Athlone institute of technology scholarships

Athlone Institute of Technology Scholarships: Application Guide

Athlone Institute of Technology Scholarships is a range of grants that offer partial funding for both prospective and current students at Athlone Institute of Technology. It gives students access to scholarships, depending on academic qualifications and financial needs. Thus, all students at AIT can visit the school’s financial aid office to find out if they qualify for any scholarships at Athlone Institute of Technology Scholarships. 

Though these scholarships are available to undergraduate students, you can still get at least one grant for your MSC in engineering at the college. 

Who sponsors Athlone Institute of Technology Scholarships?

The sponsor of Athlone Institute of Technology Scholarships depends on the particular scholarship. However, students who want to apply for any grant will contact the Financial Aids Office of the college. Moreover, the Athlone Institute of Technology is in charge of giving out the funds to the recipients of these awards. 

Overview of Athlone Institute of Technology Scholarships

Founded in 1970, Athlone Institute of Technology is an institute of Technology in Athlone. It has students from over 60 countries who enroll in science and technology undergraduate and graduate programs. It later became a university after merging with the Limerick Institute of Technology in 2001. Thus, it officially became the Technological University of the Shannon, Midlands Midwest.

To help students, the institute has a lot of scholarships. These scholarships offer partial funding to students based on their academic qualifications and financial needs. Thus, prodsp[ective and current students at the university can apply for the following scholarships. They include:

JL Goor Scholarships

JL Goor Scholarships are available only to first-year students at Athlone Institute of Technology. However, only students with good academic performance and personal achievement can apply for it towards the end of their first year at the university. In addition, applicants must enroll in a polymer engineering degree to qualify. Recipients will get a grant of €1,000 for three years—contact scholarship sponsors at [email protected].

Radisson Blu Scholarships

Open to students who want to pursue a bachelor of Art in Hospitality Management, a Higher Certificate in Culinary Arts, and Higher Certificate in Bar Supervision, Radisson Blu Scholarships offers students a grant of €1000. For more information, use the email address below: [email protected].

Panelto Foods Scholarships

It is available to eight students at the Technological University of Shannon with a grant of €1,000 each. The recipients must enroll in culinary arts (2), engineering (4), and business (2) disciplines. It is a merit award for students who show passion for their industry. Plus, they must pass their university courses. 

Scholarships of Excellence

Prospective students who scored up to 500 points in their Leaving Certificate exams qualify for these scholarships. Each recipient will get an award of €500. In addition, they will get free access to the gym for the academic year. 

Sports Scholarship: Elite and Academy

This scholarship is available to students who perform well in their preferred sports. It comes in two categories. The first one offers recipients a grant of €4,000. In addition, they will get the following benefits, which include: 

  • access to sports facilities
  • physical therapy
  • individual strength & conditioning coaching
  • functional screening assessments
  • cookery demonstrations
  • academic support
  • nutritional advice
  • performance lifestyle management
  • sports psychology support
  • skill acquisition support
  • athletic development funding

On the other hand, recipients will get a grant of €2500 and other benefits for the second category of Sports Scholarship at AIT. 

Other scholarships available to students at  Athlone Institute of Technology include the following:

  • Ericsson Scholarship (Postgraduate)
  • 1916 Student Bursary
  • University Scholarships
  • KickStart Scholarship Fund
  • Student Assistance Fund (SAF)
  • Laptop On Loan Scheme

Scholarship Benefits

How much are Athlone Institute of Technology Scholarships?

The amount for Athlone Institute of Technology Scholarships depends on the scholarship. However, recipients for these scholarships will receive between €1000 and €5000 each year. Candidates for some scholarships will receive the award once. Thus, they are not renewable. In addition to the monetary value, there are other benefits to enjoy if you qualify for any grant at AIT.

How many students receive Institute of Technology Scholarships?

At least 20 students qualify for the Institute of Technology Scholarships. However, the number of recipients for each award varies. So, students must inquire about these scholarships to know if they are still available at the time of admission. 

How long do Institute of Technology Scholarships last?

The duration of grants at AIT carries depending on the scholarship. Some scholarships are one-time awards, while others last up to three years. Moreover, depending on the amount, it can cover many expenses for the recipients, including tuition fees, accommodation, and books. 

Is Institute of Technology Scholarships fully funded or partial?

Most scholarships at the Institute of Technology are partial scholarships that help students to pay part of their tuition, accommodation or book fees. 

Applicable Courses

Only students who enrol on undergraduate programs in the field of Science and Technology qualify for these scholarships. However, a few students undertaking their MSC in Engineering can obtain some scholarships at Athlone Institute of Technology. 

Eligibility Criteria

Applicants for a scholarship at the Institute of Technology must meet the following requirements. They include:

General requirements

The general requirements for application for Institute of Technology Scholarships include the following:

  1. Recipients must be p[respective or current students at the Institute of Technology Scholarships.
  2. Applicants must have good academic performance. 
  3. You must show the need for financial help for some scholarships. 

Nationality of recipients

Students from over 60 countries at the Institute of Technology can apply for any scholarship at AIT. In other words, these scholarships are available to everyone at the university, provided they meet the requirements for the award they want. 

Fees & Funding

Can international students qualify for Athlone Institute of Technology Scholarships?

International students who meet the requirements can apply for a scholarship at the Athlone Institute of Technology. 

What are the requirements for admission to AIT?

The minimum requirement for admission to Athlone Institute is High School Diploma. In addition, applicants must have good grades in Mathematics and English.

Is Athlone Institute of Technology good?

Athlone Institute of Technology is one of the best schools in the UK for Science and Technology. It admits students from over 60 countries to bachelor’s and master’s degrees programs. 

What is the tuition fee at Athlone Institute of Technology?

The tuition fee at Athlone Institute of Technology varies depending on the course. However, students will pay between EUR 6250 and EUR 10000 to complete a degree program. 

Application Procedure

How to apply for Athlone Institute of Technology Scholarships

To apply for Athlone Institute of Technology Scholarships, applicants will apply for admission to the university. In addition, you must meet the requirements for each scholarship. For more information, contact Athlone Institute of Technology at the address below:

 University Road,

Athlone, Co. Westmeath,

N37 HD68, Ireland

Tel: +353 90 646 8000

Email: [email protected]