Afro asiatisches institut salzburg scholarships

Afro Asiatisches Institut Salzburg Scholarships: Application Guide

The Afro-Asiatisches Institut Salzburg Scholarships are awarded to students of African, Latin American, and Asian descent who wish to study at the Institute in Salzburg, Austria. It is a partially funded scholarship program.

The Institute is committed to promoting understanding and cooperation among the peoples of Africa, Asia, and Latin America; the scholarships are one way to further this goal.

Who sponsors Afro Asiatisches Institut Salzburg Scholarships?

This scholarship is a One-world scholarship program that is funded by the under-listed organizations.

  • Land Salzburg
  • Land Tirol
  • Universit├Ąt Salzburg
  • FH Salzburg
  •  Sei so Frei – Entwicklungspolitische Aktion der KMB Salzburg
  •  Erzabtei St. Peter

An Overview of the One-World Scholarship Program

The One-World Scholarship Programme provides an opportunity for students to study at a partner university overseas. The program is designed to promote international understanding, and cooperation to develop the academic and intercultural skills of participating students. One-World Scholarships are awarded based on academic merit, financial need, and the applicant’s commitment to promoting international understanding.

One-world scholarship holders have the chance to learn about another culture and way of life and to develop skills that will help them in their future careers.

An overview of Salzburg city

Salzburg is a city in Austria located on the Salzach River. The city is the fourth-largest in Austria, with a population of 150,000. Salzburg is known for its Baroque architecture and for being the birthplace of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. The city is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Salzburg is a popular tourist destination where visitors come to see its sights, enjoy its music, and experience its culture.

The University of Salzburg, the Fachhochschule Salzburg, and the Mozarteum University of Salzburg are all within the city limits. These institutions offer a wide variety of programs for students to choose from. The University of Salzburg is the oldest of the three, having been founded in 1622. It is also the largest, with over 20,000 students enrolled.

An Overview of Tyrol City

The Tyrol region is located in the western part of Austria and is a renowned tourist destination. The area is famous for its picturesque scenery, including the Alps, and its many ski resorts. It is also home to some of Austria’s most popular lakes, such as Lake Constance. In addition to its natural beauty, the Tyrol region has a rich history and culture, which can be seen in its architecture and art.

The Tyrol region is home to some of the country’s top universities. These institutions offer a wide range of academic programs and are known for their high-quality education. For good reason, students from all over the world come to study in Tyrol. The region’s universities provide excellent education and prepare students for successful careers. The three universities in this region are the University of Innsbruck, the Medical University of Innsbruck, and the University of Applied Sciences Kufstein Tirol. Each university has its own strengths, making it possible for students to find the perfect fit for their educational needs.

Scholarship Benefits

How much is the Afro Asiatisches Institut Salzburg Scholarship?

You will receive 500 euros monthly if you are a master level beneficiary. A Ph.D.-level beneficiary receives 550 euros.

Applicable Courses

The scholarships are open to eligible students who wish to enroll in masters or Ph.D. programs in applied science courses. The students must study in public universities in Salzburg or Tyrol regions.

Eligibility Criteria

For Afro Asiatisches Institut Salzburg Scholarship

  • You must meet the following criteria before applying for this scholarship.
  • You are a foreign student from Africa, Asia, or Latin America.  You are not older than thirty for a master’s and thirty-five for a Ph.D. program at the time of application. Then for mothers, the age limit for masters is thirty-five and forty years for Ph.D. programs.
  • You must have secured admission to a Master’s or Ph.D. program at a university or university of applied sciences in Salzburg or Tyrol.
  • You should have a resident permit strictly for studying.
  • You should be ready to submit your application before the deadline.

The recommended universities are:

  • The University of Salzburg
  • The University of Innsbruck.
  • FH Salzburg
  • MCI, FH Kufstein)

Documents for the Afro Asiatisches Institut Salzburg Scholarship

Once you satisfy the eligibility criteria, you should make available the following documents relevant to your program. However, the general documents are compulsory for all applicants.

General documents

  • A Comprehensive Curriculum Vitae
  • A cover letter with impressive reasons to award you the scholarship.
  • Your recent passport photograph
  • A genuine travel passport with your details
  • Your Austria residence permit or an Austria study visa
  • A bank statement for the last three months
  • Evidence of admission and acceptance to a public university in Salzburg or Tyrol
  • Proof of exams taken and results of current studies

Additional documents for: 

Master students:

  • A Bachelor’s degree certificate in English, French, or Spanish language You should translate it if it is not in the language mentioned.
  • An abstract of your undergraduate thesis.

Ph.D. students:

  • A master’s degree certificate should be in English, French, or Spanish; if otherwise, you should translate it.
  • An abstract of your Master’s level thesis
  • A comprehensive details of your research project, including its current and future economic importance 

Fees & Funding

Can I apply for the Afro Asiatisches Institut Salzburg Scholarship as a distance learning student?

You cannot apply for this scholarship if you fall into the student categories below:

  • A student on distant learning course
  • A student studying at any private university in Austria
  • Students of non-degree certificate programs
  • Students on short-term exchange programs

What is the duration of the Afro Asiatisches Institut Salzburg Scholarship?

The scholarship can last for the duration of your study curriculum with an addition of one semester.

Can international students work while studying in Austria?

Yes, it is possible, but you must hold an employment permit that will allow you to work for twenty hours weekly. Also, you must be a full-time student in any approved Austrian institution.

Application Procedure

How to apply for Afro Asiatisches Institut Salzburg Scholarships

Here are the procedures you should follow to apply for the scholarship.

  • You fill out the online application form with your details.
  • Mail all the required documents to [email protected] through free data transfer.
  • You will be invited for an online interview if you are considered for the scholarship.
  • Wait for a notification on the final decision of the scholarship committee on your application; this is usually before the end of August.

Selection tips

The scholarship committee considers the following factors during the selection process of the beneficiaries.

  • Financial income of parents or sponsors of the students
  • Academic track record for a minimum of one semester in any of the world-one scholarship partners in Austria.
  • Area of research interest and its relevance to society and technology advancement.
  • Women have more advantages over male applicants.