Autonomous university of barcelona scholarships

Autonomous University of Barcelona Scholarships: Application Guide

Yearly, the Autonomous University of Barcelona throws its doors wide open to international students who are eligible for the school’s numerous scholarships.

These scholarships cut across different academic levels, courses, and circumstances. That is not all; the Autonomous University of Barcelona offers grants and fellowships for researchers and scholars who meet the requirements.

Furthermore, there are scholarships from this school that are fully funded and partially funded, respectively. 

International students in all educational stages wishing to study in Barcelona can take advantage of these opportunities and begin their application as soon as possible. 

About Barcelona

Barcelona is the capital city in Catalonia and the second-most populous city in Spain, housing a population of about 1.6 million people.

Though Barcelona is a famous city, it became more conspicuous to the world when it hosted the summer Olympics in 1992. The city not only passed the test as a “livable” place but is also among the most affordable cities you can reside in.

Education is a serious business in Barcelona, from nursery to tertiary level. Again, the universities in the city are among the list of prominent schools with global recognition. Moreover, among those schools is the Autonomous University of Barcelona.

About the Autonomous University of Barcelona

UAB, as they fondly call it, became an institute on June 6, 1968. The school did not gain its bragging rights for being among prominent schools; it merited every praise bestowed on it due to many outstanding academic achievements.

The Autonomous University of Barcelona offers many programs for over 40,000 students. The school has pioneered a lot of result-driven research since its inception.

In rankings, the university is among the top in Spain and the 209th globally. It is proudly topping the chart as the 27th best worldwide in veterinary medicine and rising within the top 70s in other courses.

By the way, the Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB) is giving back to its community and the world by offering scholarships and grants to students from every continent.

List of scholarships and grants from the Autonomous University of Barcelona

 The UAB offers these scholarships for different reasons and to different regions. Also, sponsors jointly offer other financial aid to students from specific areas in the world and bring them all to experience the tremendous academic lifestyle in Barcelona.

1. Impuls Scholarships-PIUNE

The scholarship targets scholars living with disability and dependent on others for their education.

This financial aid will help see them through school at the Autonomous University of Barcelona and integrate them into the workforce as professionals.

The successful students who will receive this scholarship may be lucky again to receive more financial support from independent bodies to aid their mobility while in school.

2. The Shelby White and Leon Levy Program for Archaeological Publications

This grant took off in 1997, funding scholars with a doctorate in archeology. Over the years, more than 300 scholars from different countries like Egypt, Iran, Nubia, and other places have benefited from this grant. It is still accepting scholars for the 2023 academic session.

3. ECIU Researchers’ Mobility Fund

With a grant of 5000 euros each, the ECIU mobility fund is a grant that empowers research collaboration and scientific visits between member institutions.

Eligible applicants

Ph.D. candidates, researchers, and supporting staff from any ECIU member institution can apply for the ongoing 2023 research grant. The grant also covers travel and visits for more research collaborations. 


MSCA co-funds with other institutes to offer this competitive grant to postdoctoral and doctoral scholars. These scholars must be going for programs that have impacted human resources and enhancement on a national or international level. 

 5. Language Learning Grant for UAB Teaching Staff 2023-2025

This scholarship is for all the teaching staff at the Autonomous University of Barcelona to improve their English and other foreign languages.

The grant is in two forms; one to aid the staff who want to learn foreign languages at the university, or anywhere else they deem fit.

The second grant is for staff who want to learn and improve their English to level four or above. This training will help the staff to reach or surpass the UAB equivalent of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR).

Scholarship Benefits

The total amount slated for this year’s grant is 10,000 pounds. There is a possibility that the grant price might increase this year. 

More so, the amount to receive in Type A and B depends on the courses taken at the language center.

The maximum available amount goes to applicants that completed the English courses at level four or higher at UAB’s language service.

Applicable Courses

The courses available for these scholarships are:

  • English Language
  • Other Foreign Languages

Eligibility Criteria

  • Candidates must be ready to teach the English language when called upon for the task.
  • The candidate must receive the grant only once and for one level.

Grant Requirements

  • Show proof of passing the course in the 2022 academic session
  • A certificate of completion for the course or a certificate of attendance from where the applicant attended the courses.
  • Staff attending the English language courses must ensure that UAB organizes them.
  • Staff for foreign languages must attend the ones organized by any European university language centers.
  • For online courses, be sure that UAB organized them and that the applicant received a certificate from UAB stating that the applicant passed.
  • Applicants must take the exams in the same year as the grant.

Fees & Funding

What is the Autonomous University of Barcelona known for?

 The university has left a positive mark on itself in research and teaching. To buttress this point, the school has many research centers within and outside the campus.

Is it cheap to study in Barcelona?

Barcelona is a lovely city and an excellent place to live. However, the cost of living in this city may be expensive for a newcomer.

Does UAB teach in the English Language?

Yes, the university is a recognized school worldwide with over 40,000 students. These students do not come from the same background, and the university recognizes and appreciates diversity. 

Can you study free in Barcelona?

It is not entirely free to study in any school in Barcelona. However, students with scholarships study free with partially or fully funded scholarships.

Application Procedure


  • Application form correctly filled out
  • Certificate of the courses took on language services
  • Receipts of all the courses paid for all the courses taken outside UAB language services
  •  Submit all the required documents to the Autonomous University of Barcelona Office to assist in the registration


The UAB Language Commission Service will take the final decision and announce the successful candidates.

 Successful candidates will be on the university and UAB Language Service websites.