Antalya bilim university scholarships

Antalya Bilim University Scholarships: Application Guide

Antalya Bilim University Scholarships are available to international students who enroll in undergraduate and graduate programs at the university. It offers them partial funding, which comes in the form of a discount on their tuition fees. There is no fixed value for these scholarships. It depends on the university and scholarship committee to determine the amount for each year. Moreover, the price can vary depending on the scholarship and year of application. 

    Most scholarship or international students at Antalya Bilim University are need-based. However, some receive grants based on their performance in high school. 

    Who is the sponsor of Antalya Bilim University Scholarships? 

    Antalya Bilim University offers and sponsors the Antalya Bilim University Scholarships for international students for many reasons. Some scholarships are for international students with disability, while some receive scholarships if they get good grades but have no scholarships to study at Antalya Bilim University. Then, others get grants for being the first to apply for admission at the university for the academic year or from their country of origin. 

      Overview of Antalya Bilim University

      Established in 2006, Antalya Bilim University is a private university in Antalya, Istanbul. It is the second university in Antalya. The university came into the limelight in 2012 when it started to use modern technologies to advance quality education through research and qualified professionals. Antalya Bilim University admits international students from over 50 countries who enroll on various degrees and programs in the university.

      The faculties at Antalya Bilim University include:

      1. School of Tourism
      2. Faculty of Economics, Administrative, and Social Sciences
      3. Faculty of Fine Arts and Architecture
      4. Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences
      5. Law School
      6. Faculty of Dentistry
      7. Faculty of Health Sciences

      List of scholarships for international students at ABU

      International students at ABU have access to the following scholarships. They include:

      1. Achievement Scholarship

      International students at Antalya Bilim University without a scholarship qualify for the Achievement Scholarship. However, they must have a GPA of 3.30 and above. Applicants get it in order of merits. 

      2. Sports Scholarship

      ABU Sports Scholarship is available to international students who attend or represent ABU at any sports event. The scholarship commission determines the duration and amount of this scholarship. However, the rector must approve it before it becomes valid. There is an option for renewal. 

      3. Disability Scholarship

      The disability Scholarship is available to international students with disability at ABU. It offers them tuition discounts depending on the level of disability. The amount for this scholarship depends on the scholarship committee. The scholarships last for up to five years. 

      4. Extra Scholarship Opportunity for Prospective Students

      • You can qualify for other scholarships at ABU for the reasons below. They include:

        • 25% extra discount for the first ten applicants
        • Students with a 70% score or above from high school
        • Scores for National and International exams
        • 75% scholarship for the first student from a country attending the university

      Scholarship Benefits

      What is the value of Antalya Bilim University Scholarships?

      The value of Antalya Bilim University Scholarships depends on the university and scholarship committee. However, they usually come in the form of discounts on tuition fees. The type of scholarship determines the percentage. Applicants for disability scholarships can get up to an 80% discount, depending on the level of their disability. 

      How many recipients qualify for Antalya Bilim University Scholarships?

      The number of scholarships depends on the university. However, there is a limited number based on need and merit, depending on the type of scholarship you want. 

      What is the duration of Antalya Bilim University Scholarships?

      Usually, recipients of Antalya Bilim University Scholarships get a discount on their tuition fee for one year. However, some grants are renewable. Applicants for the Disability scholarships will receive a bursary for up to five years. All Antalya Bilim University Scholarships are partially funded scholarships. 

      Applicable Courses

      ABU scholarships are available to international students undergoing undergraduate, Master and doctorate programs at the university. In addition, students in any course of study qualify for these scholarships. Thus, students from all countries in the university except Turkey can apply for these scholarships. 

      Eligibility Criteria

      You must meet the conditions below to apply for any scholarship at Antalya Bilim University. They include:

      General requirements

      The general requirements for applying for a scholarship at ABU include the following:

      1. You must be an international student
      2. To apply for a scholarship under an undergraduate program, you must have a certificate from a high school.
      3. Applicants for master’s programs must provide an undergraduate certificate from a good university abroad.
      4. To qualify for a doctorate, you must have a degree in an undergraduate or master’s program.

      Are these scholarships merit or need-based scholarships?

      Antalya Bilim University Scholarships are merit scholarships. Recipients obtain them based on the order of merit. However, the Disability scholarship is a need-based award for international students with disability. 

      Fees & Funding

      What is the tuition fee at ABU?

      It depends on the program, course, and level. However, students will pay up to $8,000 each year. 

      How can international students apply for admission to ABU?

      International students can apply for admission to ABU via [email protected]. However, they must meet the eligibility criteria for entrance into the university. 

      Is ABU a good university?

      Antalya Bilim University is a good university, especially for international students looking for a cheap university in Turkey. It offers courses and programs for undergraduate and graduate students. 

      What do ABU scholarships cover?

      All scholarships at ABU are partial funding for tuition for international students. It is usually a discount on the tuition fee for the recipients. 

      Application Procedure

      How to apply for Antalya Bilim University Scholarships

      Applicants for the Antalya Bilim University Scholarships can apply using the steps below. They include:

      1. Obtain admission to study an undergraduate or graduate program at ABU.
      2. Fill out an application form for ABU Scholarships
      3. Submit the required documents
      4. Wait for an official announcement of the recipients

      Fur further inquiries, use the address below:

      Çıplaklı, Akdeniz Blv. No:290/A

      07190 Döşemealtı/Antalya, Turkey

      Tel: +90 242 245 00 00

      Email: [email protected].