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Do you desire to pursue a career in technology-related fields? Apple Internships can help you achieve your dream career by giving you relevant experiences and skills related to the industry. Read on to learn more about becoming an intern at Apple, including the requirements, application procedures, etc.

A Brief Description of Apple Internships

Apple has many internship positions in different locations for students enrolled in higher educational institutions. These include full-time internships for undergraduates and graduate students, as the company regards its interns as part of its team. Apple Internships occur during the summer semester and are also available to students whose program features a co-op education. Undoubtedly, you can work on critical projects in one of Apple’s campuses worldwide, including in the US, China, Germany, Austria, the United Kingdom, Ireland, the Czech Republic, etc.

Overview of Apple Inc.

Established in 1976 as Apple Computer Company, Apple Inc. is an American technology company widely known for being the world’s largest by revenue and market capitalization. It is also the second-largest mobile phone manufacturer worldwide. Apple’s center of operations is in Cupertino, California, USA. Its products include Apple iPhones, Apple iWatches, iPad, AirTag, Apple TV, iPod, MacOS computers, etc.

Moreover, Apple has approximately 164,000 employees in different countries. It accepts interns from the four corners of the earth.

5 Things to Note About Apple Internships Worldwide

The following are five things to be aware of about the internship programs available at Apple Inc.

  • The duration of Apple Internships varies, ranging from 6 to 12 weeks.
  • These internship programs are open to undergraduate and graduate students of all nationalities.
  • You can apply online for Apple Internships, but ensure you submit before the deadline.
  • All interns receive salaries at Apple Inc., but not any allowance.
  • Your academic performance must stand out to qualify for these internship programs.

Benefits of Interning at Apple Inc.

You may consider Apple Internship programs for the following benefits and reasons.

  • Interning at Apple will make you part of its community, giving you insights into its operations and management. Besides, it will enable you to grow your network and have a mentor.
  • Apple Internships also facilitate the career goal of students to become innovators due to the high level of training involved.
  • You will gain the opportunity for professional skills development, as Apple allows interns to contribute fully to projects, just as its employees.
  • Apple Internship programs help to acquire hands-on experience while working with experts in the field.
  • Lastly, Apple interns receive pay regardless of their location. Their average hourly salary in the US is approximately $12.

Internship Positions Available at Apple

Here are some internship positions and programs open to postgraduate students across various locations of Apple Inc.

  • AIML – Intern (Computer Vision)
  • Apple Brittle MQE Intern
  • Enclosure Global Supply Manager Intern
  • Manufacturing Design – iPhone (Assy) Intern
  • GPU Architecture Validation Intern
  • AI/ML – Intern (Representation learning, Equivariance, and Robustness) – ML Research
  • Computer Vision Engineering & Research Intern
  • Apple Media Products – Intern (Java Software Development Engineer)
  • Machine Learning / AI Internship
  • Legal and Global Security Internships: Summer 2023
  • Information Security Internship Program (Summer Intake)
  • Machine Learning/AI Engineering & Research Internship
  • Core Technologies SQE Intern
  • Global Sourcing and Supply Management Analyst Intern
  • NPI Operations New Product Manager (Intern)
  • MFG Design Engineer (Intern) – Antenna Module
  • AIML – Annotation Analyst – Mandarin Specialist
  • Camera Hardware Engineering Intern
  • Apple Watch MDE Intern
  • Cellular RF Receiver Systems Engineering Intern
  • Virtual Prototyping Specialist Intern
  • Camera Algorithm Engineering Intern
  • Research Intern on Deep Learning in 5G PHY Layer
  • Application Algorithm Intern for Cellular System
  • Cellular Platform Software Intern
  • Business, Marketing, and G&A Internships
  • AIML – Software Engineering Intern, Siri & Information Intelligence
  • Cellular RF Systems Engineering Intern – Phase Lock Loop
  • AIML – Language Engineer intern, NLP/ML research
  • HWE – Software Developer Intern – MSQ
  • Web Developer Engineering Intern
  • Sensor Algorithm Intern
  • AMS Design Verification Intern – Software Scalability for Hardware-based Formal Verification
  • SWE – Wireless Tech Intern – WTE
  • Enclosure GSM Intern

Eligibility Criteria for Internships at Apple Inc.

To qualify for any internship program offered by Apple Inc., you must meet the requirements outlined below.

  • Must be at least 18 years old
  • Must be an undergraduate or graduate student in an accredited higher education institution.
  • Must stand out academically with a top-notch performance
  • Must have an interest in technology and be willing to start a career related to Apple’s operations
  • Must be responsible for your accommodation, living expenses, and transportation throughout the internship period
  • Must be ready to work for a minimum of ten hours weekly during your internship

How to Apply for an Internship at Apple

To express your interest in any internship program at Apple Inclog on to Jobs at Apple to check out the current job vacancies for students.

  • Then look for a position that corresponds with your career goals and click on it.
  • Also, click Submit CV at the top of the internship program’s webpage to Sign in to Jobs at Apple.
  • Input your Apple ID and other required details to access the platform and apply

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Frequently Asked Questions about Apple Internships

Is an Apple internship hard to get?

Yes, getting an opportunity to do your internship at Apple Inc. is difficult, as students worldwide compete for its vacancies due to their reputation. Therefore, if you want to submit a unique application, ensure to meet all requirements and prepare exhaustively for your interview.

What do interns do at Apple?

Interns perform a wide range of duties at Apple Inc., depending on the internship position held. They could work as a Global Sourcing and Supply Management Analyst Intern, Camera Hardware Engineering Intern, Cellular RF Receiver Systems Engineering Intern, Virtual Prototyping Specialist Intern, Cellular Platform Software Intern, etc.

How much do Apple interns earn in the UK?

According to, interns at Apple offices in the United Kingdom make an average yearly salary of £24,189, depending on their position.

What is the youngest age Apple hires?

Apple only hires employees and interns who are at least 18 years of age. That means you are ineligible for Apple Internships or to work as its staff if your current age is below this.

Does Apple have an internship program for aspiring lawyers?

Yes, the Apple Legal Internship program is open to students aspiring to become legal practitioners, allowing them to gain experience working with attorneys and paralegals. The Legal and Global Security Internships for summer 2023 will take place in Santa Clara Valley, Cupertino, CA, USA. By participating in this Apple Internship program, you will be able to build your career in corporate law, commercial & consumer law, intellectual property & licensing, real estate & development, privacy & law enforcement compliance, employment law, and global security events, crisis management & communications.


To this end, Apple Internships has fantastic benefits and is one of the best internship programs available to students who aspire to earn a living in the technology industry. There is a high guarantee that you will be able to improve your skills and gather the experience needed to jumpstart your career. So stop hesitating, as the best time to apply is now.