Aston university scholarships

Aston University Scholarships: Eligibility, Value and How to Apply

Aston University Scholarships are partially-funded scholarships for domestic and international students of Aston University, Birmingham, England. They are awarded to outstanding students based on academic achievement and individual experience.

Below are the scholarships for UK students at Aston University.

  • Aston Alumni Undergraduate Scholarships
  • The Ernest Edward Scholarships for Asylum Seekers
  • Aston Aspiration Scholarship
  • Aston Mature Adult Learners Scholarship
  • Past scholarships
  • Aston Achievement/Vice Chancellor’s Achievement Scholarship
  • Future You Scholarship
  • Aston Placement Scholarship
  • Aston Extra Scholarship
  • Aston Support Scholarship

Scholarships to Study at Aston University as an International Student

  • Vice-Chancellor’s International Scholarship
  • The Ernest Edward Scholarships for Asylum Seekers
  • Global Ambassador Scholarship
  • GREAT Scholarships
  • Aston Enterprise Scholarship
  • MBA Scholarships
  • Ferguson Scholarships
  • Regional Scholarships
  • NCUK Scholarships
  • Women in Engineering Scholarship

Who Sponsors Aston University Scholarships?

The sponsor of Aston University Scholarships is the educational institution itself.

Overview of Birmingham City

Birmingham is renowned as the UK’s second city and is located in the West Midlands region. The city is home to over 1.1 million people and has a total land area of approximately 268 square kilometers. Birmingham is 160 kilometers close to London, the UK’s capital city. The city was the host of the Commonwealth Games 2022, and its economy thrives on the service sector.

Aston University is a public institution of higher learning in this great UK city. Its campus is located in the hub of Birmingham and has been there since the university’s establishment in 1895. Aston University admits British and international students into its wide range of courses, which are more than 263.

It awards undergraduate degrees, MA, M.Sc., professional courses/CPD, and varieties of online courses, Students taking any of these courses at Aston University can win a scholarship. Undoubtedly, international students from more than 120 countries are at Aston University.

Scholarship Benefits

How Much are Aston University Scholarships?

At least £1 million is up for grabs as Aston University Scholarships for undergraduate and postgraduate students. Students who have applied and are to win these scholarships will receive funding for their tertiary education. The award amount is averaged at £3,000 to £8,000.

How Many Students Receive Aston University Scholarships?

Aston University does not publicize the number of students who receive its scholarships every academic year. However, the university pays out more than £1 million in scholarships per academic year.

Are Aston University Scholarships Fully Funded or Partially Funded?

Aston University Scholarships are all partially funded for both undergraduate and postgraduate students. That means the scholarships only cover part of your cost of study. Besides, the funding amount varies depending on the scholarship received.

Applicable Courses

What Field of Study is Aston University Scholarships Meant For?

Aston University Scholarships do not target students in any field of study. Thus, it is open to students in its Law, Computer Science, History, Business, Engineering & Applied Science, Medicine and Health Sciences, Life Sciences, Sociology and Policy, Translation, English, Politics and International Relations, and Mathematics programs.

Can Undergraduate Students Apply for Aston University Scholarships?

Yes, undergraduate students can apply for many scholarships available at Aston University. Nevertheless, you must prove worthy of the scholarship by meeting its eligibility criteria. To receive any Aston University Scholarship for undergraduate students, you must apply before the stated deadline.

Eligibility Criteria

Before applying for any scholarship available at Aston University, you must satisfy the conditions listed hereafter.

  • You must be an entering or continuing student of Aston University.
  • You also have to fulfill the entire requirements and eligibility criteria for the scholarship you wish to get at Aston University.

Fees & Funding

Is Aston University good for international students?

Yes, Aston University is a prominent higher educational institution for international students. The university offers diverse undergraduate and postgraduate courses.

Does Aston University give scholarships?

Yes, Aston University disburses money per academic session to students on scholarships.

Are there scholarships for international students at Aston University?

Of course, numerous scholarships are available to international undergraduate and postgraduate students at Aston University. Examples are the Vice-Chancellor’s International Scholarship, Women in Engineering Scholarship, and Global Ambassador Scholarship.

How many scholarships can I get from Aston University?

Being a student at Aston University, the amount of scholarship you can get depends on the specific scholarship received.

Do MBA students get scholarships at Aston University?

Yes, MBA students of Aston University are eligible for some scholarships, such as the Dean’s Scholarship, Business Excellence Scholarship, Full Time MBA Scholarships, and Global Leadership Scholarship.

Application Procedure

How to Apply for Aston University Scholarships

Students who want to apply for Aston University Scholarships have to take the following steps.

  • First, choose one of the university’s courses and apply for it
  • Upon receipt of an admission offer letter, you will have to sign in to “My Aston Portal.”
  • Once signed in, you will see the Aston University scholarship application link. Then, click the link to start filling out the application form.