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If you’re looking to start your career in accounting, a great way to get started is by participating in an internship. This article will teach you about the benefits of accounting internships in Atlanta and how to identify the best one for you. We will also tell you a little about what you can expect while working as an accounting intern.

Overview of accounting internships

When considering a career in accounting, internships are an excellent way to gain experience and learn about the field. There are different types of accounting internships available in Atlanta, from entry-level positions to those that offer more advanced training. 

Some of Atlanta’s most popular accounting internships include working with a small business or nonprofit organization, preparing financial statements, or working on auditing projects. In addition to gaining practical experience, interns can learn about the different aspects of accounting and develop skills such as critical thinking and problem-solving. 

If you’re interested in pursuing an accounting internship in Atlanta, research available opportunities and consider what training best suits your interests and skill set. With so many options available, there’s sure to be an internship perfect for you!

Benefits of an Accounting Internship in Atlanta

Atlanta is arguably the most exciting city in the world. For those seeking to get their start in accounting, here are a few benefits:

  • Firstly, Atlanta is home to some of the most reputable companies in the world. As an intern, you will have access to these coveted organizations and the potential for invaluable networking opportunities with experienced professionals. The work environment is also top-notch, with excellent wages and benefits packages available.
  • You can also expect to hone your organizational skills, develop critical thinking abilities, and become proficient in relevant software while also building up your resume.
  • Moreover, many employers offer tuition reimbursement programs as part of their hiring package, which can help offset some educational expenses.
  • There are plenty of opportunities to network with other like-minded grad students from universities around the area while on placement. This helps build valuable connections that prove advantageous later on. 
  • In addition, internships also offer hands-on learning experiences within real business environments, which can be incredibly beneficial when it comes time to apply for full-time jobs after graduation.

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Various Types of Accounting Internships in Atlanta

Here are four different types of accounting internships in Atlanta

  • Financial Analysis Internships: This internship allows you to learn how to use financial statements and analyze them for clues about a business’s health. 
  • Accounting Clerk Internships: This internship provides training in basic bookkeeping and auditing procedures. 
  • Taxation Internships: This internship prepares you for a career as an accountant or tax preparer. This may also involve working with various tax forms or managing a small business.
  • Internal Auditor Internships: This internship teaches you how to audit a company’s internal controls.
  • Public accounting internships: These typically involve working with clients and performing audits.
  • Business accounting internships: usually involve working with company records and preparing financial statements. 
  • Academic accounting internships: Colleges and universities usually offer this type of internship as an enrichment program for their students. During an academic internship, you will work with a team of experts and professionals who are experienced in the field and ready to teach you everything they know. 

Tips for Finding an Accounting Internship in Atlanta

Here are a few tips to help you get started:

Network with accounting professionals. Before you begin your search for an accounting internship in Atlanta, you must network with local professionals. This will help you find the perfect placement and gain valuable experience in the accounting field. 

Utilize job boards and websites. Be sure to check out online resources and databases that list accounting internships in Atlanta. These sites, like and Glassdoor, are updated frequently so that you can find the best possible opportunity. 

Attend networking events. Another excellent tip for finding an accounting internship is to attend networking events. These events are great places to meet potential employers and learn about the field from experienced professionals working in the industry. In addition, attending these events will help you build your professional network and give you a chance to show off your skills and put your best foot forward.

Benefits of Working as an Accounting Intern in Atlanta

Working as an accounting intern in Atlanta offers a long list of benefits that can help set you up for success no matter which field you decide to pursue. Here are a few benefits:

  • Firstly, interns gain real-world experience by working alongside experienced professionals. From learning about audit processes to managing client accounts – there’s always something new to discover!
  • Additionally, interns can access valuable resources, including comprehensive training materials that help them develop financial analysis and portfolio management skills. 
  • Finally, interns benefit from the diverse network of colleagues they meet while on the job. Through these relationships, they gain insight into different perspectives within the accounting field and hone their communication abilities. Working as an accounting intern in Atlanta certainly has its advantages!

Eligibility Requirements/Qualifications for Accounting Internships

If you’ve got your sights set on one of the many accounting internships available in Atlanta, Georgia, you’ll want to familiarize yourself with the eligibility requirements and qualifications;

  • Students enrolled in an accredited college institution in Atlanta, Georgia, with at least one year of accounting studies and a GPA of 3.0 or above, are eligible.
  • You must have a degree or be on track to receive one soon. A degree in accounting is preferable, but other majors will be considered with relevant experience.
  • Additionally, internships may require knowledge of various applications used in the workplace, such as QuickBooks and Microsoft Office Suite. 
  • Other considerations include strong analytical skills and excellent verbal and written communication abilities. 
  • Most importantly, applicants should be eager to learn and adapt quickly to various work environments.

How to Apply for Accounting Internship in Atlanta

Here is a quick guide to applying for an accounting internship in Atlanta, Georgia

Begin by looking for job vacancies on major job search sites like Glassdoor. This website is full of opportunities from accounting firms in the City Center and can help you narrow down your options and research possible employers. Aprio (an Atlanta-based CPA-led consulting firm that provides advising, audit and assurance, tax, private client, and outsourced accounting services) is another company that regularly recruits interns.

In addition, Practice popular interview questions to feel confident about your qualifications and experiences. We’ve created a resource and guide to give you the knowledge and tools you’ll need to ace your internship interview.

FAQs about Accounting Internship in Atlanta

Here are some frequently asked questions about an accounting internship in Atlanta, Georgia.

What are companies hiring for accounting intern jobs in Atlanta, GA?

There are plenty of great companies to consider. One top choice is Georgia-Pacific, Bain & Company, Deloitte, Inspire Brands, Level 5 Capital Partners, Federal Home Loan Bank of Atlanta, etc.

What should I look for on Glassdoor for accounting intern positions in Atlanta, GA?

Start your search by typing “accounting intern” into the search bar. Next, you can narrow down the results by selecting “Atlanta, GA” from the location dropdown menu.

What skills or experience do I need for an accounting internship in Atlanta?

You should understand how to analyze financial statements, prepare accurate reports, and use software tools such as Excel or QuickBooks. Additionally, having experience with bookkeeping or payroll processing is a major plus for any potential intern.

What kinds of experience can I gain from an accounting internship in Atlanta?

You’ll gain a wealth of knowledge about the accounting world, from learning how to use accounting software to understanding financial regulations and business operations.

Wrap Up!

In conclusion, an accounting internship in Atlanta is an excellent opportunity for anyone looking to jumpstart their career. It’s a chance to gain real-world experience, build professional connections, and develop valuable skills. With the tips provided in this article, you’ll be on your way to securing an internship that will give you a unique edge in the competitive job market. So don’t wait – start researching and networking today to seize this fantastic opportunity!