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Do you intend to pursue a career in international law and advocacy? If so, consider Amnesty International Internships to gain knowledge and experience in these areas. Enjoy the read as you discover more about these programs, including their benefits, eligibility criteria, application procedures, etc.

A Brief Description of Amnesty International Internships

Amnesty International (AI) offers a number of internship opportunities to bachelor’s degree students and graduates from different world regions. As a prospective intern of AI, you should not expect pay in any form but can look forward to seeing yourself improve significantly. Amnesty International Internship programs allow students to work part-time or full-time during their internship period. Undoubtedly, many students apply yearly to the internship programs available at Amnesty International.

Overview of Amnesty International

Established in 1961, Amnesty International is an international NGO headquartered in the United Kingdom. It has a global network of over ten million members and supporters focused on protecting human rights. The human rights group’s founders are two British activists, Peter Benenson and Eric Baker.

Moreover, AI’s operations specialize in abolishing torture, ending death penalty, protecting human dignity, and safeguarding the rights of refugees.

Essential Things to Know About Amnesty International Internships

AI Internship programs are broad in scope and must be familiar to students considering them, regardless of their nationality and experience.

The following are some things you should understand about the internship programs available at Amnesty International.

  • Without a bachelor’s degree, you are not eligible to apply for AI Internship programs except if you are currently pursuing one.
  • AI Internship programs only occur in summer, lasting for four to six months.
  • Students from anywhere in the world can apply for the internship programs provided by Amnesty International.
  • There is no compensation for having your internship at AI. Unfortunately, that means you’ll have to fend for yourself without receiving financial assistance from the company.
  • Amnesty International offers full-time and part-time internship positions.
  • The programs focus on international law and advocacy.
  • AI internship positions typically have openings at the company’s International Secretariat offices in London, New York, and Geneva.

Benefits of Interning at Amnesty International

Amnesty International Internship Programs have many benefits to students and graduates, as indicated below.

Gain valuable insights and working experience

  • The internship programs offered by Amnesty International will enable you to gain insights into international law and advocacy. They also help to gather working experience relevant to the industry.

It gives a competitive advantage in the labor market.

  • Another benefit of Amnesty International Internship Programs is that they will give you an edge over other candidates while applying for a job.

Opportunity to build your network

  • Interning at Amnesty International will also enable you to develop a network of professionals, team members, and co-interns. With your connections, you can secure jobs quickly and get recommendations from professionals in the industry.

Employment offer after your internship

  • Students who complete their internship at Amnesty International will likely receive an employment offer from the company. However, to improve your chances of getting a job offer from AI, you must provide the best value to impress your manager during your internship period.

Helps to have a top-notch Curriculum Vitae

  • By doing your internship at Amnesty International, you will be able to build a quality CV as you learn more about your job responsibilities, develop your skills, and gain work experience. All these will make you more confident among other job candidates in the labor market.

Improve your research experience

  • AI Internship programs also have positive impacts on interns’ research experience.

Eligibility Criteria for Amnesty International Internships

Are you concerned about who is eligible to apply for the internship programs offered by Amnesty International? If so, note the following requirements, as they qualify students and graduate for Amnesty International Internships.

  • Must hold a bachelor’s degree or currently be pursuing a bachelor’s degree
  • Must possess impressive interpersonal, communication, attention to detail, and proactive problem-solving skills
  • Dedication and concern for human rights and social justice
  • Non-governmental organization and research experience
  • Be self-motivated and able to work on your own
  • Must possess a good attitude
  • Top-notch organizational and multi-tasking skills
  • Be able to carry out congressional research
  • Must be a good team player
  • Be dedicated to diversity
  • Must know well about Amnesty International
  • Cognizance of Latin America and the Caribbean regions
  • Must be passionate about campaigning for some cases involving the abuse of human rights

How to Apply for Amnesty International Internships

To express your interest in an internship program offered by Amnesty International, you must have electronic copies of your résumé, cover letter, and writing sample for email submission to [email protected]. You must combine the documents mentioned above in a single PDF file. Besides, the PDF file must include your references’ contact information.

Then search for available internship opportunities at Amnesty International and apply for your preferred position.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Amnesty International offer internships?

No, Amnesty International offers a range of internship programs for bachelor’s degree holders and undergraduates pursuing a bachelor’s degree. Even though these programs are unpaid, they provide an opportunity for interns to work on research projects, create networks during various collaborations, and get the experience needed to jumpstart their careers.

Are Amnesty International internships paid?

No, Amnesty International does not pay its interns on any basis or grounds. Hence, its interns should not think they will receive any financial compensation for their internship at Amnesty International.

How long are Amnesty International Internship Programs?

The internship programs available at Amnesty International recruit eligible students for a period ranging from four to six months. That means students can maintain their internship position at the organization for up to 12 weeks.

What kind of work will I do as an Amnesty International intern?

Interns at Amnesty International carry out full-time and part-time roles related to international law and advocacy. During their internship, they work at the NGO’s International Secretariat offices in London, New York, and Geneva. In rare cases, they may work in other IS offices of Amnesty International.

What are the language requirements for Amnesty International Internship Programs?

Students who intend to become an intern at Amnesty International must possess excellent English communication skills, both written and verbal. Moreover, having the ability to communicate in Spanish is a plus.


In summary, internships at AI are fantastic, helping students to start a career as human rights activists. Now that you have the necessary information, get started with the application process and eventually become an intern at Amnesty International.

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