Aspire2 international scholarships

Aspire2 International Scholarships: Eligibility & Funding

Aspire2 International inspires you to apply for any of the three scholarships for global students by offering a choice of three unique types of scholarships to deserving international students. Each scholarship targets a specific community of Aspire2 international students, with eligibility requirements that are within reach, bringing the scholarships home to potential beneficiaries. At Aspire2 International, a potential beneficiary is sure that academic merit carries equal weight as class attendance and good behavior in the scholarship selection consideration. However, this makes the institution’s scholarships more competitive. Aspire2 International always wont to state that scholarships are limited; therefore, there is no specific number of beneficiaries for the institution’s scholarships. 

Aspire2 International Scholarships – Categories

There are three categories of Aspire2 International Scholarships aimed at specific student communities that share common attributes such as academic programs, location, or gender.

Aspire2 International Special Scholarships

There are limited scholarships available in this scholarship category, and these scholarships will benefit students whose source of income is affected due to the Covid 19. 

Aspire2 Partial Scholarships

International students can obtain partial scholarships at Aspire2 International if they enroll in the following academic programs:

  • Business
  • Information Technology
  • Technology Management
  • Hospitality Management
  • Culinary Arts

Aspire2 Female in Technology Scholarship

This gender-specific scholarship is further aimed at women in the technology sector because Aspire2 believes that there need to be more women interested in Technology. Because of this, the institution seeks to encourage women to enroll in this male-dominated field by offering partial scholarships to interested and eligible candidates.  

Who Sponsors Aspire2 International Scholarships?

Aspire2 International sponsors scholarships for international students. Since 1996, Aspire2 has been imparting practical knowledge to eager students from New Zealand and abroad. With its five faculties and multiple program offers, Aspire2 International manages to combine classroom instructions and functional experience and has stayed on top of the chart as a favorite choice for international students wishing to acquire practical skills and qualifications. The school is a registered Private Training Establishment (PTE) in the heart of Auckland, New Zealand.

About Auckland, New Zealand

Auckland adopted the nickname – the City of Sails – because it houses many yacht clubs and marinas. Almost every household in Auckland owns a boat. In addition, the city is surrounded by water, making water sports a natural preference. Nonetheless, Auckland is a large and thriving city on the North Island side of New Zealand. At one time, Auckland was the capital of New Zealand but conceded to Wellington because it resides in the center of the country. Aspire2 International is in the heart of Auckland, making it accessible by busses, trains, and other means of transportation. 

Scholarship Benefits

All Aspire2 International Scholarships are partial funding that applies to beneficiaries’ tuition fees for the chosen certificate course or diploma program. The school does not indicate the number of beneficiaries because it makes that decision each year. Therefore, the school prioritizes students who apply early and meet all the criteria for eligibility. However, suppose the number of eligible students exceeds the number to receive the scholarships in a given year. In that case, Aspire2 reserves the right to dispose of the scholarships as it deems.

Applicable Courses

What courses can benefit from the Aspire2 International Scholarships?

There are five faculties through which the institution imparts knowledge. Apart from the Female in Technology Scholarship, each of these faculties is eligible for an Aspire2 International Scholarship. They are: 

Eligibility Criteria

What are the requirements for Aspire2 International Scholarships?

What Aspire2 requires from applicants for scholarships can be grouped into three:

1. Grade Point Average (depending on the particular scholarship)

2. Attendance (requires 100% attendance)

3. Attitude (participation in class, self-presentation, interaction, etc.)     

Each of these attributes is equally as important as the other. 

In addition, the school considers the following criteria:

a. The applicants must be non-resident international students

b. Applicants who studied in New Zealand must have completed their studies at an approved institution in the country.

c. Applicants must meet the entry requirements for the academic program 

d. Applicants must meet New Zealand’s immigration requirements for a Student Visa.

Fees & Funding

How does Aspire2 International administer scholarships to beneficiaries?

The school pays the award directly into the recipients’ tuition fees to complete the part payment made by the beneficiaries.

What is the duration of Aspire2 International Scholarships?

The scholarship lasts for the recipients’ stay at the school if they continue to fulfill the eligibility requirements for continuity.

Can I combine any Aspire2 International Scholarship?

No. You can only accept one Aspire2 International Scholarship at a time.

Can I get an Aspire2 Scholarship in my first year of admission?

No, students who have completed one semester of studies can apply for an Aspire2 International Scholarship. The scholarship takes effect from the second year of a beneficiary’s studies.

Can I contest an Aspire2 Scholarship decision if I do not get an award despite being eligible?

You can request a review of the school’s decision by writing to the Director of Studies. However, remember that the school reserves the right to decide who to award, considering the number of scholarships allocated for the year.

What type of institution is Aspire2 International School?

Aspire2 is a tertiary institution that awards diplomas for certificate courses to students who wish to acquire practical experience for employment. 

Application Procedure

How to Apply for Aspire2 International Scholarships

Apply for an Aspire2 International Scholarship by doing either of the following:

1. Complete and submit the General Inquiry Form

2. Email the Year 2 team directly at [email protected]

3. Visit the reception desk of any Aspire2 campus to book an appointment

Alternatively, you can call +64 9 555 5400