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Are you a medical student? Do you want to acquire experience in your field as a student? Apply for the Aga Khan Internship Program for international medical students. The program will provide opportunities for you to grow your career as a student.

As a former intern, I want to relate my experience to you. It will guide you when applying for your internship at the university. Get the tips below.

About Aga Khan Internship Program

Aga Khan Internship Program is a one-year internship program for medical students. However, interns will work six months in Medicine and Allied specialties and six months in Surgery and Allied specialties. Thus, students in the fields of medicine and surgery gain practical experience through this program.  

In addition, interns will improve their professional knowledge and ​acquire adequate hands-on experience and skills. More importantly, they will become functional members of their teams and work collaboratively for the organization’s success.

Objectives of the Aga Khan Internship Program

At the end of their internships, participants will be able to:

  • carry out their duties as caring physicians
  • assess common systemic conditions in both the elective and emergency settings
  • initiate appropriate initial management and seek proper advice
  • present cases in an analytical form and carry out adequate documentation related to patient care
  • carry out standard procedures independently (under supervision) in the elective and emergency setting
  • communicate effectively with patients and families as well as with members of the team of caregivers

Eligibility criteria for Aga Khan Internship Program

Applicants for the Aga Khan Internship Program must meet the following requirements. They include:

  1. They must obtain an MBBS or equivalent degree approved by the PM​​C, with at least 55 percent and above marks in the final examination.
  2. Applicants must be students from Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Tajikistan, Syria, Egypt, Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Madagascar, and Mozambique. 

Internship departments at Aga Khan University

Interns at Aga Khan University can work in the following departments. They include:

  • Communication & Marketing
  • Institute for the Study of Muslim Civilization
  • Global Programme Team
  • Education
  • Academic Department
  • Graduate School of Media and Communications (GSMC)
  • Institute of Educational Development (IED)
  • Admissions
  • Academic Development
  • School of Nursing and Midwifery (SONAM)
  • Community Health Sciences
  • Obstetrics and Gynaecology
  • Pathology Department
  • Emergency Department
  • Office of Communications
  • Department of Surgery
  • Graduate School of Media and Communications
  • Department of Pediatrics and Child
  • Finance Department
  • Counseling and Clinical Psychology Department
  • Outreach Centers
  • Institute For Global Health And Development

Types of internships offered at Aga Khan University

The Aga Khan Univerity offers two types of internships through its Global Mobility Program. It provides a unique and rigorous internship program that helps students gain field experience. In addition, students will develop solid cross-cultural competencies, communication and critical thinking skills, and ethical leadership development. The university offers On-site and Virtual Programs.

On-site Internship Program

It is available to international undergraduate, graduate, and freshly graduated students from eligible countries. They participate in this program by gaining international experiences through on-site internship placements in countries where AKDN has a presence. During the internship, students will:

  • Get guaranteed international internship placement in any field of choice.
  • Participate in organizational and departmental orientation and training for virtual and on-site placements.
  • Take part in 60+ hours of multiple speaker series seminars and workshops that complement your professional work experience with cross-cultural and life-skill development.
  • Have access to Asynchronous learning courses with digitalized certificate issuance.
  • Have a weekly one-on-one mentorship with a designated mentor with expertise relevant to your field.
  • Get Career Development Support: Resume review, reference letters, and certificate of completion.
  • Have exclusive access to professionals within the Aga Khan Development Network.
  • Obtain a digitalized internship completion certificate that they can share on LinkedIn.
Benefits of on-site internships at Aga Khan University

The following are the benefits of the on-site Aga Khan Internship Program. They include:

  • Build your career through practical and on-the-site experience in the field.
  • Build a global community by networking with other interns, professionals, and experts in your area. 
  • Boost your employability by including your internship certificate in your resume. 
  • Explore different parts of the world working with and for international companies. 
Requirements for the on-site internship program

You must meet the following requirements to participate in this program. They include:

  • Applicants must be current students in university (in their 3rd year or above) or have graduated within one year of application. ​
  • Students must have an excellent academic standing with a minimum 2.5 GPA or equivalent.  
  • Students must provide proof of proficiency in English. 
  • You will need basic computer skills.
  • Students applying for internships must demonstrate knowledge of the subject.  
  • You must provide proof of Covid-19 vaccinations and booster shots before travel.

