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Are you looking to gain valuable experience in the medical field? An International Medical Group (IMG) Internship is an excellent opportunity for students and professionals to gain hands-on experience with cutting-edge medical technologies.

IMG internships offer a unique chance to work with world-renowned medical experts in exciting fields, from clinical research to healthcare administration. With an IMG internship, you can be part of an innovative team working towards bettering global health outcomes.

Overview of IMG Internship

The International Medical Group (IMG) offers internships for undergraduate and graduate students worldwide interested in pursuing a career in healthcare. IMG’s mission is to help aspiring medical professionals become well-rounded, competent individuals capable of providing quality healthcare services. IMG Internships allow medical students to gain invaluable experience in various healthcare settings.

The IMG Internship Program seeks to put interns into real-world settings, allowing them to observe and participate in activities that will help them develop their skills and improve patient care. In addition to onsite training opportunities, IMG provides online learning materials, workshops, and seminars designed to enhance the intern’s understanding of medical concepts.

Through hands-on experiences, mentorship from experienced healthcare practitioners, and interactions with diverse cultures, interns can learn about local and global healthcare systems.

Benefits of IMG Internship

International Medical Group (IMG) internships provide an opportunity to gain valuable experience in a hands-on, real-world setting. For aspiring medical professionals, there are numerous benefits associated with IMG internship programs;

  1. The first benefit for interns is learning from experienced physicians and healthcare professionals. Interns have direct access to medical experts who can provide a unique educational experience and guidance throughout their program.
  2. Additionally, interns will be able to work directly with patients and observe the operations of a hospital or clinic firsthand. This gives them insight into how healthcare delivery works daily and improves their clinical knowledge and skillset.
  3. Interns can also take advantage of IMG’s global network of partners worldwide. This allows them to explore different cultures while gaining international medical experience simultaneously.

Expected Salary of an IMG Intern

The expected salary of an IMG intern mainly depends on the type of internship they are pursuing, their educational background, professional experience, and any certifications they may hold.

Generally speaking, an IMG intern typically makes anywhere from minimum wage to $20 an hour, depending on their qualifications. Higher-level positions within a medical organization can also net interns higher salaries based on their assigned duties and the amount of responsibility entailed.

Moreover, any additional money earned for overtime or bonus compensation can significantly increase a person’s overall earnings.

Duties of an IMG Intern

As an International Medical Group (IMG) intern, you will have a variety of responsibilities and duties;

  • You will be responsible for helping implement IMG’s mission and vision by supporting the organization in all areas of operations. This includes assisting with research projects, administrative tasks, marketing initiatives, and other operational activities.
  • You will also be able to learn about various aspects of the healthcare industry through hands-on experience working with IMG staff members.
  • Furthermore, interns are expected to stay current on international healthcare trends and develop innovative solutions to problems that may arise during their tenure.
  • Additionally, IMG interns should possess excellent written and verbal communication skills as they are often required to deliver presentations on behalf of the organization at conferences or seminars.

Eligibility Requirements Requirements to Apply for IMG Internships

Potential interns should be aware of the eligibility requirements that must be met to apply for an IMG internship program;

  • Applicants must have completed at least two years of college or university study at the time of application and possess a valid passport if accepted into an international program.
  • Applicants for international programs must also meet all visa-related requirements, including appropriate vaccinations and evidence of financial support, as specified by the host country.
  • Additionally, applicants cannot already be enrolled in another full-time degree program while participating in an IMG internship program.
  • IMG also requires all applicants to submit proof of comprehensive medical insurance coverage before starting their internship programs.

How to Apply for IMG Internships

Suppose you are interested in applying for an IMG internship. In that case, there are a few steps to take before submitting your application;

  1. First, review all the available IMG internships on their website and find one that aligns with your interests.
  2. After deciding which training best fits your goals and qualifications, create an online profile with IMG that includes contact information and educational background.
  3. The next step is to submit your resume and cover letter along with any requested documents, such as letters of recommendation or transcripts.
  4. Once these materials have been received, they will be evaluated by the Human Resources department at IMG.

Tips to Increase Your Chances of Getting an IMG Internship

Here are some tips to help increase your chances of getting accepted into an IMG internship program:

  • Ensure you have the qualifications and academic background necessary for the program.
  • You should have strong grades, skills, and qualifications relevant to the program.
  • Additionally, knowing international healthcare systems or familiarity with languages other than English can be beneficial when applying to these internships.
  • Research what makes IMG stands out from its competitors and use that information in your application.
  • Demonstrating your commitment and passion for international healthcare is essential by highlighting how your skills would benefit them as an organization.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of Interning at IMG?

Interning at International Medical Group (IMG) allows students and recent graduates to gain valuable professional experience in a fast-paced, collaborative environment. IMG offers internships in various departments such as marketing, research and development, finance, human resources, etc. As an intern, you will be exposed to different levels of responsibility while participating in meaningful work that contributes to the company’s growth.

Is IMG Internship a Paid Program?

At IMG, all interns are considered hourly employees eligible for pay during their internship, and interns can expect an hourly wage commensurate with their experience and qualifications. Additionally, some interns may be eligible for a living stipend based on various factors such as location and educational requirements. The exact amount of compensation may vary from one intern to another, depending on these factors.

What is the Duration of an IMG Internship?

The duration of an IMG internship varies depending on the program and location, as an IMG training typically lasts two or three weeks. However, some programs may extend to four or five weeks, depending on the participant’s needs.


The International Medical Group (IMG) offers a wide range of services to make healthcare more accessible and affordable. They provide flexible plans for various needs, from short-term travel insurance to long-term expatriate coverage.

IMG also understands the importance of customer service, offering online tools and resources to help individuals easily find the right plan. So apply today!