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AP Global News Internship Program offers career-defining opportunities, thoughtfully curated benefits, and the tools to help you grow into your best self.

Are you passionate about news gathering and production? Do you want to understand how a live broadcasting campaign comes to life? Within the Associated Press Global News team, you will not only learn about the execution of news gathering and production, but you will also be at the center of digital news transformation, technology, and journalism growth.

However, before joining the team at the heart of newsgathering and production for regional news across the entire network, see what you need to know!

About AP

AP, the shortened form of Associated Press, is an independent global newsgathering and production organization in the US. Founded in 1846, Association Press dedicates its work to reporting factual news curated from around the globe.

This news outlet remains the most trustable source of fast, accurate, and unbiased news today. In addition, it provides news in all formats.

From world-renowned technology innovators to bright creatives, AP aims to create a workplace that values individual diversity and accurate and factual news curation and reporting.

Overview AP Global News Internship Program

AP Global News Internship is a highly selective internship program tailored to help students build the foundation for a journalism career. It is a 20-weeks internship program available for both undergraduate and graduate students aspiring to be journalists across formats.

Initially, the internship was available in the US. But as its strength spreads, it became known in international communities. Interns receive training across media platforms and technology. They learn from skilled journalists and editors dedicated to the highest standards.

Benefits of the AP Global News Internship Program

At the AP Global News Internship Program, interns work throughout the week with little or no spare time since they have many new outlets to cover, curate and produce. At the same time, they qualify for benefits available to only staff of AP Global News.

Ready to learn more? The following are the benefits of the AP Global News Internship Program;

  • Interns of AP Global News receive competitive hourly wages.
  • During their internship, interns work with passionate, talented team members.
  • Also, the internship program makes mentorships and training available to its interns. Some of the company’s experienced members and members of the journalism industry furthermore provide mentorship, support, and teaching to the interns.
  • Throughout the internship, the business offers interns excellent networking chances with top-tier professionals in the industry and a sizable intern alumni network.
  • Despite the demanding work schedule, the internship allows students to participate in various activities, such as journalism workshops, professional development seminars, panels with recruiters and previous interns, and intern-only events.
  • Furthermore, interns get access to top-level executives and employees through the company’s monthly Speaker Series and Roundtables.
  • Last but not least, AP Global News Internship Program introduces interns to a creative, collaborative, and inclusive company and work culture.

Expected Salary of an intern at AP Global News Internship Program

Interns at AP Global News receive competitive hourly wages. There is no indication of the amount of payment. However, in line with local law, the company will disclose the compensation, or a range thereof, for roles legally required during interviews.

Actual salaries of interns will vary and may be above or below the range. This variation can result from various factors such as location, experience, performance, and duration of work.

Eligibility and Requirements for the AP Global News Internship Program application

Are you ready to go on with your application for the AP Global News Internship Program? Below are the eligibility requirements;


  • Applicants must be either current full-time students in the second, third, or final year of studies or recent university graduates.
  • They must also have proof of legal authorization to intern in the assigned country.
  • Additionally, students must demonstrate proficiency and writing in English and a basic understanding of the local language of the assigned country.
  • Similarly, intending interns must have relevant experience and training in the text and a secondary visual format such as video, photos, or interactive/graphics.
  • Furthermore, they should be knowledgeable about national and international affairs and also be knowledgeable about online and social media news venues.
  • All applicants must either be authorized to work in the US and any designated countries or be able to do so legally.
  • Finally, they must have good writing skills and recognize grammatical and factual errors.


  • Bachelor’s degree or equivalent experience
  • A 300-word autobiographical essay on the topic, “The Associated Press seeks to recruit and retain a workforce that embodies a wide range of talents, experiences, achievements and journalistic skills.
  • A resume. Applicants should also include their projected graduation date (if applicable).
  • Reference letter
  • Cover letter
  • Videos (two to three) examples of their best visual work. In addition, links to an online site of their work are most preferred.

Applying for the AP Global News Internship Program

After discovering the AP Global News Internship Program requirements, applicants should also learn how to use it for intern roles.

Below is a step-by-step procedure to apply for AP Global News Internship Program:

1. Check the AP Global News website for internship openings and available vacancies.
2. Click on the internship role of choice to find out the job description, eligibility criteria, requirements, and responsibilities of the internship roles.
3. Craft a compelling cover letter.
4. Write your resume in a format acceptable to the organization. Ensure to list out your experiences in the revenue. Also, attach the name of at least two referees and a means of contacting them.
5. Assemble all other documents.
6. Register your interest and upload your resume and cover letter.
7. Submit your application
8. Send the remaining documents through email or postal mail.
9. Await the company to reach out to you for further steps.

Application Deadline for the AP Global News Internship Program

The deadline for the internship Program is not constant, as is the opening date for application. In addition, it varies with different countries and locations.
When there is, a corresponding vacancy or a needed role to execute influences the application opening and deadline for different participating countries. If you intend to apply for an internship, expect the application opening and closing dates between the end week of December through January to the mid-week of February.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do students ever get hired after completing their programs with AP Global News?

Yes! Although it is not guaranteed, students participating in the AP Global News Internship Programs can transition to full-time roles. Graduate students have higher chances than undergraduate students, though.

Can I reapply for the AP Global News Internship Program?

You can apply again for any role you consider a good fit. However, most successful re-applicants usually wait six months to a year, so they can improve their skill set, take on new challenges, and have something new to share.

What processes does recruitment at AP Global News Internship Program follow?

Recruitment at AP Global News Internship Programs follows three main processes.

Firstly, the process comes after applicants submit their applications and relevant documents. In this process, the AP Global News recruitment committee will scan the submitted applications and select applications that meet the requirements and expectations.

If, after reviewing the application, the next process follows suit. The recruiter interviews to learn more about applicants’ candidacy and the changes they intend to bring. Afterward, the recruitment committee will work with the intern hiring managers across the company to continue considering candidates for available internships. The final stage of recruitment typically involves an interview with the intern hiring manager for a specific team or department.

Can individuals on a student visa apply for AP Global News Internship Programs?

Yes! You are eligible to apply as long as you can provide documentation to legally work in the United States or assigned location throughout your internship.

Can I apply for multiple positions at AP Global News Internship Programs?

No! The AP Global News Internship Program only allows applicants to apply for more than one internship role. If you are interested in multiple positions, pursuing a part closer to your career or one you are most passionate about is advisable.

As you may know, applying to the AP Global News Internship Program does not prevent you from seeking out other internship opportunities, whether remote or on-site. However, you must pursue one internship in the end due to how demanding internships can be.


Have you ever thought of building a foundation for your career? Internships are very monumental—likewise, the AP Global News Internship.
It prepares upcoming journalists, newsmen, and women to weather the storm and challenges of pursuing a career in Journalism.