Virtual Internship Program​

The Virtual Internship Program, or AKU VIP, allows students to build careers by gaining international experience. Interns build careers that help them to develop skills and enhance their cross-cultural competencies. Moreover, they can work with diverse teams in more than 14 countries. Interns will get placements in East Africa, South and Central Asia, Europe, and North America. During this program, students will:

  • Carry out real-world projects.
  • Get one-on-one mentorship from professionals and experts.
  • Network with other interns and professionals in the field.
  • Take part in professional development programs organized by AKU VIP.
  • Obtain a certificate upon the completion of the internship program.
  • Get a reference letter from your mentor.
Benefits of AKU VIP

Participants in the virtual internship program at Aga Khan University will get the following benefits. They include:

  • Take Advantage of Flexibility
  • ​Practice Your Communication Skills
  • Widen Your World and Connections
  • Prepare for the Future of Work
  • Develop How You Work
  • Enhance Your Employability
Requirements to apply for a virtual internship program at Aga Khan University

Applicants for this program must meet the following eligibility criteria to qualify. They include:

  • You must be a current student or recent graduate (within one year) in an undergraduate (2nd year or above), Master’s, or Ph.D. program from an accredited university.
  • Have good academic standing (minimum of 2.5 GPA or its equivalent).
  • Able to commit at least 15 hours a week.
  • Open to working with flexible time zones (internship positions could be with organizations from different continents).

How to apply for Aga Khan Internship Program

Eligible candidates for this program will first identify available positions and locations. Then, they will gather the required documents for the specific post or job they want. After that, they will submit an application for this internship to their department. Qualified students will get an invitation to attend an invitation. Successful applicants at the interview will obtain placements in the position of choice. 

You can apply for this program at the official application website of the Aga Khan Internship Program. 

Required documents for Aga Khan Internship Program

Applicants for this program will need the following documents. They include:

  • An application letter
  • A resume or cv
  • Academic qualifications
  • Proof of proficiency in English
  • Work experience, if any.

Tips on how to boost your chance of getting an internship at Aga Khan University

The following tips will increase your chances of getting an internship placement at any big company, including Aga Khan University. They include:

Tailor your application to the specific job you want. Thus, your application letter must contain your skills, abilities, and why you qualify for the job. 

Learn new skills and develop old ones to become successful in your profession. It would help if you had communication, leadership, and analytical skills.

Write a good resume highlighting your skills, strengths, qualifications, work experience, and why you are the best candidate for the job. 

Network with people familiar with the company, including the staff and old and current interns. They will provide valuable information about the organization to you. 

Then, research Aga Khan to know its services, mission and vision, and how the customers create its services. 

FAQs About Aga Khan Internship Program

How long is this internship?

Usually, this internship lasts for one year. However, interns will work six months in Medicine and Allied specialties and six months in Surgery and Allied specialties. Thus, students in the fields of medicine and surgery gain practical experience through this program.  

What are the selection criteria for Aga Khan Internship Program?

The selection criteria include the following:

  • Academic excellence.
  • Financial needs.
  • Admission to an eligible university.
  • Relevance of the field of study.
What types of internships are available at Aga Khan University?

Applicants for this internship can apply for on-site or virtual training. In addition, they can look for roles in various departments and locations available for interns at Aga Khan University. 


In summary, the Ahga Khan Internship Program is an excellent way to begin your career in the medical field. It provides the needed experience and knowledge to interns. Thus, it prepares them for any situation they will face as professionals.