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Are you looking for the opportunity to unlock your potential and gain valuable experience? Look no further than Access Bank’s Green Internship! Through this article, I will explain tips on how to get the most out of this exciting program. With the proper guidance, you can make the most of your time as an intern and take your career to the next level.

Overview of Access Bank Green Internship

Access Bank Plc. has developed into one of Nigeria’s top five banks in less than 30 years. Its internship establishes standards for sustainable business practices that positively impact the environment.

Access Bank Green Internship is a unique opportunity for individuals interested in sustainability to join one of Nigeria’s leading financial institutions. The program offers graduates and undergraduates the chance to gain hands-on experience and knowledge in sustainable banking. By joining Access Bank, participants will have access to an array of resources that can help them understand best practices, develop their skill sets, and explore new ways to reduce their negative impact on the environment.

Under the guidance of experienced professionals from Access Bank, participants will learn about green initiatives such as waste management, energy efficiency, water conservation, and renewable energy technologies. With this internship, interns will have a chance to contribute towards achieving positive results for society and businesses. At the same time, they will gain invaluable insight into how banks are taking responsibility for their environmental footprint by enacting sustainable policies that benefit all stakeholders involved.

Benefits of Participating in the Access Bank Green Internship

Here are some benefits of participating in this unique internship:

Financial Benefits. This program offers not only valuable educational experiences but also provides financial benefits for its participants. The Access Bank Green Internship is ideal if you are interested in gaining knowledge and skills related to sustainability, risk management, corporate social responsibility, project finance, renewable energy, and climate change. Participants receive a competitive stipend that can be used to cover living expenses during their time as an intern. Additionally, you can earn bonuses based on performance and engagement with Access Bank’s sustainability initiatives. 

Professional Benefits. The professional benefits of participating in Access Bank’s Green internship are seemingly endless; interns gain invaluable insight into the workings of the financial sector while expanding their network. By working closely with members of the Access Bank team, you can make meaningful connections that could help you take your career paths in exciting new directions. With access to mentors from all levels of the company, you learn about potential opportunities and can begin building relationships that may open doors for you further down the line.

Personal Benefits. Through this program, you learn critical skills such as problem-solving and communication while developing your ability to think creatively and collaborate. In addition to honing practical skills, if you participate in this internship, you will gain hands-on knowledge about green energy solutions that can be applied in everyday life. 

Eligibility Criteria for Access Bank Green Internship

To be eligible for this internship, applicants must meet certain criteria

  • You must have obtained a minimum of 2nd class upper degree in any discipline from an accredited university or polytechnic.
  • Must be an undergraduate or fresh graduate with excellent academic performance and at most 24 years of age as of the date of application.
  • You should also have the legal right to work in Nigeria and demonstrate fluency in English language skills.
  • Have leadership or volunteer experience related to environmental issues and must demonstrate a commitment to making a lasting change in their community
  • You should also possess excellent communication skills and demonstrate enthusiasm and dedication toward your professional career goals.
  • Finally, you should be willing to embrace new challenges and can work independently and as part of a team.

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How to Apply for the Access Bank Green Internship?

If you are interested in the Access Bank Green Internship, here are the key steps to apply.

  • First, create an account on the access bank job opening webpage and fill out your application form thoroughly; make sure you include any relevant skills or qualifications you have.
  • After that, submit your CV outlining why you want to join the internship program.
  • Finally, wait for a response from Access Bank – they will let you know if your application has been successful within two weeks of submission. 

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Required Documents

When applying for the Access Bank Green Internship, applicants must have all the required documents ready.

  • This includes an up-to-date resume or CV outlining relevant work experience and educational qualifications.
  • Any other special skills or awards you may have received.
  • You need to provide two references from past employers or school faculty members confirming the information in your CV.

FAQs about the Access Bank Green Internship program

If you’re considering applying, here are some FAQs to answer your questions and help you decide if this program is right for you.

How much does access bank pay Green interns?

The annual salary for an Internship at Access Bank PLC is NGN 1,200,000.

What is Access Bank green internship all about?

The green internship program provides on-the-job training and experience that will greatly improve the applicant’s customer service and people management skills. The Access Bank, Green Internship Program, is designed for recent graduates. 

What skills or qualifications should I possess before applying for the Access Bank Green Internship? 

You must be no older than 24 years old at the time of application. Interested candidates must be eager to learn. Candidates must have strong communication and interpersonal abilities. Applicants must be both physically and intellectually healthy.

What is the duration of the Access Bank Green Internship?

The duration of the Access Bank Green Internship is two years, but it’s important to note that it’s not just about learning the basics of finance. Instead, the program teaches interns to think critically and develop innovative solutions for financial problems. 

Is there a minimum age requirement to join the Access Bank Green Internship?

If you want to join Access Bank’s Green Internship program, ensure you are 24 years old! With hard work and dedication, this could be the start of a successful career in green finance.


The Access Bank Green Internship is an amazing opportunity to unlock your potential and make a real difference. For any young person who is passionate about making an impact, this internship is the perfect way to get him closer to achieving that goal. It’s an incredible chance to develop the skills necessary for a sustainability career and gain invaluable experience working with one of Nigeria’s leading banks. So take advantage of this opportunity – apply now and reach for your dreams!