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With over three years of researching and writing about scholarships and internships, the writer is specific internships are the best ways to kickstart an incredible career. So, in this blog post, we will share some experiences with former and current interns at Abbott. It will help you prepare for this opportunity as a fresh graduate who wants to participate in the Abbott Internship. Let’s go there.

A brief description of the Abbott Internship

Abbot Internship is a global program available to graduates from leading universities worldwide. It allows them to get international work experience in senior leadership, career development, rewards, and meaningful work. However, applicants must be ready to work in the following disciplines. They include engineering, science, finance, information technology, and marketing. Thus, hundreds of international graduates who show academic excellence, strong leadership, communication skills, and technical excellence will participate in this program. 

Tips about the Abbott Internship Program

  • The program offers you an opportunity to engage in meaningful activities. From the first day at Abbot, you will start to build your career as a graduate in your field of expertise through various assignments you will carry out for the company. Thus, you will be developing your skillsets and working for the success of Abbott.
  • From my discussions with one of the interns at Abbot, you will get the opportunity to work with a team of workers from different ethnic and cultural backgroundsDiversityty is a priority at Abbot. Thus, every race, gender, and ethnicity has a slot at Abbott.
  • The internship program at Abbot lasts for six to twelve weeks. During this period, interns gather enough experience to build their careers. More importantly, they receive handsome wages for their services and work. 
  • Internship focus areas include Commercial MBA, Engineering, Environmental Health, Finance and Accounting, Information, Technology, Manufacturing, Quality Assurance, and Sales.

About Abbot Laboratories

Abbot Laboratories is a leading company in the health sector. It focuses on improving the standard of living through health. Today, more than 1000 people work to provide services that will help people live longer and better lives. It has innovated new products and technologies to the world in nutrition, diagnostics, medical devices, and branded generic pharmaceuticals for over 130 years. 

Why intern at Abbott Laboratories?

Many interns at Abbott have different res[asons why they prefer to intern at the company over the summer. From my interviews with them, I conclude that students and workers would like to intern at Abbot for the following reasons. They include:

Abbott’s commitment to interns

If not for any other reason, hundreds of interns choose Abbott Laboratories because of their commitment to training future business leaders in the healthcare industry through their award-winning internship program. You will learn about various innovative, science-driven products and specialties in health. Thus, you will become an expert through hands-on experience in the field and help people live better and fuller lives. Therefore, you will get the following benefits as an intern at Abbott Laboratories:

  • Work on meaningful projects and tasks to improve your business.
  • Get access to top-notch leadership and learn from the best in your field.
  • Obtain targeted training that will offer you a global network for your business.
  • Get the experience of living a better life inside and outside your office. 

Get experience by working with experts and then make an impact in the future.

The Abbott Internship Program is not just a typical summer job. It brings more to the table than just working on getting paid. It offers the interns a chance to gain experience by performing meaningful assignments and networking opportunities with executives and senior leaders. More importantly, it allows you to shape your future and make an impact. After your time at Abbott, you will learn how to work and serve in their pursuit of healthy lives. 

Internship focus areas

Another reason for choosing Abbot Laboratories for your summer internship is the company’s various focus areas. Many interns I interacted with pointed out that they preferred Abbot because they would have the opportunity to meet interns working in other fields. Thus, it will increase their chances of meeting new people from different disciplines. The internship focus areas at Abbot Laboratories include:

  • Commercial MBA
  • Engineering
  • Finance & Accounting
  • Information Technology
  • Manufacturing
  • Quality Assurance
  • Sales

Opportunity to work full-time at Abbot after graduation

Abbott interns have an excellent opportunity to work as full-time employees at Abbot Laboratories upon graduation from the university. According to interns, Abbots aims at offering full-time positions to former interns. Thus, students jump at this opportunity, choosing the company as the best place for their summer internship programs. 


Interns at Abbot receive competitive and fair salaries for their services. Unlike most companies, Abbott Laboratories pay its interns very well. For this reason, students rush to apply for the Abbot Internship program each summer. 

Eligibility criteria for the Abbott Summer Internship Program

Students who want to participate in the Abbott Summer Internship Program must fulfill the following conditions. They include

  • Must be a university student in a leading university, including USC, University of Illinois, Urbana/Champaign, UC Berkeley, Ohio State University, U of Chicago Booth School of Business, Harvard, Stanford University School of Business, North Carolina A&T University, Northwestern University Kellogg School of Management, and Michigan State UniversitYou must be ready to become a business leader in the future.
  • Must be committed to building a career in selected internship focus areas and the health industry. 

How to apply for Abbot Internship

The application process for the Abbot Internship program is straightforward. Eligible students who meet the requirements above will apply for an interview at Abbot Laboratories. Once they finish the interview, they will submit an application letter. The application will contain necessary information about the applicant, including your name, university, course of study, level of study, and your reason for choosing Abbot Laboratories for your internship program. 

Then, the recruiter will review your application and inform you of their decisions. Meanwhile, you can use our article on how to get an internship at a reputable organization to know the best way to prepare for your application at Abbott Laboratories. 

You can boost your chance of getting selected for the Abbott Internship with the following tips.

Build a good C V

Of course, your resume or curriculum vitae (CV) plays a significant role in getting an internship, especially in a global company like Abbott Laboratories. Therefore, ensure you include everything that will make you stand out in your CV while applying for this internship. Please read our blog posts on how to write a better cover letter and resume in 2023 for internship programs. 

Research Abbot Laboratories and meet former interns

Your knowledge of the company gives you an edge over other applicants. Therefore, I advise you to research this company. In addition, you can meet former interns and ask them about their reviews of Abbott Laboratories. The information you get will help you prepare for the interview. 

Improve your skills

You have to improve your communication skills, including writing and speaking. These skill sets will help you while applying for this internship program, especially during your interview. Moreover, you will need them while interning at Abbott. 

FAQs about Abbott Internship

What questions do I expect during the interview?

According to former interns at Abbott, you will expect the following questions:

  • What is your greatest weakness, and what would you do in this situation? 
  • When did you disagree with a coworker, and how did you solve the disagreement?
  • What makes you stand out in school?
  • What is your favorite Abbott product?
  • Where do you see yourself in five years? Describe your summer project. 
  • Tell me about yourself.

How long is the Abbott Internship?

Abbott Internship lasts for six to twelve months during the summer. 

Can I work full-time after completing my internship at Abbot?

During an interview session with one Abbott intern, her greatest joy was that she had the opportunity to get a full-time position at Abbott upon graduation. 


The greatest fear of many students is how to cope with life after school. However, with internship programs like the Abbott Internship, students tend to overcome these fears. However, preparing yourself to embrace these opportunities would be best by working intentionally toward them. Therefore, this blog post will help you to apply for this internship program. But then, you must make hays while the sun shines to use this opportunity.