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The Alibaba Summer internship program is for digitally talented university graduates from different parts of the world. It is also known as the Alibaba Cloud Developer Summit in partnership with Alibaba Cloud’s Key University Partners. You know, these are the kind of opportunities that knock just once on our doors, and you have to stay ready and receive them immediately. All you have to do is to follow the instructions below and apply for this memorable experience that will shape your future positively.

About Alibaba Group

Alibaba Group is a giant Chinese Multinational technology company founded on the 28th of June 1999 by Jack Ma. Alibaba is known in the E-commerce business, including online retail, cloud computing, internet, and technology business. Its services include but are not limited to business-to-business, consumer-to-consumer, and business-to-consumer. It is called Alibaba GROUP because the company has diversified into other branches of businesses like chains of supermarkets, artificial intelligence, food deliveries, mobile media and commerce, gold supplying, entertainment services, pharmaceutical business, and others. The company has its headquarters in China but operates worldwide through the internet and technology.

Overview of the Alibaba Summer Internship

The Alibaba summer internship program can be likened to a digital talent hunt, and it is a program where digitally intelligent-minded graduates gather for proper nurturing in the field. Since we already live in a digitalized world, the internship program will take the interns by hand and brush up their digital skills to a top-notch global level.

Objective of the Alibaba Summer Internship Program

This program will help the selected graduates gain essential work experience in the digital community. It will be an eye-opening event that will usher them into the extensive possibilities available in the digital space. Interns in the Alibaba summer program will be making a step in the right direction with their digital careers after the end of the internship.

What is the time frame of the Alibaba internship program?

It will take place during the summer break. That is, from June to August, categorically placing it in three months.

Number of interns needed

Every year, the internship program selects 20 students from different universities to join the program. However, each university can only produce a maximum of three interns to join the program.

What you stand to gain in the internship program

During the internship, interns will receive experience.

  • Team orientation

Interns will learn teamwork, how to carry each other along, and work together towards a mutual or diversified goal without impeding each other’s suggestions. While in the program, you will understand the reason behind good teamwork and how it makes results smooth yet outstanding.

  • Cloud technology training

Cloud computing, a data storage-centered activity, will be a part of the training interns will receive within their three-month stay. This highly in-demand skill does not discriminate in the work environment.

  • Supervisory guidance

Interns will not be left alone to figure their projects out by themselves. Instead, they will receive proper and adequate supervision and guidance every step of the way. It is a training program for a reason, and the Alibaba internship program will meet this need.

  • Digital and its related skills

Alongside the digital skills related to cloud computing, the interns will learn and discover more related skills that will enhance their careers and stand them out in the crowd.

  • Hands-on work

This is very necessary. Interns will become professionally experienced through the internship. A great way to start out in your career journey since experience speaks volumes than book thought.

  • Certification 

All the successful interns will receive a certification to show that they participated. A certificate from Alibaba will do a world of good in your portfolio.

How to win a spot in the Alibaba Summer internship program

It is an open secret that applying for an internship program in a bank or anywhere else may not overly stress you out. However, applying for a spot in a digitally inclined space like Alibaba will be a walkover. The only problem you could face as an English-speaking applicant is the few Chinese languages you could encounter on the website. Once you figure it out, every other thing falls into place.

  • First, log onto the talent website and register by filling in some information.
  • Locate the right internship program on the website by typing in the right keyword. This is because many programs are on the website, and you could lose focus if you are not careful.
  • When you finally locate the Alibaba summer internship program on the website, click the apply button to submit your request. If your application is successful, the company will send an email to notify you.

Frequently Asked Questions on Alibaba Summer Internship

Are there other summer internship programs at Alibaba Group?

Yes, the company offers other summer internships periodically. That said, the summer internships at Alibaba mainly focus on STEM-inclined students, both undergraduate and graduate students.

Who is the CEO of Alibaba group?

The CEO of Alibaba group is Daniel Zhang. He became the Chief executive in May 2015, and before then, he had been the group’s chairman since September 2019.

Is an internship at Alibaba group worth it?

Absolutely. An internship at Alibaba will not only give you a reasonable salary allowance and the experience you seek. You will make connections that will be highly beneficial to you in the future. More so, your resume will appreciate in value.

What gives you an edge over other interns at Alibaba internship?

Interns are intentionally selected individuals from different parts of the world. These selected candidates are all qualified, which causes healthy competition during the internship program. To become extinguished from the rest, you must be more hardworking and smart. You must be ready to put yourself and your talent out to get the interest of your supervisors and even the organizers.


It does not matter if you want to apply for an internship in the corporate world or an e-commerce company like the Alibaba group. Internships are great opportunities for people to gain valuable experience that will propel them into the competitive workforce.