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Do you seek a chance to explore the financial services industry or learn more about multilateral trade in Africa? If you are in either of these two categories, participating in Afreximbank Import Export Internships can help you gain everything required for your career success.

Afreximbank, fully known as the African Export-Import Bank, is one of Africa’s best banks for import export. Choosing the Bank’s internship programs offers an opportunity to gather relevant experience, develop more skills, and make professional contacts as you socialize with your peers and industry leaders.

Moreover, they will enable you to end up with a professional qualification. Read on to discover how Afreximbank Internship Programs can help you gain a head start in your career.

Overview of Afreximbank Internship Programs

African Export–Import Bank has a range of internship programs for undergraduate and postgraduate students who are nationals of the Bank’s member states. Even though the programs attract students from many African countries, the Bank hires only four interns yearly for six-month internships based on their academic achievements. Sometimes, the Bank’s president may approve more than four students to intern in one year.

Afreximbank staff and their children are ineligible for these internship programs.

About African Export-Import Bank

Afreximbank is a pan-African multilateral trade financial service company headquartered in Cairo, Egypt. Its establishment occurred in 1993 via the support of the African Development Bank (ADB). The African Export–Import Bank serves the whole of Africa, supporting trade by providing trade information & advisory services, risk bearing, and trade finance & project finance.

Afreximbank currently has 52 African member states. Its regional offices are Abidjan, CĂŽte d’Ivoire, Harare, Zimbabwe, Yaounde, Cameroon, Kampala, Uganda, and Abuja, Nigeria.

Having seen the basics of the African Export–Import Bank Internship Programs, check out why interning with the Bank may be your best bet.

Why Intern with African Export–Import Bank?

Afreximbank Internship programs have numerous benefits, as noted below.

Opportunities for career growth

  • Interning with the African Export–Import Bank will help you realize your career goals quickly. It offers all-new experiences, skills, and the knowledge required for progress. Of course, all these will make it easy for you to propel your career in the financial services industry.

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Financial rewards and other perks

Here are the financial and non-financial benefits of the African Export–Import Bank’s internship programs.

  • A stipend of $800 per month, which is not subject to tax
  • One-week hotel accommodation with breakfast during the induction period
  • Coverage of interns’ round-trip transport expenses to their internship location via the most inexpensive means
  • Support in procuring a relevant visa

Chance to develop professional networks

  • As an intern at Afreximbank, you will discover vast opportunities to help you build professional relationships with senior executives in the financial services industry. Such relationships can serve as references in your CV and resume.

Mentoring in the workplace

  • As you begin your internship with Afreximbank, your department’s head will assign you a mentor to advise and guide you on career-related topics throughout your internship. In fact, your mentor and HOD may consistently rotate your internship across various departments within the Bank, allowing you to explore all that the banking industry entails.

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Not just any student can apply for African Export–Import Bank Internships, as they are open only to students able to prove their eligibility via specific documents.

Eligibility Criteria for Afreximbank Internships

To qualify for an intern position at African Export–Import Bank, you must satisfy the requirements below.

  • Meet the age criteria, i.e., Be aged between 20 and 32 as of the application year.
  • Be a citizen of one of the Bank’s member countries (Egypt, Kenya, Cape Verde, Benin, Equatorial Guinea, Cameroon, Burundi, Chad, Ethiopia, Gambia, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Central Africa Republic, Angola, Eritrea, Comoros, Djibouti, Gabon, CĂŽte d’Ivoire, Burkina Faso, etc.)
  • Have full-time enrollment at an accredited higher education institution.
  • Be studying toward earning an undergraduate or postgraduate degree in business administration, law, accounting, statistics, finance, social sciences, economics, or any other related field.
  • Possess good communication skills in English or French. Be aware that there is an edge for students with excellent who can also speak and write in Arabic or Portuguese.

After meeting the requirements mentioned earlier, you can now apply for the internship, taking the steps indicated in the next section.

How to Apply for Afreximbank Import Export Internships

To become an intern at the African Export–Import Bank, express your interest by visiting the Bank’s internship opportunities webpage. Then scroll down, and click the Apply for Job button to access the internship application form. Before completing the form, you must upload some documents, such as your internship application letter, a statement of intent, a copy of your valid passport, your latest CV, certified copies of your educational certificates, and a recommendation letter. Accepted file formats include jpg, jpeg, pdf, .docx, doc, png, and gif.

After providing the form’s requirements, verify that you’re not a robot and click the Submit Application button to complete the process. If you received no response within two weeks of the application date, assume that your internship application was unsuccessful.

Supposing you get a favorable response, you must accept the Bank’s conditional offer within two weeks or lose the opportunity. You also have to obtain a group personal accident cover and health insurance. Make sure you commence your internship within the first month.

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Document Requirements for Afreximbank Import Export Internships

An application letter

  • Your application letter is like a cover letter written to express your interest in Afreximbank’s internship programs. Hence, it would be best to make it as enticing as possible.

A statement of intent

  • The statement must be concise without exceeding the page of an A1 paper. In addition, it should indicate your expectations from the internship program.

Certified copies of your educational certificates

  • You must obtain certified copies of your previous education certificates to facilitate your online application for Afreximbank Import Export Internships.

A copy of your latest CV

  • Another document required to apply online for African Export–Import Bank Internships is your Curriculum Vitae featuring all essential features up to the minute.

A copy of your valid passport

  • You must also hold a valid passport or travel document to complete the online application process for these internship programs.

A recommendation letter

  • The online application process also requires a recommendation from your school. It should feature Information on the proposed internship.

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FAQs about Afreximbank Internships

How long does Afreximbank Import Export Internships last?

The internship programs hosted by African Export–Import Bank run for up to six months, with each intern season starting in June or December.

Are Afreximbank Internships paid?

Yes, all students interning at African Export–Import Bank will receive a stipend of $800 at the end of each month. They receive this reward to help cover their living expenses.

Is there an age limit for Afreximbank Internships?

Yes, African Export–Import Bank’s internship programs have a minimum and maximum age requirement. As such, your current age must be between 20 and 32 to qualify for these internships.

Can postgraduate students intern with African Export–Import Bank?

Yes, students pursuing their postgraduate degrees in accredited higher education institutions may apply for Afreximbank Internship Programs only if they fulfill the Bank’s requirements. On the other hand, they must have full-time enrollment in the school to qualify.

How many interns does Afreximbank hire yearly?

African Export–Import Bank hires at most two interns annually, accepting two interns per season. However, the Bank may hire more interns in a year if the president sends approval.


Interning with African Export-Import Bank in Cairo, Egypt, effectively takes your career to the next level, allowing you to have an international experience and develop your skill set. In fact, you’ll find it easy to kick-start, as you’ve already explored the work environment and the financial services industry during your internship. So why not commit and start your application now?