Atlassian internships roles benefits requirements and how to apply

Atlassian Internships: Roles, Benefits, Requirements and How to apply

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Atlassian, an innovative software company, has provided meaningful internships to young professionals for many years. It is one of the most sought-after internship programs in the software industry, known for providing a unique mix of challenging projects and real-world experience. This article will discuss the benefits and rewards of participating in an Atlassian internship program. We will explore the company’s various offerings for interns and lots more. 

About Atlassian

Atlassian is a software company that develops collaboration and productivity tools for teams. Their project management tool and the secure document-sharing platform are designed to help teams collaborate more efficiently and effectively, both internally and externally.

Atlassian’s products include Jira, Confluence, Bitbucket, Trello, and more. These tools allow teams to collaborate on projects in real time, track progress and tasks, and securely share documents. With Atlassian’s tools, teams can work together seamlessly, no matter where they’re located or what devices they’re using.

Atlassian Internship

An Atlassian internship is an excellent opportunity for those interested in tech and software development. As an intern, you will be part of a team that works on developing innovative products for the company. You will gain valuable experience in software engineering, product design, customer service, and more. You will also have the chance to work with some of the leading professionals in the industry and learn from their expertise.

In addition to gaining technical skills, the internship can provide you with valuable networking opportunities. You may have the chance to meet other interns from around the world and build relationships with them that could lead to future career opportunities.

Internship positions offered at Atlassian.

Atlassian offers a variety of internship positions for students and recent graduates. They are as follows.

  • Software Engineer
  • Customer Experience/Design
  • Product Management (Associate Product Manager Program)
  • IT
  • Security
  • Data & Analytics
  • Site Reliability Engineering
  • Marketing & Communications
  • Sales
  • Finance

Benefits of an Atlassian Internship

There are many benefits to interning at Atlassian. Below we have some of the essential benefits.

Global Skills and Experience

As an intern, you’ll have access to the latest technologies, be able to create and give reports and work alongside experienced professionals. You’ll also get the chance to learn about the different aspects of software development and project management. 

Personal development

You’ll benefit from the mentorship of more experienced team members, which can help you develop your problem-solving and communication skills. Additionally, you’ll gain insight into how a successful tech company operates, giving you an edge when applying for jobs after graduation.

Networking opportunity

Likewise, being part of such a dynamic and innovative company will provide plenty of networking opportunities with other interns and industry professionals. This could open up a new world of possibilities for your tech career!


In addition to the global skills and experience, personal development, and networking opportunity at Atlassian, you will earn between $28 and $49, depending on your role and experience.

Requirements for Atlassian Internship

The requirements for an Atlassian internship vary depending on the specific role and team you’re applying to. Generally, you need to meet the following eligibility criteria.

  • You must be a current or rising undergraduate or graduate student at an accredited college or university, and recent graduates can also apply.
  • Possess a solid academic background, excellent problem-solving skills, and a drive to learn.
  • You should have experience with coding languages such as Python and JavaScript – including some product design tools such as Sketch.
  • You must be passionate about work and have excellent communication skills.
  • You must be able to collaborate well with others and take the initiative on projects.
  • In addition, You should be able to think critically and come up with creative solutions to problems.

Documents required for Atlassian Internship

You need to submit a few documents to apply for Atlassian Internship. These include;


  • You’ll need to provide a copy of your resume and ensure that your resume outlines your relevant experience and skillset so the hiring team can better understand who you are and why you’re interested in the internship.

Cover letter

Awards or certification

  • Be sure to include any awards or certificates that you may have earned.

Reference letter

  • You will also need to submit two references from people who can vouch for your work ethic and qualifications. These could be former employers, teachers, or mentors who have worked closely with you.

Academic transcript

  • You can include any transcripts or certifications that demonstrate your academic achievements.

How to apply for Atlassian Internship

Applying for an Atlassian Internship is a great way to start your career. Here are the steps you need to take to get started:

  • Step one: Make sure you meet the basic requirements.
  • Step two: Create an account on the Atlassian website and fill out the online application form.
  • Step three: Submit all relevant experience or skills that could help set you apart from other applicants.
  • Step four: Submit your application for it to be reviewed by a member of the Atlassian team. They may ask additional questions or request an interview if they think you fit the position well.
  • Step five: Study on how to Prepare for the interviews, so you can showcase why you’re the best candidate for the job!

Frequently Asked Questions                     

Is the Atlassian internship paid?

Atlassian internships are paid, and the pay rate varies depending on your experience and location. Generally, you may receive an hourly rate between $28 and $49. You may be eligible to receive additional benefits such as health insurance.

What does Atlassian do?

Atlassian is a software company that develops collaboration, development, and issue-tracking tools that enable teams to collaborate more effectively to get their work done faster and wiser. They provide products and services to help teams work together more effectively. Their most popular products include Jira, Confluence, Bitbucket, Trello, and Opsgenie.

What roles are typically available to interns at Atlassian?

As an intern at Atlassian, you’ll have the opportunity to explore a range of roles. Depending on your skills and interests, you can choose from engineering, product management, design, data analytics positions, and more. You’ll also gain valuable insights into the company’s culture and processes. Also, you’ll have access to a wide range of resources, such as regular training sessions and workshops, to help you stay up-to-date with the latest industry trends.

Can a fresher join Atlassian?

Yes! Atlassian is always looking for fresh talent to join its team. The company offers a variety of roles for freshers. If you’re interested in joining Atlassian, research the company and its culture before applying.

What qualifications must an applicant possess to qualify for an Atlassian internship?

To qualify for an Atlassian internship, you should possess a few essential qualifications. Such as a solid academic background. Coursework in a related field, such as computer science or engineering, is highly preferred. And yes, having some prior work experience in the tech industry is beneficial, either through internships or other roles. Likewise, you should demonstrate the skills necessary to succeed in the role – problem-solving and communication skills are always highly valued.                                                                                          


Atlassian offers an excellent opportunity for Interns. The expertise and knowledge you learn in this program can help you develop skills that will set you apart from other potential job applicants. Plus, the culture is unique and inspiring, making it a great place to work and grow professionally. Take advantage of Atlassian’s internships today to start building your career!