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The Bankseta Internship is a fantastic opportunity for new graduates to gain professional experience and create meaningful connections in the financial sector. The program offers participants the chance to undertake a paid internship for up to 12 months, providing invaluable on-the-job training and industry insight. 

Also, the internship provides an excellent platform for individuals interested in pursuing a career in finance, as they can apply the knowledge and skills acquired during their training.

However, the applicants must have a bachelor’s degree or diploma in computer science, communication, networks, system support, Network Engineering, and other relevant professions.

Overview of Bankseta 

Bankseta, the Banking Sector Education and Training Authority, is a statutory body established to promote learning and development in the South African banking industry. It strives to ensure that employees within the banking sector have access to quality education and training initiatives to provide them with the skills they require to succeed. Bankseta collaborates with various stakeholders, such as universities, training providers, and employers, to ensure that relevant qualifications are available.

The organization came into the limelight in 2006 through the Department of Higher Education and Training as a roller coaster promoting occupational skills development. It is a pivotal contributor to the country’s economy as it assists with skills development initiatives that enable sustainable economic growth.

Benefits of Bankseta Internship 

The Bankseta Internship Program offers a range of benefits for participants, which include:

  1. Opportunity to build a professional network and explore the various career options available in the banking industry.
  2. Have access to several learning and development opportunities, including onsite visits, workshops, and mentoring from experienced banking professionals. 
  3. Medium to meet mentors and other professionals who can advise you on your career path 
  4. Financial compensation to you covers living costs while participating in the program. It will also allow you to focus on building your skills and gaining valuable experience without worrying about how to pay bills or afford other necessities during the first internship period.

Requirements for Bankseta Internship 

Applicants are to satisfy the eligibility criteria to have their application receive the necessary consideration for appointment as interns in the organization. The requirements include the following:

  • Must not be into paid employment 
  • Must be twenty-nine years or less 
  • Must be a South African citizen 
  • You must have a Medical certificate to back up your disability if any.
  • Must have outstanding written and verbal communication skills in the South African official language 
  • Must be attentive to details and adapt to change 
  • Must be free of any academic programs during the internship 
  • Must have extensive knowledge of cybersecurity 
  • Must not have any criminal record and possess your ITC clearance 

Bankseta Internship application process 

To apply, you will need to fill out an online application form. This form requires basic information such as your contact details, educational background, and work experience (if applicable). You will also need to upload your CV and relevant certificates or qualifications. Once the form is complete and error-free, you can submit it for consideration. 

The Bankseta Internship team will review all applications and select suitable candidates for entrance examinations and interviews. If successful at the interview stage, you will receive an offer of employment. 

Note the application process is free, don’t pay a dime to any individuals or persons requesting money to fast-track your application or influence it.

Ways to succeed in the Bankseta Internship application process

The selection process for the Bankseta Internship is competitive. It requires applicants to provide strategic answers and solutions to questions asked during the exercise.

However, to succeed in the application process, there are several steps you can take. 

First, ensure your resume and expression of interest letter are up-to-date and tailored to the position you’re applying for at Bankseta. Include relevant skills or experiences demonstrating why you would be a good fit for the internship. Additionally, research the company thoroughly so you can speak knowledgeably about it during the interview. 

Then, practice your interviewing skills before meeting with your potential employer. Research commonly asked questions and prepare answers ahead of time by writing them down and rehearsing them out loud. Clearly articulating yourself will show your interviewer that you are serious about the position and will help ensure that you stand out from other applicants.

Roles of an Intern at BANKSETA 

The roles of an intern at BANKSETA are numerous and also vary according to the department. Nevertheless, the primary duties of an intern are listed below:

  • Assist in updating and implementing security tips and control mechanisms 
  • Work with other team members to carry out a security audit internally and externally 
  • Keep records of security activities in daily events of the organization 
  • Liaise with security agencies to curb cyber crimes 
  • Assist in risk and vulnerability analysis 
  • Participate in security awareness and training for staff

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How much is the BANKSETA stipend for interns?

BANKSETA interns are eligible for a stipend of up to R6500 per month. However, this amount may vary depending on the specific requirements of each internship. Prospective interns must inquire about applicable allowances before accepting an offer from BANKSETA. However, the interns will be responsible for the cost of transportation to and from the venue of the internship.

What is the difference between the BANKSETA internship and Learnership?

The BANKSETA internship and learnership are two different programs offered by the Banking Sector Education and Training Authority (BANKSETA). The BANKSETA internship is designed to give students or recent graduates practical experience in the banking sector. The program provides a structured learning environment with mentorship, guidance, and support from industry professionals. It also offers an opportunity for participants to gain valuable work experience and develop their skills in the banking sector. 

In contrast, learnership is a program that combines theoretical learning with practical workplace experience. It aims to provide individuals with the necessary skills and knowledge to work in the banking sector. Learnerships are typically longer than internships.

What are the disadvantages of an internship?

Some of the disadvantages of internships are:

  1. It may not be any guarantee of future employment after completing an internship. Many employers use internships to test out potential employees before offering them a full-time job, but this is only sometimes the case. 
  2. Many internships require a significant commitment of time and energy without providing any financial compensation. Making it challenging for students who need to work to pay for education or other expenses.


In conclusion, Bankseta internships provide an excellent opportunity for young adults to gain valuable experience and develop the skills necessary to succeed in today’s competitive job market. Internships can open doors to new career possibilities and help jumpstart your future. By taking part in an internship, you can gain invaluable knowledge, build networks, and learn how to apply the skills learned in school.