Asia e university scholarships

Asia e University Scholarships: Application and Funding

Two scholarships are available for students from ACD (Asia Cooperation Dialogue) member countries who wish to study at the Asian e University, Malaysia. There are 34 ACD member countries (including all current members of the ASEAN and the GCC) and two students from each of these countries will be the lucky beneficiaries of the AeU ACD Scholar Award. One scholarship is offered to an undergraduate student, and another to a postgraduate student from the same ACD member country, all studying full-time at AeU. 

The scholarships are full tuition waivers for the duration of the beneficiaries’ study at the university. In other words, beneficiaries are responsible for their transportation and living expenses during their study period. 

Who Sponsors the Asia e University Scholarships?

Asia e University sponsors the Aeu ACD Scholar Award. This award is for students from ACD member states. The Asia Cooperation Dialogue (ACD) was created in 2002 to promote Asian cooperation and coordination among regional entities. The Asia e University’s AeU ACD Scholar Award is the university’s initiative towards strengthening Malaysia’s relationship with member countries.

About Asia e University

With about 29,000 student population, Asia e University (AeU) is easily a leading Open and Distance Learning (ODL) university in Malaysia, and one of the best in Asia. The university offers on-campus, blended, and online learning programs for Asians and students from other countries. Founded in 2007, Universiti Asia e is a brainchild of the Asia Cooperation Dialogue (ACD) foreign ministers. The ACD aims to promote cooperation in areas such as education, and a scholarship like the AeU ACD Scholar Award is one of such way. The ‘e’ in the acronym, AeU, represents a lot of what Asia e University is about – empowered learning, enhanced learning, exploratory learning, expanding learning, effective learning, electronic learning, experiential learning, and entrepreneurial learning. All these attributes form part of the university’s missions and visions.

Asia e University is located in the Subang Jaya area of Malaysia, with the main campus in situated Kuala Lumpur, and learning centers in most of Malaysia, as well as in other countries. In addition, the university has a network of locations for delivering undergraduate, postgraduate, and executive development programs, and a partnership with the University of London. 

Scholarship Benefits

The Asia e University Scholar Award to students from ACD member countries will be in the form of a full tuition fee waiver.

How many students will receive the Asia e University Scholarships?

Two students from each ACD member country (one undergraduate and one postgraduate each), will receive the AeU ACD Scholar Award.

Are the Asia e University Scholarships fully funded or partial?

The Asia e University Scholarships are tuition-only waivers.

What is the duration of the Asia e University Scholarships?

The scholarships are valid for the duration of the beneficiaries; study period. However, if the students must repeat a class, or defer their study period, they will be responsible for their tuition for the period affected, unless the Admission Selection Committee decides otherwise.  

Applicable Courses

The Asia e University Scholarships are available for students of ACD member countries who are pursuing a degree in the following programs:

Eligibility Criteria

The Asian e University Scholarships are open to 2 students from each of the 34 ACD Member countries, one to an undergraduate student, and another to a graduate student. Candidates must fulfill the following eligibility criteria.

1. Must have achieved academic excellence in their past schools, and actively participated in extra-curricular activities or community services.

Undergraduate programs

2. The beneficiaries must be pursuing a full-time program in any of the following programs

a. Business Administration

b. Information & Communication Technology

3. Applicants must possess Diploma, Pre-University, or any other recognized equivalent

4. Must have a qualification with a minimum CGPA of 3.0 or equivalent.

5. Must have English Language requirements minimum score of 5.5 for IELTS or other recognized equivalent qualification

Postgraduate programs

6. Candidates must possess any of the following:

a. Master of Business Administration (MBA full-time)

b. Master in Management (MIM full-time)

7. Applicants must possess a Bachelor’s degree or any other recognized equivalent qualification with a minimum of CGPA 3.50 or equivalent.

8. Must fulfill English Language requirements – minimum score of 6.0 for IELTS or other recognized equivalent qualification

Fees & Funding

Are international students eligible for the Asia e University Scholarships?

International students who are citizens of the ACD member countries are eligible for the scholarship if they are in Business Administration, Information & Communication Technology for undergraduates, or Business Administration and any of the Management courses for postgraduates. Other criteria exist too.

Can I combine Asia e University Scholarships with any other scholarship?

No, beneficiaries are not allowed to accept any other scholarship. Accepting another scholarship from any organization will automatically disqualify you from retaining the AeU Scholarship.

What type of scholarship does Asia e University offer?

The scholarship is in the form of a Full Waiver of Tuition Fees only. The recipient will bear the cost of travel, accommodation, and other expenses.

What happens if an Asia e University scholarship holder stays an extra semester or session?

The scholarship covers the normal duration of a recipient’s program. If the student exceeds this duration, he or she will bear the extra cost of tuition. Moreover, the student must show satisfactory academic performance throughout the program, in order to retain the scholarship. If the university is not satisfied with the student’s performance or conduct, the scholarship may be terminated.

Application Procedure

Application for the Asia e University Scholarship for eligible countries is ongoing. Applicants must submit certified copies of High School, College, or University Certifications. 

Download the AeU ACD Scholar Award Application Form from the school website. Completed applications should be submitted with certified true copies of relevant documents and transcripts, through the Foreign Office of the applicant’s home country, to the ACD Secretariat, Kuwait.