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Are you looking for a path to advance your career and gain valuable experience? Ashoka Internships may be the perfect opportunity for you to take your profession to the next level. Ashoka supports young entrepreneurs and their innovative ideas worldwide, providing unique opportunities for interns to develop their skills internationally. With an internship at Ashoka, you can gain invaluable insight into how social businesses operate and learn how to drive social change through entrepreneurship.

What is Ashoka Internship Program?

The Ashoka Internship Program is a global initiative that connects university students with social entrepreneurs and change-makers worldwide. The program provides students with hands-on experience in social change while working with inspiring individuals and organizations. 

The program offers internships in several areas, such as education, health, environment, poverty alleviation, and human rights. Interns must commit for a minimum of 12 weeks and can work remotely or on-site, depending on the project requirements. 

During the internship, you are to work closely with a mentor and complete research projects, write reports, and develop marketing materials.

About Ashoka 

Ashoka is an international organization known for creating a better world by empowering social entrepreneurs. It came into existence in 1980, and the organization seeks to bring together individuals and organizations from different backgrounds to foster collective impact. 

Ashoka’s mission is to support individuals with the potential to create large-scale change and identify and develop innovative solutions to address social and environmental issues facing our world today. The organization works with multiple stakeholders to make a positive social impact, including citizens, governments, corporations, and foundations. It is one of the largest organizations worldwide, with over 4000 fellows from more than 90 countries and close to 500 employees.

You can contact Ashoka via email or the physical address below.

3rd Floor at Katia Towers Plot 1676 Oladele Olasore Street

Off Sanusi Fafunwa

Victoria Island


[email protected] 

Why you should apply for Ashoka Internship

The Ashoka Internship is a fantastic opportunity for anyone looking to gain experience in a professional setting. 

  1. As an intern, you will work with experts or professionals in the field of social entrepreneurship and learn valuable skills that can help you grow as a professional. 
  2. The Ashoka internship provides a unique opportunity to network with like-minded individuals passionate about making positive changes in their communities.
  3. The program also allows you to contribute meaningfully to a cause you care to achieve. You will have the opportunity to develop projects and initiatives that directly impact the lives of those in need. This type of hands-on experience is invaluable and can provide valuable insight into how social enterprises operate and how they can make a difference in people’s lives. 
  4. Undoubtedly, it is a unique way to build your resume and gain recognition from potential employers.

Eligibility criteria for Ashoka internship 

The Ashoka selection panel for the internship program considers the applicants that satisfy the requirements below:

  • Must not be younger than sixteen years at the time of application 
  • Communicate effectively in the English language, both verbal and written. 
  • Must be studying in reputable academic institutions or a graduate with a University degree 
  • Have substantial knowledge of Excel databases and other relevant computer skills 
  • Be ready to commit a minimum of three months to the internship program. 
  • Demonstrate an interest in social entrepreneurship and a commitment to driving a meaningful impact on the society 
  • Apply before the deadline (17th September 2023)

Nevertheless, in a competitive selection process, priority could be given to applicants that possess skills and qualities such as:

  • Specialized training in the relevant field. 
  • Organizational abilities, problem-solving capabilities, and creativity 
  • Previous internship experience in similar organizations 

How to apply for the Ashoka internship 

The application process for this internship program is straightforward if you satisfy the eligibility requirements. As an applicant, you must forward your resume and a cover letter to the organization’s official email address. Alternatively, you can provide a link to your LinkedIn profile. 

Upon receipt of your application and that of others, the panel will review them and notify those who are successful.

As easy as the application process may be, you must provide a compelling resume and cover letter. 

Your resume should be concise and professional and highlight your relevant experience and skills. Begin by listing your educational background, including any degrees or certifications you have earned. Include all appropriate coursework that is related to the internship position

Next, list any relevant work experience or internships you have had. You should include applicable skills you acquired from these experiences, such as communication, teamwork, or problem-solving. If you have engaged in any extracurricular activities, list them and explain how they have helped develop and hone your skills. 

Similarly, it would be best if you tailored the Ashoka Internship cover letter to the specific role you are applying for. Start by introducing yourself and providing a brief overview of your qualifications and experience that make you an ideal candidate. Also, explain why you are interested in this particular internship and what makes you stand out from other applicants. You could highlight specific examples demonstrating your skills and abilities in areas related to the training. For example, if you have relevant coursework or research experience, discuss how it has prepared you for this opportunity. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do interns at Ashoka receive any compensation or benefits?

Yes, interns at Ashoka receive both compensation and benefits. Interns receive a competitive wage commensurate with their experience and the type of work they will be doing. In addition to their salaries, interns can also take advantage of several benefits offered by Ashoka. These include health insurance, access to professional development resources, and reimbursement for certain travel expenses. 

What are the possible challenges international students face in applying to Ashoka Internship?

International students applying to the Ashoka Internship may face a few challenges. They include:

  1. Hitches in getting letters of recommendation from faculty or employers in their home country. 
  2. Visa requirements for studying abroad. 
  3. Difficulty in fulfilling the English language proficiency requirements 
  4. Financial solvency to cater for traveling, accommodation, and living expenditures.
How long is Ashoka Internship?

The Ashoka Internship is a 10 to 12-week program that takes place in the summer. 

What could lead to the rejection of the Ashoka Internship application?

Some of the reasons why an application for the Ashoka Internship may suffer rejection are:

  1. If an applicant does not meet the minimum requirements 
  2. If the applicant’s express of interest essay does not conform with the expectations of the selection committee.
  3. If you submitted it after the application deadline.


In conclusion, an Ashoka Internship is an invaluable experience to jumpstart an individual’s career. The chance to work with leading social entrepreneurs and receive hands-on experience in social entrepreneurship provides unparalleled learning opportunities. Not only does this internship give a platform to develop skills, but it also offers valuable networking opportunities with like-minded individuals.