Australian catholic university scholarships

Australian Catholic University Scholarships: Application Guide

Australian Catholic University Scholarships is a collection of undergraduate and postgraduate scholarships, bursaries, awards, etc., that are open to students of the Australian Catholic University (ACU). These scholarships include fully-funded scholarships, partially-funded scholarships, tuition waivers, accommodation waivers, etc. Some of these scholarships are open to domestic students alone, some others are open to international students alone, and others are yet open to everyone.

Who Sponsors Australian Catholic University Scholarships?

There are several ACU scholarships, and most of them have different sponsors. Several of the scholarships are sponsored by the University itself. However, organizations like the Government, NGOs, companies, individuals, etc., sponsor the majority of the scholarships at Australian Catholic University.

About Australian Catholic University (ACU)

Australian Catholic University (ACU) is a state-owned (public) university in Australia. It was formed in 1991 after four catholic tertiary educational institutions (Catholic College of Education Sydney, New South Wales, Institute of Catholic Education, Victoria, McAuley College, Queensland, and Signadou College of Education, Australian Capital Territory) came together to form one. Despite maintaining Catholic affiliation, ACU does not restrict its staff or students to practicing Catholics; the school accepts students of any faith, including those with no religious affiliation).

ACU has seven campuses in Australia and one in Rome. The seven Australian campuses are located in the following cities;

  • Ballarat
  • Blacktown
  • Brisbane
  • Canberra
  • Melbourne
  • North Sydney
  • Strathfield

Scholarships Available at Australian Catholic University

There are several scholarships available at ACU. Some of the most popular ones are;

1. ACU International Student Scholarship

The ACU international student scholarship, as the name implies, is a scholarship for foreign nationals who have come to study at the Australian Catholic University. It is open to both undergraduate and postgraduate students of all levels who have shown academic prowess in their previous level of study (i.e. secondary education or Bachelor’s degree). This program offers 20 scholarships every year (14 in the first semester and 6 in the second). It is a partial fee waiver that covers 50% of the beneficiary’s tuition, requiring them to pay only half. Applications usually run from September through the first week of October yearly.

2. ACU Law – Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Equity Scholarship

This scholarship is open to students of aboriginal and Torres Strait Island descent who are studying for a law degree at the Australian Catholic University. Such students must be located in either North Sydney, Brisbane, Blacktown, or Melbourne campus. It is a one-time, non-renewable scholarship worth $5,000 paid only once after which the beneficiary cannot apply again. There are two slots available each year and the criteria for selection are usually your (proven) financial state, letter of recommendation, and your personal statement.

3. Global Excellence Scholarship

The ACU global excellence scholarship is open to international students of Business Information Technology who are in their first year of undergraduate or postgraduate studies. It provides a tuition waiver of $2,500 each semester for up to 4 years, provided you maintain an acceptable CGPA. Students who apply for this scholarship must not be beneficiaries of the ACU International Student Scholarship. The global excellence scholarship doesn’t require any formal application; the school management will assess your eligibility and contact you if successful.

4. ACU Refugee Scholarship

The refugee scholarship in ACU is targeted at foreign nationals in ACU who came into Australia as unaccompanied minors or are in Australia on a temporary protection visa. This scholarship is a 100% tuition waiver and provides student health insurance where unavailable. Students who meet the criteria can apply for the ACU Refugee scholarship regardless of the program of study as long as it is an undergraduate degree program. When applying, you will provide a written statement, a letter of recommendation, your national passport with the visa, and whatever other document is required.

5. Blacktown Campus Merit Scholarship

Blacktown campus merit scholarship is a program for students of ACU on the Blacktown campus. It covers students commencing an undergraduate degree in any program of study. This program grants two scholarships every year to candidates selected based on academic merit. They must be enrolled in a full-time program and present a personal statement, a letter of recommendation, and proof of academic merit. The scholarship is worth $2,000 per semester for the four years of your program.

Scholarship Benefits

How much are Australian Catholic University Scholarships?

Several ACU scholarships offer different levels of funding from as low as $350 to as high as $70,000 depending on the program. These programs could be partially or fully funded, depending on their sponsor and the amount. They could also be partial or complete tuition waivers.

How Many ACU Scholarships are Offered Each Year?

Some scholarship programs offer only one or two scholarships per year. Others offer up to 10, 20, or even 50. However, few of those offer scholarships in the hundreds per year. Like with the type of funding, the number of scholarships depends on the sponsor.

Applicable Courses

To be able to apply for an Australian Catholic University Scholarship, you must be enrolled in one of the programs of study at any degree level at ACU. While some scholarships are open to any program and any degree, most of them are exclusive to a certain program or level of study. Therefore, before you apply for any scholarship, you must first make sure from their eligibility criteria that you qualify for the scholarship.

Eligibility Criteria

When you apply for an ACU scholarship, you need to provide proof that you meet the criteria for that particular scholarship. Different Australian Catholic University scholarships have different eligibility requirements. Some of the common ones include;

  • Proof of academic merit (for merit-based scholarship). The commonly accepted minimum CGPA is usually between 4.75 and 5.8 on a 7-point scale.
  • Proof of nationality (for international student scholarships)
  • Letter of recommendation
  • Personal statement
  • Previous semester results (for current student scholarships), etc.

Whatever other requirements you need, you will find them at the scholarship’s application portal. There, you will also find their specific deadlines even though most ACU scholarship application periods fall between August and March.

Fees & Funding

Can I get a scholarship in Australia?

Yes, you can. As long as you have gained provisional admission into a tertiary educational institution in Australia and meet the requirements for the scholarship you’re applying for, you stand a good chance of securing the scholarship.

What is a good GPA for ACU?

Australian Catholic University operates on a 7-point grade scale. Hence, a cumulative grade of 5.5 and above will be considered ‘good’ by ACU standards.

What if I fail a unit in ACU?

If you fail a unit (a course) in ACU, you have two options according to the school rules and regulations;

  • re-enroll to take the unit during the next semester when it is available
  • take a different unit that’s also relevant to your program of study if the original one was not a compulsory unit

Are Australian Catholic University Scholarships Renewable?

Several scholarships in AUC have different rules and terms. Some scholarships are renewable only once, some last as long as your study program, while others are paid to you once and are non-renewable.

Can I study online at ACU?

Yes, you can. ACU provides an online study program that allows you to complete a course online. This serves as an alternative for those who, for some reason, cannot make it to any of the campuses or have to complete the course while also having a job.

Application Procedure

Different ACU scholarships have different application procedures. To find which of these scholarships is the best fit for you and begin your application process, click on the ‘Apply’ button below. To complete the process, you must have gained admission and have your login details. You can view the criteria, but you must log in to complete your application.