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Aflac Inc. provides a range of internship programs for college students and graduates looking forward to a start a career in the insurance industry. As the company depends on interns to create a different perception aimed at improving its insurance services for its global clients, you can utilize this opportunity to gain resourceful experience in jumpstarting your career.

Overview of Aflac Inc.

Established in 1955, American Family Life Assurance Company (Aflac) Inc. is an insurance company headquartered in Columbus, Georgia, USA. It offers a variety of insurance policies and is the largest American provider of supplemental insurance. Besides, the company protects more than 50 million clients globally from financial loss. The company has approximately 12,000 employees. It is one of the Fortune 500 corporations with a reputation for promptly compensating its policyholders in case of an accident or injury.

In addition, Aflac accepts between 21 to 50 students annually into its internship programs. Aside from these programs, the company also funds a number of scholarships to support international students from different world regions. These include Aflac’s Teacher Education Scholarship awarded at Columbus State University and the Tuition Benefit for Aflac’s employees and their families enrolled at Columbia International University.

A Brief Description of Aflac Internship Programs

Aflac Inc. has several internship programs open to international students, providing a means to gain hands-on experience and knowledge about the insurance industry. These programs take place in summer, with a varying duration ranging from 6 to 12 weeks. Interns at Aflac earn an average hourly salary of $25 in the United States. Furthermore, the programs bring vast opportunities to the table of college students and graduates.

Aflac Scholarships for International Students

Here are a few scholarships sponsored by Aflac as financial aid to international students.

Aflac Teacher Education Scholarship

  • This scholarship is available to international undergraduate and graduate students registered in a teacher education program at Columbus State University. It is valued at $2,500 and is renewable yearly to students who fulfill its additional criteria.

Tuition Benefit for Aflac Employees & Family

  • Aflac’s employees registered at Columbia International University are the only ones who can benefit from this scholarship. It gives full-time students a tuition fee discount of $500 per semester while it deducts $250 from the semester tuition fee of part-time students. Each beneficiary of the Tuition Benefit for Aflac employees and families will also get a tech fee and application fee waiver. So if you work at Aflac and your family member is pursuing a degree at CIU, he/she is eligible for the tuition benefit.

Benefits of Interning at Aflac Inc.

The internship programs provided by Aflac are incredibly advantageous, giving the following benefits to participants.

  • Internships at Aflac allow students to learn about the industry and gain real-world work experience as they collaborate with other staff members toward completing various projects.
  • Aflac’s internship programs also contribute to students’ leadership attributes as they meet and make presentations with top executives.
  • They offer paid compensation, averaged at $25 per hour. The earnings of Aflac interns are slightly lower than the average salary of workers in the United States but adequate to sustain their needs. Moreover, Aflac Summer Internship programs provide several perks, such as free lunches.
  • Students who participate in Aflac Internship programs can utilize the opportunity to build their résumé with the skills and working experience acquired.
  • These internship programs give a competitive advantage to students when applying for jobs after graduation.
  • Opportunities for networking because of the social activities frequently held, connecting interns with top executives within the company.
  • Aflac assigns a mentor to each intern, helping students to have someone to look up to in the industry.
  • Students who completed their internships at Aflac can explore a wide range of fields like information technology, finance, marketing, strategic management, and accounting.

Eligibility Criteria for Aflac Internships

To become an intern at Aflac Inc., you must satisfy the following requirements.

  • Must be an academically outstanding student in undergraduate or graduate level
  • Must possess a strong interest in African Studies, African American Studies, or any related field
  • Ability to speak and write well in English
  • Readiness to resume internship in one of Aflac’s offices in the United States

How to Apply for Aflac Internship Programs

The application procedures for Aflac Internships are the same, no matter your preferred internship program. Generally, students interested in becoming an intern at Aflac must undertake the following steps.

Visit Aflac’s Career Webpage on a computer or mobile device with fast internet.

  • If you seek to become an intern at Aflac Inc., you will have to visit the company’s career webpage to know the internship opportunities currently available to students.

Find an internship program and apply for it.

  • Afterward, look for an internship program that corresponds with your needs and requirements. You can apply anytime since Aflac accepts internship applications on a rolling basis.

Participate in a pre-recorded interview

  • At this stage, you will have to participate in an interview where you need to answer a series of pre-set questions filmed for you to view.

First-round interview

  • If Aflac selects you as a potential intern, you will have to undergo another interview known as the first round interview. The interview is between you and the company’s Human Resources manager.

For further information about Aflac’s internship and scholarship programs, send your inquiries via email to [email protected], the company’s University Relations and Community Manager.

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Frequently Asked Questions

When is the deadline to apply for Aflac Internship Programs?

Students planning to have their internship at Aflac can apply online at any time during the year, considering that applications are always open for acceptance.

What is the duration of Aflac’s Internship programs?

The internship programs offered by Aflac last for 6 to 12 weeks, varying depending on the program. Its duration is equivalent to two to three months.

What benefits and perks are associated with an Aflac Internship?

The benefits of doing your internship at Aflac Inc. are numerous, including the following:

  • Paid compensation.
  • Access to a mentor.
  • Free daily lunch.
  • A competitive advantage when applying for a job after graduation.
  • Networking opportunities.

How competitive is the application process for an Aflac Internship?”                          

Internship positions at Aflac are highly competitive, as the company receives many applications from students every year. Students from different world regions consider these internship programs because of their wide-ranging benefits and opportunities.

Are Aflac Internships paid?

Yes, Aflac pays its interns a salary, apart from the additional benefits received for being part of its internship programs.


The internship programs available at Aflac are highly beneficial to students. They lay a solid career foundation and help to mix with the right set of people who can facilitate your personal development and career. Aflac Internships also serve as a stepping-stone for students, making it easy to start a career in the insurance industry. Therefore, I recommend them to you as long as you meet their eligibility criteria.