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Do you want to start a career focused on the journalism industry? Then, AP Global News Internship Programs are suitable for helping you build the foundation for your dream career. These programs are open to all aspiring journalists, regardless of their country of origin and level of study. This blog post has all the information required to become an intern in one of the numerous locations of the Associated Press.

A Brief Description of AP Global News Internship Programs

The Associated Press (AP) News Internship Programs provide bespoke training to students and graduates of various nationalities. It is a 20-week paid internship with many benefits. To qualify for the AP 2023 Global News Internship, you must be a full-time student pursuing any university degree or a recent graduate of an accredited higher education institution. Contrarily, students in their first and second year of study are not eligible to apply for these internship programs.

Overview of the Associated Press (AP)

AP is a news agency company headquartered in New York, USA. Established in 1846, the Associated Press has a long-standing history, operating as an unincorporated association and non-profit cooperative. It was founded by five NYC-based newspapers to share the expenses involved in broadcasting news of the Mexican-American War. The company has won several Pulitzer Prizes. Besides, some reports showed that AP news has been published and re-published by many journalists, reporters, and newspapers over the years.

Furthermore, the Associated Press has about 3,300 employees committed to factual reporting. Over half of the world’s population relies daily on the news published by AP. That means the company is the most reliable provider of fast, correct, and non-discriminatory news in various formats.

Few Things to Know About AP Global News Internships

Here are various things to consider if you are considering applying for internships at the Associated Press.

  • Your nationality is not a criterion to qualify for AP Global News Internship programs.
  • The Associated Press only offers paid internships.
  • Internships last for up to 20 weeks at the Associated Press.
  • AP has several internship positions open within and outside the United States, including the United Arab Emirates. These include positions for photographers, text editors, video journalists, reporters, radio/audio interns, and digital news producers.
  • Students who recently earned an undergraduate or postgraduate degree from an accredited university can apply for vacant internship positions at the Associated Press.
  • There is an application deadline for AP Global News Internship Programs. For 2023, it is February 20, 2023.

Benefits of Interning at the Associated Press

There are wide-ranging benefits of having your internship at the Associated Press in the US or UAE.

Some are as follows.

  • Interns at AP gain experience and comprehensive knowledge of the journalism industry.
  • The Associated Press pays its interns to compensate them for considering its internship programs. According to Glassdoor.com, an American job and recruiting website, the average salary of AP interns is $25 per hour.
  • AP Internship Programs also allow students and graduates to have a strong résumé and CV, increasing their chances of employment in the future.
  • Interns of the Associated Press often receive a job offer depending on their performance during the internship period. That allows them to return to the company as full-time staff.
  • Lastly, these programs offer mentorship and networking opportunities to interns, making it easy for them to jumpstart their journalism careers.

Eligibility Criteria of AP Global News Internship Programs

The following are the requirements for internships at the Associated Press.

  • Must be a full-time student who will earn a university degree by summer 2023/2024 or a graduate of fall 2022, or any time after
  • Must have attended a higher education institution for at least one year
  • Must possess the endorsement by the government to work in the internship location
  • Must have experience in global news and in-depth knowledge of the news industry
  • Must understand and have an interest in economic, political, and foreign affairs
  • Must possess a concern for global news and reporting
  • Must be willing to commit your schedule to the internship, either full-time or part-time
  • Must have high proficiency in multiple languages, including English
  • Must be able to collaborate with a team and work on your own
  • Must be prepared to travel domestically and overseas if the need arises

How to Apply for AP Global News Internship Programs

To apply for any internship position at the Associated Press, you must first check for the vacancy of such position before proceeding to express your interest online. Also, ensure you apply before the deadline on February 20, 2023.

Here are the steps in applying for AP internship programs.

  • Visit the Associated Press’ careers page on their official website and then look for your desired internship position among the career opportunities displayed on the page.
  • After finding the internship position, click on it, scroll down, and click Apply Now.
  • Then create an account as a new user of the platform. Make sure you note your password for further log-ins.

To request support during AP Global News Internship’s application process, send an email to [email protected].

Documents Required to Apply for AP Global News Internship Programs

Here are the documents required during the internship application process at the Associated Press.

  • Résumé
  • A cover letter. Alternatively, you can submit a 300-word personal essay and reference letter to fulfill this requirement.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the duration of the AP Global News Internship Program?

The Global News Internship Programs offered by Associated Press last for 20 weeks, making it possible for students and graduates from the four corners of the earth to explore the journalism industry.

Who is eligible to apply for the AP Global News Internship?

Each person considering an internship at the Associated Press must have a degree certificate or be a recent graduate. Besides, they must know about the industry and have experience in global news.

What level of work experience do I need to apply for the AP Global News Internship?

With any level of experience in the news industry, you can apply for the Global News Internship Programs available at the Associated Press.

Is there a minimum GPA requirement to apply for the AP Global News Internship?

No, you can express interest in AP Global News Internship Programs irrespective of your Grade Point Average, provided you satisfy all other requirements.

What topics do the AP Global News Interns focus on?

The Global News Internship Program offered by the Associated Press focuses on several areas of journalism, including photography, radio/audio broadcasting, digital news production, video journalism, reporting, and text editing.


In summary, being a Global News Intern at the Associated Press comes with vast benefits, guaranteeing the career success of each participant in the program. So what’s keeping you waiting to apply for one of AP’s Global News Internship positions? First, check if the deadline has yet to pass, know your eligibility, and Apply Now.