Aalborg university scholarships

Aalborg University Scholarships: Eligibility, Value, and How to Apply

About Aalborg University Scholarships

The Aalborg University Scholarships are partially funded scholarships for students interested in pursuing a course of study at Aalborg University. The scholarship is available for international students at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels, and selection is based on existing criteria.

Who sponsors Aalborg University Scholarships?

Aalborg University proudly sponsors the Aalborg University Scholarships. It is awarded to high-achieving international students with a strong drive for academic excellence. The scholarships are available at the three campuses of the institutions in Denmark.

Overview of Aalborg University

Aalborg University is a public university located in Aalborg, Denmark. It was established in 1974 and today has around 20,000 students. The university offers a wide range of engineering, Science, business, and social sciences programs at both the undergraduate and graduate levels.

Aalborg University was previously named Aalborg University Center (AUC). However, it changed its name in 1994 to Aalborg University. Since then, the university has become the fifth largest university in Denmark.

The university has three campuses in Aalborg, Copenhagen, and Esbjerg, with its main campus in the city’s eastern part. Aalborg University has experienced a massive increase in applicants, offering a wide range of scholarships at the undergraduate and graduate levels.

Overview of Denmark

Denmark is a small country located in northern Europe, known for its beautiful scenery, its friendly people, and its high quality of life. Its population is approximately 5.7 million people, and its capital is Copenhagen. Danish is the official language of Denmark, and the currency is the Danish krone (DKK).

The Aalborg University is a public institution within the country. The institution is one of the best universities in the country to feature a wide range of programs across different disciplines. Interestingly, the university offers many partially and fully funded scholarships for international students interested in a degree course. However, applicants must have met all eligibility criteria for the scholarship.

List of Scholarships that are offered at Aalborg University.

There are different types of scholarships for international students at different levels at Aalborg University. The common ones are

#1. AAU Internationalization Pool Scholarship

The AAU Internationalization Pool Scholarship at Aalborg University aims to support the internships and traineeships of international students enrolled at Aalborg University. The scholarship amount is a sum of DKK 7,000 for students who wish to stay in Europe and DKK 9,000 for students who want to visit abroad. The opportunity is available at the diploma, bachelor’s, or master’s level program.

#2. Erasmus+ Grant

Interestingly, Aalborg University has agreed with many European universities to offer scholarships for their international students on educational tours. So, if you wish to travel for a short time on training or internship during your studies in Denmark, you can apply for the Erasmus+ Grant.

You can get €420 and €470 monthly for your entire duration (depending on your travel country).

#3. Nordplus Scholarship

The Nordplus Scholarship Is also one of the highly specialized scholarships offered by Aalborg University. The scholarship is about DKK 7,000 per semester and is provided to eligible students who wish to complete a period of studies at another university (Nordic University). The scholarship opportunity is available at all levels, i.e., bachelor’s, master’s, or diploma.

#4. Funding of short group travel abroad

The Aalborg University offers scholarships for a small peer group interested in traveling abroad to complete one of the university’s projects. The scholarship is open to all registered students in the university. However, priority is given to groups in their later years of study.

Note that the traveling period is between October and March.

#5. Tuition waivers

The tuition waivers at Aalborg University are specific for postgraduate students that are citizens of countries outside the European Union. The scholarship is offered to about 30 students based on academic evaluation and strategic consideration.

Note that the faculties within the university decide who gets the scholarship. Hence, students don’t need to apply.

#6. Ph.D. Vacancies and Funding

Aalborg University offers vacancies and funding to assist students with doctoral studies. The department provides subject-specific vacancies within the university, and the stipends are decided between vacancies.

Scholarship Benefits

How Many Students Receive Aalborg University Scholarships?

A minimum of five students are offered the Aalborg University Scholarships.

What Field of Study is eligible for the Aalborg University Scholarships?

The Aalborg University Scholarships are not field-sensitive. So, students can apply for a scholarship while being admitted to any field of study in the institution.

How Much is Aalborg University Scholarships?

The Aalborg University Scholarships is a partial scholarship worth DKK 7,000 to DKK 9,000, approximately 1,000 USD to 1,400 USD.

Duration of the scholarship

The scholarship is available for both undergraduate and postgraduate programs. It is noteworthy that eligible students will be offered scholarship rewards each semester for the academic year.

Is the scholarship fully or partially funded?

The Aalborg University Scholarships is a partially funded scholarship available. The scholarship opportunity is available for postgraduate students, undergraduate students, and students on diploma courses.

Applicable Courses

Applicable courses

The Aalborg University scholarship is available for any course of studies offered at Aalborg University. International students at the undergraduate and postgraduate schools of the institution are eligible to apply. However, applicants must demonstrate financial needs and academic excellence.

Eligibility Criteria

Eligibility Criteria for Aalborg University Scholarships 

The Aalborg University Scholarships is a highly competitive one. Therefore, you need to meet the following eligibility criteria to stand a chance.

  • You must be an international student.
  • Also, you must gain admission into Aalborg University to study either at the undergraduate or postgraduate level.
  • Likewise, you must have an exceptional academic history.

Requirements for Aalborg University Scholarships 

Undoubtedly, the scholarships offered by Aalborg University are one of the best in Denmark. To vail, you must meet the following requirements and submit the documents.

  • You must submit your passport copy, resume, academic records, and ID card (in Jpg format).
  • You must have an offer letter for your degree and the unique curriculum criteria.
  • Also, you must submit proof of English proficiency (if English is not your first language).

Fees & Funding

Frequently Asked Questions 

How can I get admission to Aalborg University?

There are a few requirements that you must meet to be considered for admission to Aalborg University. These include obtaining a bachelor’s degree (for a postgraduate program), providing evidence of English proficiency, and submitting an application form. You can find more information on the university’s website.

Is Aalborg University free?

Aalborg University is a public university in Denmark, and as such, it may be accessible to Danish citizens and residents. For international students, tuition fees apply.

Is Aalborg University good?

Aalborg University is an excellent choice for students who want a top-quality education. The university offers a wide range of programs and has a strong reputation. Additionally, Aalborg University is a beautiful city with a lot to offer students.

Can I work and study in Denmark?

Yes, you can work and study in Denmark. There are a few things to keep in mind, though:

  1. You will need a student visa.
  2. You can only work up to 20 hours per week while studying.
  3. You may need a work permit depending on your nationality and the type of job you want.

Application Procedure

How to Apply for Aalborg University Scholarships

Applying for the Aalborg University scholarships is relatively easy. The scholarship is currently available and is open till 1st November 2023. For more information on how to apply for the scholarship, you can visit the Financial Aid Office of Aalborg University Scholarships.

Phone: +45 9940 8850 / 2325 3585

E-mail: [email protected]

Selma Lagerlöfs Vej 300

Office: 0-2-24