Aurecon south africa bursary scheme

How to Apply for Aurecon South Africa Bursary Scheme

Aurecon South Africa Bursary Scheme; sometimes called Aurecon South Africa Scholarship or Aurecon Scholarship, is a scheme that supports South African students. It is a financial support program funded by Aurecon and open to South African citizens who study within their country and fall within three Engineering fields, namely; Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, and Civil Engineering.

The Aurecon South Africa Bursary Scheme is a partial funding program that selects qualified candidates every year from a multitude of applicants and supports their education with R90,000 to cover their tuition, accommodation, and whatever else it can touch. To qualify for this bursary, you must be studying for a Bachelor’s degree (B.Eng.), as well as meet certain other criteria which we will discuss later in this article.

About Aurecon

Aurecon Group is the official sponsor of the Aurecon South Africa Bursary Scheme. It is an Engineering company formed in 2009 from the merging of three (3) companies; Africon, Connell Wagner, and Ninham Shand. Africon was a South African infrastructure consultancy, Connel Wagner was also an infrastructure consultancy company but was based in the Asian Pacific, while Ninham Shand was a South African engineering and environmental consultancy company. These three bodies came together to increase reach and combine services to become one of the most versatile engineering companies available today, providing services ranging from manufacturing to transport, construction, telecommunication, etc.

Over the years, Aurecon has decided to give back to society by investing in or contributing to various awards and bursary programs to help students in their pursuit of education. One of the most popular of those is the Aurecon South Africa Bursary Scheme which provides South African nationals with partial funding for their studies yearly.

About South Africa

South Africa is a country in the southern part of the African continent. It was so named because it is the southernmost country on the continent. It is a beautiful country, blessed with picturesque landscapes, natural resources, and beautiful people. South Africa has some of the best universities in Africa, especially in the field of Engineering. Aurecon is one of the biggest Engineering institutions in South Africa, hence, they use this bursary to provide extra help and motivation to aspiring Engineers while also granting them the opportunity to gain industry experience during and after their schooling years.

Scholarship Benefits

How Much is the Aurecon South Africa Bursary?

The Aurecon South African bursary scheme provides students with R90,000 each year to cover their tuition, accommodation, books, and any other expense it can suffice for. It is a partial funding program. Therefore, unlike fully-funded scholarships, it does not try to cover living expenses for your stay in school.

How Many Times Can a Beneficiary Renew this Bursary?

Different kinds of scholarships and bursaries have different terms and conditions. Some are non-renewable, and some others are renewable only once; however, the Aurecon South Africa Bursary is renewable annually for as long as your study program lasts. Since it is a merit award, renewal of the award is dependent on your grades. Hence, you need to keep your grades up to ensure you continue to qualify for renewal.

Other Benefits

Finally, bursaries generally require that you work with the institution that provided them for you during your time in school. Hence, after your graduation, you will need to work with Aurecon for the same number of years that you enjoyed the benefits of the bursary. This gives you the practical experience required to penetrate the field of Engineering after graduation and at the very least, ensures you a job.

Applicable Courses

To be eligible for the Aurecon South Africa bursary, you need to be enrolled in an Engineering program in an approved learning institution in South Africa. The three fields of study eligible for the bursary are;

Applicants must be studying for their Bachelor’s degree (BEng); the scheme is not available for postgraduate studies.

Eligibility Criteria

There are certain eligibility requirements you must meet should you want to apply for the Aurecon South Africa Bursary Scheme. The first and most important is that you must be a South African citizen with a valid ID who studies (or intends to study) Engineering. Other requirements are as follows;

12th Grade/Matriculating Applicants Requirements

To apply for the Aurecon South Africa bursary from grade 12, you must meet the following requirements;

  • Provide academic results.
  • Show proof that you have been accepted into the university you applied to.
  • Have higher grade mathematics and at least one other physical science with a ‘5’ symbol.

University Student Applicant Requirements

For university students in their first, second, or third year, you must provide the following if you wish to apply for the South Africa Bursary scheme by Aurecon;

  • Academic results show that you have a minimum average grade of 70%.
  • A National Senior Certificate or any of its equivalents.

Fees & Funding

What are the different kinds of funding?

The two major kinds of funding that exist are partial funding and full funding. Partial-funding scholarships are usually only enough to cover a part of the student’s expenses; e.g., tuition, accommodation, etc. The Aurecon South Africa Bursary Scheme is generally regarded as a partially funded scholarship.

Can I apply for the Aurecon South Africa Bursary as an immigrant?

Aurecon South Africa Bursary is an award that is exclusive to South African nationals. Hence, foreign nationals cannot apply for the bursary. The only way you can apply for the Aurecon bursary as an immigrant is if you’ve lived in the country long enough to become a citizen.

How many times can I renew my Aurecon Bursary Award?

The Aurecon South Africa Bursary is renewable every year after you get it for as long as you are still in school.

When can I apply for the Aurecon South Africa Bursary?

You can apply for the Aurecon South Africa Bursary anytime between February and August every year as long as you’ve been accepted into or are currently studying at a university in South Africa.

Can I work and study in South Africa?

Yes, you can. As a student in South Africa, you can work part-time (up to 20 hours a week) while studying. International students need a work visa to get this benefit.

Application Procedure

Required Documents for Aurecon South Africa Bursary Application

To apply for the Aurecon South Africa Bursary scheme, you have to present the following documents;

  • Bursary application form
  • A certified copy of your South African ID book
  • Academic results from your previous semester or your Grade 12 exams, depending on which applies to you
  • Academic transcripts (if applicable)
  • A copy of your CV; in a word document or PDF format.

How to Apply for the Aurecon South Africa Bursary

The procedure for applying for the Aurecon Bursary for South Africa is pretty simple;

  1. Gather the documents listed above.
  2. Complete the form and upload all the required documents.
  3. Submit your application and wait. If you pass the first stage, you’ll be invited to an interview exercise in Cape Town, Durban, or Johannesburg.
  4. Wait for the final results. If you’re successful, the panel will contact you and disburse the funds to you.

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