Acadia university scholarships

Acadia University Scholarships: Eligibility, Value and How to Apply

The Acadia University Scholarships are scholarships/awards open for international students who want to pursue academic study at Acadia University. The scholarships are predominantly available for undergraduate students. Some of the scholarships are also available to postgraduate students.

Who sponsors Acadia University Scholarships? 

Acadia University sponsors the Acadia University Scholarships. Also, some philanthropists contribute to the scholarship.

Overview of Acadia University

Acadia University is a public university located in Wolfville, Nova Scotia, Canada. Founded in 1838, Acadia University offers academic studies predominantly for undergraduates. However, it has a few postgraduate courses for Masters and Ph.D. students.  

The Acadia University academic studies cut across Arts, Pure & Applied Science, Professional Studies, and Theology. 

Study in Canada

Canada is a well-developed country located in the Northern part of North America. It is one of the largest countries in the western hemisphere. Canada has a highly stable government, a high level of skilled workforce, a high level of quality education, and a high standard of living for its residents. 

Canada has a conducive environment for education. Its schools are a top priority in undergraduate and advanced studies.

List of Scholarships offered at Acadia University

There are a lot of scholarships that Acadia University offers to students seeking admission or taking a course of study at the university. 

However, here is the top list of scholarships you should apply for at Acadia University.

1. A. Ruth (Mackinnon) Laws (of Pictou County) Scholarship 

Eligibility: Pure and Applied Science, Nutrition

Level of study:  2nd year

Worth of Scholarship: $1200

This Scholarship is available to high-performing students achieving top marks in a program offered through the Nutrition and Dietetics School of Nutrition and Dietetics. The students must also be in their second year of study.

2. AIL Acadia Scholarship

Worth of Scholarship: Up to $60,000 over four years

Eligibility: Professional Studies, Pure and Applied Science, Applied Science, Business Administration, Mathematics and Statistics, Physics

Level of study: Entry

The AIL Acadia Scholarship is an annual entry scholarship for students of Tantramar Regional High School or Amherst Regional High School who registered in a Bachelor of Business Administration, Bachelor/Certificate of Applied Science or Bachelor of Science program at Acadia University. 

The AIL Acadia Scholarship is renewable and preferably for engineering, physics, mathematics, and statistics students.

3. Arthur Irving Scholarships in Environmental Science

Worth of Scholarship: Up to $15,000 over four years 

Eligibility: Pure and Applied Science, Biology, Environmental Science, Entering the first year, Graduate

The Arthur Irving Academy Scholarships provide some of the University’s best students with financial assistance. It also provides them with the research support they need for their studies. The scholarship is renewable every year. 

Furthermore, recipients of the scholarship are part of a mentorship program. They also have access to invaluable opportunities in research.

4. Alexander L. Anderson Scholarship

Eligibility: All courses offered at Acadia.

Worth of Scholarship: $320

Level of Study: Entry

The Alexander L. Anderson Scholarship is for qualified entrants from the Province of New Brunswick. It is renewable annually. However, if no student qualified for the award in any year, the sum may be used as bursary aid for needy and deserving students.

5. The VEMCO Entrance Scholarships in Business 

Eligibility: Arts

Worth of Scholarship: $2,500

Level of Study: All levels

The Acadia University awards the VEMCO Entrance Scholarships to two students undertaking academic programs in Bachelor of  Business Administration yearly. 

6. Acadia Vie/Acadia Life Scholarship

Eligibility: Professional Studies, Business Administration

The Acadia Vie/Acadia Life Scholarship is an annual Scholarship awarded to a student from the Maritime Provinces. The scholarship is available for a Bachelor’s program in Business Administration.

Scholarship Benefits

The recipient of the Acadia University Scholarships must use it in the same semester of the year they received the scholarships. Otherwise, they will forfeit the Scholarship for that semester.

Number of Available Scholarships

The minimum number of Acadia University Scholarships is not known for Some scholarships. However,  most scholarships are for a minimum of one student and a maximum of two students.

Amount of Scholarships

The amount of the Acadia University Scholarships varies from $320 to over $10,000 yearly for renewable scholarships. The students must maintain their academic performance throughout the scholarships.

Duration of Scholarships

Some Acadia University Scholarships last throughout the recipient’s years of study. However, most of the scholarships are annual scholarships. In addition, the scholarship duration does not include the years spent in foundation programs or summer courses.

Value of Scholarships

The Acadia University Scholarships only cover tuition fees and other academic fees. They do not include university accommodation, annual round trip airfare tickets, or Health expenses.

Moreso, they are partially funded scholarships. 

Applicable Courses

The Acadia University Scholarships are available for courses offered by the university. Some of the scholarships are for all Acadia University courses. Others are for specific academic programs in the university. 

Some of the Acadia University applicable courses include;

Eligibility Criteria

The eligibility criteria for the Acadia University Scholarships include;

  • You are a high school or year one undergraduate student with an excellent performance in all courses required for admission. 
  • You are a transfer student with a cumulative GPA of at least 3.5 or 80%. 
  • You must either be in your first year or advanced years of an undergraduate or postgraduate program.
  • You must be a foreign or local student.
  • You submit your scholarship application online via the Status Portal.

General Requirements 

Applicants for the Acadia University Scholarships must submit the documents listed below;

  • A completed application form indicating a chosen program of study
  • A curriculum vitae and a motivational letter;
  • Copies of all post-secondary transcripts.
  • Certificate of English Proficiency (for international students).

Fees & Funding

How will I know if I successfully submitted my Acadia University Scholarships registration?

You will receive a receipt confirmation email to confirm the reception of your application. As a final confirmation of the success of your application,  you will receive an award package.

Will those who reapply for Acadia University Scholarships follow the same procedures as those who apply for the first time?

Yes, you will need to complete the application following the same procedures as those applying for the first time.

Who can I contact to reference me for the Acadia University Scholarships application?

You can contact your academic supervisor and the head of your previous institution.

Can an experienced relative write a recommendation for me as an academic mentor for the Acadia University Scholarships?

Your recommendation must come from someone who can attest to your academic conduct and performance. If your relatives can attest to your academic performance, they can write you a proposal.


Application Procedure

You are eligible for the Acadia entrance scholarships once admitted as a student of the University. However, that is if only you indicated financial need during the application. But for other scholarships, you should apply if you meet the academic excellence requirements. 

Follow the steps below to apply for Acadia University Scholarships

  1. Obtain a Letter of Offer
  2. Fill out the online scholarship application and recommendation forms.
  3. Submit all necessary application documents  
  4. You will receive an award package if the university awards you a scholarship


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