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Are you a graduate looking for an internship opportunity that will give you a chance to gain real-world experience and build your professional portfolio? Then the Askari Bank Internship Program could be the perfect match you need. With this program, a new college or university graduates can reach the door of a highly successful banking organization and develop valuable skills in finance, technology, customer service, and more.

What is Askari Bank Internship?

It is a program that provides interns with valuable networking opportunities with other professionals in the banking industry for a minimum duration of 12 weeks. The program is open to graduates with plans to advance their studies in the business or banking profession or postgraduate students that must engage in an internship as a prerequisite.

The internship program pays monthly stipends of up to PKR 10,000 to each intern, among other numerous benefits. The selection process could be competitive if the number of applicants is massive. However, you can have the edge over other applicants with compelling and outstanding documents like a resume, cover letter, and recommendation letter.

About Askari Bank 

Askari Bank is one of the leading financial institutions in Pakistan, providing cutting-edge services to its customers since its establishment in 1991. It has more than 300 branches across Pakistan. 

Askari Bank offers a comprehensive array of products, such as retail banking, corporate banking, investment banking services, asset management, Islamic Banking, and various digital banking solutions. The bank has over 7000 passionate, hardworking employees committed to providing excellent customer service. Their diverse backgrounds, qualifications, and experience ensure they can deliver innovative solutions to their customers’ needs.

Askari Bank offers career growth opportunities for its employees. The bank has an established, unbeatable record of promoting from within and offering training and development programs to help employees advance in their careers. For example, the bank provides specialized training in customer service, banking operations, credit analysis, and financial management. Additionally, Askari Bank includes coaching and mentoring programs for employees to help them develop leadership skills and gain valuable experience working with senior executives. Employees can also take advantage of Askari Bank’s internal job postings to explore new organizational roles.

Benefits of Askari Bank Internship 

An Askari Bank internship offers many benefits to interns. Some of the top benefits are:

  1. You will gain valuable experience working in a professional banking environment and learn about the different aspects of banking operations. You will also have the chance to work with experienced professionals who can provide guidance and mentorship. 
  2. As an intern, you will get exposure to the financial sector, which is an insight into how banks operate and understand the different regulations that govern banking activities. This knowledge can be invaluable if you are interested in advancing your career in finance or banking. 
  3. You can also build relationships with other professionals in the industry and make connections that may help you land future jobs or internships. Also, you will experience firsthand what it’s like to work at a top bank and gain exposure to its culture and values.

Requirements for Askari Bank Internship 

These are the eligibility criteria the applicants must satisfy before their application is fit for an interview or the next phase of the selection process.

  • Must have excellent academic records 
  • Be able to communicate fluently in the official Pakistani language. 
  • Must possess a recommendation letter from your academic institution 
  • Must have problem-solving skills and a commitment to customer service excellence. 

Nevertheless, having other professional qualifications and previous experience in financial services could be an advantage in a competitive selection process.

How to apply for Askari Bank Internship 

The application process for this internship program is straightforward; you should visit the bank’s website to apply or mail your application to the contact address of the bank.

When submitting your application, include a cover letter and resume highlighting your relevant qualifications and experience. You should also attach your passport photograph, a copy of your CNIC, a Traveling passport (International student), and a recommendation letter from your institution.

If you get a notification for an interview, prepare thoroughly in advance by researching the bank’s history and mission statement and reviewing any questions the panel may ask during the interview process. Good luck!

Note the application is open throughout the year because the intake of interns is usually in batches.

Tips to succeed in Askari Bank Internship 

The Askari Bank Internship selection process can be a competitive one. There are a few tips to keep in mind to ensure you have the best chance of success. 

  1. Ensure you have a good understanding of the company’s mission and values. The knowledge will help you stand out during the interview, showing that you are inclined toward the company and its goals. Additionally, research the role to demonstrate your knowledge and enthusiasm for the position during your interview. 
  2. You should practice beforehand! Review common questions asked during interviews and prepare answers highlighting your skills and qualifications. It would be best if you also considered having mock interviews with friends or family members to feel more confident about your interview.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Askari Bank Internship open to international students?

Askari Bank Internship is open to international students, provided they meet the requirements for the program. International students must have a valid student visa and be enrolled in an accredited university or college in Pakistan. 

How long does Askari Bank Internship last?

Askari Bank Internship typically lasts for a minimum of 12 weeks.

What qualification is best for a bank job in Pakistan?

The qualifications required for a bank job in Pakistan vary depending on the position. Most banks require applicants to have a high school diploma or equivalent for entry-level positions such as tellers, bank clerks, or customer service representatives. Applicants may need a finance, business administration, or economics college degree for a more advanced portfolio, such as loan officers or branch managers. 

In addition to educational qualifications, most banks require applicants to pass an aptitude test and an interview. 

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In conclusion, Askari Bank Internship provides a valuable opportunity to access knowledge and experience in the banking industry. By acquiring this experience, you can make informed decisions about your future career paths. It is also an excellent way to jumpstart your career, as endless possibilities could arise from the internship program. The program can also give you an edge over other candidates seeking employment in the banking industry.