Albright college scholarships

Albright College Scholarships: Eligibility, Value and How to Apply

About Albright College Scholarships

Albright College Scholarships are a range of awards and grants offered by the college to students who demonstrate outstanding academic excellence, leadership qualities and a high standard of commitment toward community-driven projects. Applicants will get a grant of up to $22,000 per year, depending on the scholarship.

It is a full scholarship that covers tuition fees and other expenses for local and international students at Albright College.  

Who sponsors Albright College Scholarships?

Albright College sponsors the Albright College Scholarships for students undergoing undergraduate and postgraduate programs at the school. However, individuals contribute to these scholarships. 

Overview of Albright College 

Established in 1856 in Reading, Pennsylvania, Albright College is the oldest high institution in Berks County. It has a long history of helping students discover their talents and interests and embrace creativity. In addition, students who attend Albright College become strong, curious, and creative leaders.

Albright College offers programs and courses in various fields for undergraduate and postgraduate students from over five continents and 100 countries. 

List of scholarships and awards at Albright College

Students at Albright College can qualify for the following scholarships and grants at the college, depending on their degree of academic excellence and leadership qualities. They include:


#1. Eugene Shirk Scholarship

It is for Berks Country students with good academic records, commitment and leadership qualities. The amount for this scholarship is #22,000 annually, which the student can use for tuition fees and other expenses relating to their studies. Applicants must submit their applications. 

#2. Presidential Scholarship

Presidential Scholarships offer grants of up to $19,000 annually to eligible students with high academic records. Generally, applicants must come from the best five students in the class. In addition, they must have good leadership qualities and commitment to community projects. 

#3. 13th Street Scholarship

All students in Albright College who graduated from Reading High School, Northeast Middle School, and 13th & Green and 13th & Union Elementary Schools qualify for this scholarship. 

Other scholarships at Albright College include the following:

  1. Warren L. Davis Scholarship
  2. Albright College Grants
  3. Albright College Scholarship
  4. Keystone Commitment Scholarship
  5. Dean’s Scholarship

Albright College wards include the following:

  1. Legacy Award
  2. Talent Awards
  3. United Methodist Award

Scholarship Benefits

Benefits of Albright College Scholarships

What is the value of Albright College Scholarships?

The amount for Albright College Scholarships varies. However, students can receive grants of up to $22,000 annually. Below is the annual price for all scholarships at Albright College. They include:

  • Warren L. Davis Scholarship: N/A
  • Albright College Grants: $10,000
  • Albright College Scholarship: $13,000
  • Keystone Commitment Scholarship: $16,000
  • Dean’s Scholarship: $17,000
  • 13th Street Scholarship: N/A
  • Eugene Shirk Scholarship: $22,000
  • Presidential Scholarship: $9,000

How many applicants can  Albright College Scholarships?

There is no limit to the number of recipients of scholarships and awards at Albright College. Academic excellence, leadership quality and commitment will determine who receives a grant at the college. 

What is the duration of these scholarships?

These scholarships allow undergraduate and postgraduate students to complete their studies at Albright College. Thus, they last for the duration of your education at the college. 

Are these scholarships full or partial?

Albright College Scholarships are full scholarships that allow students to pay for their tuition and other fees at  Albright College.

Applicable Courses

Albright College scholarships are available to students at the college who enrol in undergraduate and postgraduate studies. The scholarships offer them grants to complete their education at Albright College. However, eligible candidates must meet the eligibility criteria above before they apply. 

Eligibility Criteria

Students who want to apply for Albright College Scholarships must meet the following conditions. They include:

General requirements

The general requirements for application for the Albright College Scholarships include the following:

  1. Applicants must enrol for an undergraduate or postgraduate degree at Albright College.
  2. Applicants must be citizens of the United States.
  3. Eligible candidates must demonstrate good academic excellence.
  4. You must show commitment to community development projects.
  5. Applicants must have strong leadership qualities and character. 

Eligible field of study and degree

In addition to the criteria above, applicants for these scholarships must be students undergoing undergraduate or postgraduate programs. However, there is no limit to the ars of study for applicants. Thus, every student who meets the conditions above can apply for these scholarships.  

Are Albright College Scholarships need-based or merit awards?

All scholarships and awards at Albright College are merit grants for students who demonstrate high academic standards, good leadership qualities and commitment to community projects. 

Fees & Funding

Can international students attend Albright College?

International students who meet the admission requirements for admission into Albright College can get entrance into the college to study any course of their choice. However, they must provide all the required documents. 

How can I apply for admission into Albright College?

International students who want to study at Albright College must apply for admission online. In addition, they must send their academic credentials to the college as proof of their educational qualifications, including certificates and degrees. 

Are there scholarships for international students at Albright College?

International students who want o apply for scholarships at Albright College must visit the scholarship office at the college to know if their e are available scholarships and awards. Otherwise, they can inquire about the scholarships available for international students in the US. 

What is the application deadline for Albright College Scholarships?

Generally, the deadline for applying for Albright scholarships is April 30 every year. However, some scholarships may vary in their application date. Thus, you must visit the awards office of the college to know the date for your preferred scholarship. 

Application Procedure

How to apply

Students who meet the eligibility criteria for Albright College scholarships must submit their application at the scholarships and awards office of the college. However, for further information, applicants can contact Albright College using the address below:

N. 13th and Bern Streets

P.O. Box 15234

Reading, PA 19612

1621 N. 13th Street

Reading, PA 19604

Tel: 610.921.2381