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American Express Internship programs typically consist of internship opportunities open to students registered in US-based schools, helping them to grow, gain working experience, and undergo hands-on training while pursuing an undergraduate or MBA degree. If you wish to explore the banking or financial services sector before you graduate, this blog post will walk you through the application process for the American Express Internship 2023 programs.

Overview of American Express Internships

American Express has some internship opportunities open to undergraduates and graduate students pursuing an MBA degree. These programs allow students to be part of #TeamAmex. They last up to ten weeks and occur in numerous locations in the United States. These include New York, Florida, Phoenix, Palo Alto, and Salt Lake City. Undoubtedly, American Express Internship Programs are impressive, with a wide range of benefits to interns. The company permits students to submit multiple internship applications at the same time.

Moreover, AmEx has more than 100 interns and makes paid compensation to each intern. Vault’s 2023 rankings noted American Express Internship Programs as #36 out of the Most Prestigious Internships.

Internship Opportunities at the American Express Company

The American Express Company offers a number of internship opportunities to undergraduate and MBA students in US higher educational institutions.

They are as follows.

Undergraduate Summer Internship Program

  • This 10-week internship is exclusively open to college students, allowing them to collaborate with AmEx’s team in completing projects. To qualify for the American Express Undergraduate Summer Internship Program, you must be in your final year of studies in college.

MBA Summer Internship Program

  • AmEx’s MBA Summer Internship Program is tenable for up to ten weeks. It offers a great chance of securing full-time employment in American Express after their graduation. Besides, internships at AmEx will help you acquire real-life experience and build new relationships.

Sophomore Technology and Finance Internship Programs

  • This American Express Internship program lasts for eight weeks, providing an opportunity for students to have hands-on training on essential analytical tools. Undoubtedly, students participating in this internship program will have access to a mentor.

About American Express (AmEx) Company

Headquartered in New York City, AmEx is an American multinational corporation founded as an express mail dispatcher in 1850. The company’s operations focus on two industries, which include the financial services and the banking industry. It has more than 64,000 employees and is among the most reputable companies worldwide. Moreover, American Express is widely known as the world’s largest provider of traveler’s cheques.

Few Things to Know About the American Express Internship Programs

If you are a student planning to be part of #TeamAmex, you should be aware of some things about the company’s internship programs, which are as follows.

  • AmEx compensates its interns financially.
  • The American Express Company only recruits interns in specific locations in the United States. These include New York, Florida, Palo Alto, Phoenix, and Salt Lake City.
  • The summer internship programs offered by the American Express Company are best for students who intend to start a career in marketing, finance, industrial engineering, technology, risk & governance, analytics, product, or any other related field.
  • Students can simultaneously apply to AmEx for more than one Internship position.
  • AmEx Internship Programs usually start in June and end in August, with a maximum duration of ten weeks.

Benefits of Interning at American Express

There are numerous benefits of having an internship at the American Express Company in the United States.

Here are some reasons to consider AmEx Internship Programs and the benefits to get.

Mentorship opportunities

  • Internships at the American Express Company will allow you to have a mentor in the banking and financial services industry. Your mentor can guide you in various aspects of your career and will be willing to provide you with recommendation letters when applying for jobs in the future.

Personal and career development

  • American Express Internship Programs also help students to gain hands-on experiences and professional skills, thereby developing their careers in the long run.

Have an in-depth understanding of your future career

  • If you intend to work in the banking or financial services industry, applying for one of AmEx’s Internship Programs can help you with insights into your future job responsibilities

AmEx interns receive paid compensation.

  • You are eligible for financial compensation for interning at the American Express Company. According to, the average hourly salary of interns at AmEx is approximately $16.

Full-time employment offer

  • After completing your internship at the American Express Company, you may receive a job offer, allowing you to return as a full-time employee. That means instant employment after your graduation.

Requirements for American Express Internship Programs

To qualify for an internship position At American Express, you must meet the following criteria.

  • Must currently possess enrollment in an undergraduate program or be pursuing an MBA degree in the US
  • Must have a high GPA
  • Must be dedicated to working for a minimum of 20 hours weekly from June to August

How to Apply for American Express Internship Programs

Eligible students can apply online for internship positions available at the American Express Company. Since you are new to the process and need an Employee Number, you will have to email [email protected] for support.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the primary benefits of an American Express Internship?

The main benefits of interning at American Express include access to a mentor, paid compensation, hands-on training, and working experience.

What is the duration of American Express Internships?

AmEx Internship programs vary in duration, ranging from eight to ten weeks. They usually commence in June and end in August.

Can I apply for more than one internship position at AmEx?

Yes, American Express welcomes multiple internship applications from eligible students. Since the company accepts applications on a rolling basis, you can apply any time of the year.

What type of training is available during the internship at AmEx?

The internship opportunities available at American Express Company offer hands-on training to students on essential analytical tools.

What fields are eligible for AmEx internship programs?

Undergraduate and graduate students enrolled in several fields are eligible to apply for the American Express Internship programs. These include finance, marketing, product, technology, risk & governance, analytics, industrial engineering, etc.


Joining #TeamAmex as an intern would be incredibly beneficial in gaining real-world experiences and developing professional skills. Since the company does not make employment decisions based on race, nationality, religion, age, sex, disability status, etc., American Express Internship programs are also perfect for international students, provided they currently have enrollment in a US institution of higher learning.