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Ball Aerospace is a leading mane in aerospace engineering. Thus, it offers one of the best internships for undergraduate and graduate students in the industry. Most students who have participated in the Ball Aerospace Internships went on to have a successful carer in the company or elsewhere. Apply for this program now and build your future.

My blog post will help you get all the information you need about this fantastic program. Find out more.

Overview of Ball Aerospace Internship

As an applicant for the Ball Aerospace Internship, you can apply for two programs. They include:

Ball Aerospace Summer Intern Program is a summer internship for undergraduate and graduate students. Participants engage in challenging projects, mentorship, and hands-on experience in the aerospace and defense industry. Available departments for placements include engineering, finance, I.T., marketing and communications, integrated supply chain, facilities, manufacturing, operations, and more. Successful interns will use the opportunity to get full-time positions in the company. The program lasts for ten weeks during the Summer holidays. 

The duties of Summer interns at Ball Aerospace include designing, constructing, testing, and flying payloads on a sport rocket or a high-altitude balloon. 

Similarly, Ball Aerospace GO BEYOND® Diversity Internship is for undergraduate and graduate students interested in working in the aerospace industry. However, it takes place during Fall. It is a paid internship for minority college students who use the opportunity to learn about the aerospace industry. Participants work in a variety of departments in the company. Unlike the summer internship, it can be onsite, hybrid, or remote. Interns can work at least 15-20 hours per week for ten weeks.

Eligibility criteria for Ball Aerospace internship

Applicants for this internship program must meet the requirements. They include:

  • Completed sophomore year in college before the start of the intern program
  • Enrolled for at least one more semester following the intern program (summer program) or currently enrolled (fall program) in a degree-seeking program, either at the undergraduate or graduate level (M.S., MBA, Ph.D., etc.)
  • U.S. citizenship is required for employment at Ball Aerospace

Benefits of Ball Aerospace Internship

Aerospace interns enjoy the following benefits. They include:

Kickstart your career in the industry through challenging projects, mentorship, and hands-on experience. You will learn from experts and get first-hand experience in the aerospace and defense industry. 

Get an opportunity to network with company executives, employees, and other interns. Of course, you will partner with your team members, including high-profile experts. These people can become your business partners. 

What about facility tours, career development opportunities, and more? Yes, as an intern, you can tour the facilities at Ball Aerospace. In addition, you will attend career development events and conferences open to Ball Aerospace staff.

An excellent opportunity to become an employee at Ball Aerospace. Former interns have testified that they can get a permanent position after their internship. You can leverage this opportunity to work with one of the best players in the industry.

Above all, they receive a considerable salary. Of course, you will receive compensation for the work you do. Your salary will be almost the same as entry-level engineers in the industry.

How to apply for Ball Aerospace Internship

You must start planning your application for the Ball Aerospace Internship early enough. There is a big competition for posts in summer internships at Ball Aerospace. Therefore, if you want to be among the successful applicants, you must begin in time to gather your documents.

Eligible undergraduate and graduate students can apply for this internship program online

How to boost your chances of getting an internship with Ball Aerospace

Getting an internship in Aerospace engineering takes a lot of work. However, you will do a few things to guarantee a spot. To that end, the following tips will help to increase your chances of getting a Ball Aerospace Internship.

Prepare beforehand: Your preparation includes gathering the required documents, writing your application letter, and finding out some basic information about the company. In addition, ensure you have the needed skills to succeed as an intern in Aerospace engineering.

Develop new skills: Of course, you need skills to excel in your career as an Aerospace engineer. Therefore, you will have to develop new skills or improve old ones. Management, communication, teamwork, and analytic skills are necessary for interns in this industry.

Network with old interns and employees at Ball Aerospace: Networking means connecting with people who will give you valuable information about the company. The correct people to do that are former and current interns and employees of Ball Aerospace. You can find these people on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Tailor your application: You must write a specific direct application. In other words, your application letter must point out the post or job you want. Therefore, it must contain your skills, strengths, and abilities. Doing this will convince your recruiters that you are the best applicant for the position. Learn more about how to write a good cover letter here.

Find out basic information about Ball Aerospace: You must also research the company to increase your chances. It would help if you discovered what the firm does, its mission and vision, and people’s thoughts. Any information you get will be valuable to you during your interview.

Build a good resume: Your cv/resume will play a significant role in your success as an applicant for Ball Aerospace Internship. Ensure you include your skills, abilities, qualifications, and experience in your resume. A good resume speaks well of you to your recruiters. Thus, it must be impressive. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Ball Aerospace Internship

What kind of internships does Ball Aerospace offer?

Participants in Ball Aerospace Internship engage in challenging projects, mentorship, and hands-on experience in the aerospace and defense industry. Available departments for placements include engineering, finance, I.T., marketing and communications, integrated supply chain, facilities, manufacturing, operations, and more. 

What is the application process for a Ball Aerospace internship?

Applicants for this program will apply online using the link below. In addition, they must submit the necessary documents, including a cv/resume, a cover letter, and a reference letter.

Are there virtual opportunities for internships at Ball Aerospace?

Ball Aerospace Summer Internship only offers positions in the field. On the contrary, applicants for the Ball Aerospace GO BEYOND® Diversity Internship can get an online, offline, or hybrid function.

How many applicants will get an internship at Ball Aerospace?

About 50 to 100 applicants will get an internship to kickstart their careers at Ball Aerospace. 

What is the duration of the Ball Aerospace Internship?

Ball Aerospace Summer Internship and Ball Aerospace GO BEYOND® Diversity Internship last for ten weeks. It uses this period to train undergraduate and graduate students on what to expect during their careers in aerospace engineering.

What questions do I expect during the interview at Ball Aerospace?

Applicants for the Ball Earospapec Internship will expect the following questions during the interview. They include:

  • “Why Ball Aerospace? Why did you choose your major of choice? Tell us a little bit about yourself. 
  • What are your favorite courses? What did you enjoy or find challenging? 
  • How did you hear about Ball internships? Strengths and weaknesses? Where do you see yourself in 5-10 years? What do you want to achieve by being here? Describe a time you had to plan and execute a large project. What strategies and tools did you use? What were some lessons learned? Describe a time you worked with a demanding customer or classmate. How were you able to come up with a resolution?
  • “What is recursion? What is the difference between pass-by-reference and pass-by-value? Tell us what makes you you.”
  • “What do you like to do? Tell me about a time you had to deal with a stressful scenario. Why are you interested in manufacturing engineering?”
  • “How would you handle conflict with a team member? How would you approach an issue you do not understand?”


There is no better way to start your career than going for an internship. Internships prepare you for the challenges you will meet when practicing your profession. In addition, it offers you a practical experience you will not get in the classroom.