difficult in the United States, with an acceptance rate below 3%. In fact, the bank utilizes several criteria to determine the eligibility of applicants, such as their financial modeling skills.

Can international students apply for Barclays Summer Internship Program?

Yes, undergraduate students of any nationality can express interest in the summer and off-cycle internship programs provided by Barclay Bank. Hence, the bank does not decide on students who will become its interns based on their ethnic group, skin color, and cultural belief.

How long is the Barclays Summer Internship?

The Summer Internship Programs available at Barclays Bank have varying duration, ranging from six to nine weeks. If you are considering interning for an extended period, like one year, you can apply for one of Barclay’s Off-Cycle Internships, which lasts up to nine months.

How much does Barclays pay interns?

The average salary of Barclays Bank interns in the United States is approximately $54,000 annually.


To this end, we guarantee that interning at Barclays Bank will take you several steps ahead of your coursemates. It will also give you a competitive advantage over other job candidates after graduation. In addition, you will gain opportunities to develop your experience, acquire professional skills, have a great network, and access a mentor to accelerate your development.

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