Alexandria university scholarships

Alexandria University Scholarships: Eligibility, Value and How to Apply

About Alexandria Scholarship

Alexandria University Scholarship is a tuition waiver for students from the Nile Basin countries, including Egypt, Sudan, South Sudan, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Kenya, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Burundi, Rwanda, Uganda and Tanzania. The duration of the scholarships varies, depending on your level. For instance, Masters’s degree students will get a tuition waiver for up to three years. On the other hand, doctorate students will use the scholarship for up to five years. 

Though it is a competitive scholarship, there will be a preference for students with BSc who scored an average score of B or above in their course of study. 

Who sponsors Alexandria University Scholarship?

Alexandria University offers sponsors the Alexandria University Scholarship. The scholarship covers only the tuition for fees for students from the Nie Basin countries. 

Overview of Alexandria University

Alexandria University started by forming the Faculties of Art and Law at Farouk University. Then, later in 1942, the Faculty of Engineering was added. Other faculties at Alexandria University include Science, Commerce, Medicine and Agriculture when it became a separate institution in 1942. 

Finally, it became Alexandria University in 1952. Thus, it introduced new faculties to its curriculum. Some of them include: 

  • Faculty of Nursing, 1954 
  • Faculty of Pharmacy, 1956
  • High Institute of Public Health, 1963
  • Faculty of Education, 1969
  • Faculty of Dentistry, 1971
  • Medical Research Institute, 1971
  • Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, 1974
  • Institute of Graduate Studies & Research, 1983
  • Faculty of Tourism and Hotels, 1983
  • Faculty of Computer and Data Science, 2019

In addition to its main campus in Alexandria, Alexandria University has its faculties in many places. They include:

  • Faculty of Medicine (1962) and Faculties of Science (1969) in Tanta (Tanta University)
  • Education and Agriculture (1969) in Kafr-Elsheikh (Kafr-Elsheikh University).

About Egypt

Located in the northeast of Africa and the southeast of Asia, Egypt is a country around the Nile River and Valley. Its borders include the Mediterranean Sea in the north, Palestine and Israel in the northeast, the Red Sea in the east, Sudan in the south and Libya in the west. The capital and the largest city is Cairo, while Alexandria is the second largest city in the country.

Egypt is the cradle of enlightenment. Thus, writing, agriculture, religion and the central system of government started in the country. Moreover, it has some monuments that point to its historical and cultural heritage. They include: 

  •  Giza Necropolis
  • The Great Sphinx
  • The ruins of Memphis, Thebes, Karnak, and the Valley of the Kings

Scholarship Benefits

What is the amount for Alexandria University Scholarship?

The monetary value of the Alexandria University Scholarship varies according to the program and level of studies. It covers the tuition fee for eligible candidates for the duration of their Master’s and doctorate degrees at Alexandria University. 

How many students are eligible for the Alexandria University Scholarship?

There is no limit to the number of students who qualify for the Alexandria University scholarship. Eligible students will receive a tuition waiver for their studies at the university. 

What is the duration of the Alexandria University Scholarship?

The validity of his scholarship depends on the level of the recipient. Master’s degree students will get a tuition waiver for three years, while doctorate students will obtain a tuition waiver for up to five years. 

Is Alexandria University a full or partial scholarship?

The Alexandria University Scholarship is only a tuition waiver for doctorate and masters students at students with an average score of B in their preferred programs. Applicants can use it to study at Alexandria University only. 

Applicable Courses

Alexandria University Scholarship is available to all students in any course of study at Alexandria university undergoing a master’s or doctorate degree. However, there may be a preference for students with a BSc average score of 65 to 74% or above. In addition, applicants must be proficient in either English or Arabic. 

Eligibility Criteria

Applicants for Alexandria University Scholarship must meet the conditions below. They include:

General requirements

The general requirements for Alexandria include the following:

  1. Applicants must come from Nile Basin countries
  2. Applicants must score an average of B in their undergraduate program
  3. Applicants must show proficiency in Arabic or English
  4. You must have a scoring average of B in an undergraduate program.

Required documents 

In addition to the requirements above, eligible candidates must provide the following documents. They include:

  • Proof of proficiency in Arabic or English language.
  • Educational credentials, including certificates and degrees.
  • HIV testing certificate

Field of study

There is no limit to the program and courses for this scholarship. It is available to all students from the Nile Basin countries who enrol at Alexandria University for a doctorate or master’s program.


Fees & Funding

Can international students study at Alexandria University?

International students who meet the admission requirements can enrol at Alexandria University. However, they must be fluent in English or Arabic. 

Do international students qualify for Alexander University Scholarship?

Only students from the Nile Basin countries are eligible for this scholarship. However, international students can qualify for other scholarships in Egypt. 

Is Alexandria University good?

Alexandria university is one of the best universities in Egypt. It offers a variety of programs and courses for students from over 150 countries. 

What is the application deadline for admission into Alexandria University?

The application time for students who want to study at Alexandria University starts in June and ends in August of every year. 

Application Procedure

How to apply for Alexander University Scholarship

Applicants for the Alexandria University Scholarship must submit their application and documents online before the deadline. However, you can contact the university at the address below:

22 El-Gaish Rd,

Al Azaritah WA Ash Shatebi, Bab Sharqi,

Alexandria Governorate 5424041

Phone: 03 5921678, 03 5921677, 03 5921676

Fax: (03) 5921675

e-mail: [email protected]